Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson Is Calling For A Special Meeting Before The Meeting Just To Make It Appear He Has The Power To Remove Councilman Andre Knight

Last week Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson tried to call a meeting talking about he would be asking Rocky Mount Councilman/Mayor Pro-tem/President Rocky Mount NAACP Rev. Andre Knight to resign his post on the Rocky Mount City Council because of being accused of not paying nearly $50,000 in utilities. Sandy Claus had the audacity to take a photo with a Rocky Mount Police Sgt. trying to make it appear he was sending summons to the entire council to attend the meeting. He could not get a quorum but then said he cancelled the meeting due to he wanted to be about unity. Get the hell out of here!

Beth Woods NC State Auditor was petitioned by some  Ignant Racist Rocky Mount Special Cs because they are mad about Rocky Mount has a Black Majority Council, Black City Manager, Black Police Chief, Black Fire Chief and Black Department Heads and has growth on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

The Auditor released her draft findings to the council for them to respond to her recommendations and they did. The whole entire council met during their regular meeting and discussed the audit and then prepared a response. Now this was the time for Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Rocky Mount Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council and any and all councilmembers who felt like Andre Knight should have resigned should have said it then and also whatever concerns they had about the audit.

Because the Rocky Mount City Council released the draft findings of the audit and their response on a Thursday before Beth Woods released the full audit on the following Friday, it appears she was mad because she didn’t like their response and because she says no one has released the draft findings and response before she released the full report. But just because that has not happened before do not make it illegal to do so in my opinion. I have not seen or heard it is illegal so I am past that for now. Beth Woods said she turned over her findings to some agencies so the audit is completed.

I am waiting to see how the agencies respond to her findings and then we can move forward. But in the mean time what the fuss? Let the damn process work itself out and let the chips fall where they lay.

So what in the hell are Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Rocky Mount Lige Daughtridge Community Council trying to do? They are trying to push the White Supremacy Movement of the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Community Council, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV, 252 HoodNews, J. Keith Harris former Rocky Mount Fire Chief, Clint Williams formerly of WHIG-TV and Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis to name a few.

It is sad that the above are using scare tactics trying to force folk to go to a special called meeting of no significant substance that can’t be dealt with during the regularly scheduled meetings. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against but I be damn if I am for White Supremacy and will continue to challenge them.

I am requesting that Rocky Mount Council Members Richard Joyner, TJ Walker, Reuben Blackwell, Chris Miller, WB Bullock and Andre Knight to not attend the Special Call meeting on Tuesday May 26 at 2:00 that Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Rocky Mount Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council are trying to have because you have a regularly scheduled monthly meeting that begin at 3:00 Committee of the Whole Meeting and then the meeting for the Public participation at 4:00 PM.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Still Reading Them Unstable Pastors, Ministers, Church Folk Who Say One Thing Today And Another Thing Tomorrow

I was not able to post or comment directly on Facebook for the past 30 days but I could read the unstable Pastors, Ministers, Church Folk and other folk mess that say one thing today and another thing tomorrow but sometimes on the same day.

If the all ain’t saying it they are liking what somebody else is saying but then like something somebody else say that contradicts where they liked earlier. Unstable minds.

Oh I am just watching what you are saying and I ain’t judging you but judge me because I am true to myself, what about you? Oh don’t answer that because I may have a different answer but based on facts. It is documented you posted it.

Now Run & Tell That! I’ll Wait! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Good Morning To My Sheriff Cleveland Clee Atkinson Jr. Edgecombe County & Staff

I seen my Sheriff out working yesterday along with his staff. He said he was out working like his crew and I learn that he does that from time to time.

Oh he is the boss so he don’t have to work the weekend I would think.

I think that my Sheriff working the streets speaks volume that he is showing his staff that he will not expect them to do things that he will not do.

My Sheriff is a people person and I have witnessed that by showing up videoing him when he speak at events especially church. I would rather here this Deacon preach vs some of these jackleg license preaching nothing Pastors and Ministers.

Thank you Sheriff Atkinson and staff for all that you do. I see you and watching how you move about protecting and serving Edgecombe County as I am going and coming. I am watching how you carry yourselves be it engaging with the people and as I meet you on the highway how you are driving and etc. Yep y’all watching my driving an I am watching yours.

Edgecombe County Sheriff Office be safe out there having to deal with unnecessary mess while folk won’t get somewhere and sit down as if the Coronavirus ain’t enough of a problem.

Be True To Yourself!

Some folk are suffering because they are not true to themselves!

I am going to be true to myself all the days of my life. I ain’t where I want to be but I damn sure ain’t miserable like some of these posts I read trying to justify their mess.

You better change!

Folk don’t believe all Pastors and all Church Folk are happy. Oh hell no some are miserable as hell but trying to lead other folk.

Well I know a whole lot of folk and know where they came from where they are and where I believe they are going. Now don’t get it twisted because I don’t have a HELL or HEAVEN to put anyone.

Folk be saying don’t Judge folk. Judge me! I know who I am and whose I am and if you get offended by what others are saying then you need to check yourself.

I check myself daily. I get ignant every now again but I know who I am and whose I am. I am who I am all the time and don’t front.

Are you true to yourself? No response needed because that is an oratorical question.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Stop It! Coronavirus Ignance!

I am sick and tired of some Pastors and some Church Folk trying to justify mess. Stop comparing going to Walmart and other places to going to church.

If you have a problem with folk not following the guidelines at Walmart and other places REPOTE them. (I know how to spell report and have spell checker but I like to get Ignant with Ignant Folk) Oh and I also have access to Webster. Nope you ain’t goings to do that because you want to play it safe and hide behind other folk sharing other folk posts saying what you don’t have the balls and tits to say. Be a man or woman and speak out on how you feel even if other folk don’t agree with you. But if you suppose to be so holy then speak. If you scared say it and get somewhere and sit down and shut up! What happened to being a bold soldier?

Folk don’t agree with me all the time but I am going to speak out daily!

I am sick and tired of Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk being selfish when it comes to accusing the Governor saying he do not want them to have church. Yeah there are some Ignant Special Cs that are saying the same thing but I am talking to us folk.

Oh but y’all don’t want to hear these trues!

I am for truth no matter who it is for or against!

Now Run & Tell That! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

No My Priority Is Being Safe!

No it ain’t ok and what you and others need to do is to contact your local officials and report it. But nope folk trying to find comparisons to justify other things.

My son just graduated from Pitt Community College and I didn’t get to see him walk across a stage but hell I have not had to walk behind in in a coffin due to the guidelines put forth by the Governor.

I understand they suppose to do a virtual celebration in June but if they don’t I have no problem.

My daughter just graduated a 2nd time from North Carolina Central University with a Masters and I didn’t get to see her walk this time but hell I have not had to walk behind her in a coffin due to the guidelines put forth by the Governor.

However I enjoyed the department ceremony online.

I understand they are suppose to have a celebration in June but if they don’t I have no problem.

This is where I stand in response to this post.

My priority is staying safe!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, text that says 'SO THIS IS OK DRESS FOR LESS But this isn't.'

Marcus L. Daniels

May 19 at 9:40 AM

Now you see what Americas Priorities are!! Or maybe ya still dont!!!

Attacks on black leaders is all about power – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s letter to Editor. See this and others submitted over the past couple of months. I encourage you to write letters to the Editor and share your concerns.

This is not about a few crumbs when there are Caucasians that have worked and work for the city that have thousands of dollars that they had and have access to freely.

There has been thousands of write-offs that were not talked about in the audit from what I have heard over the years so therefore if we are going to talk about write-offs let’s talk about everybody.

Folk need to understand what is at stake as it relates to black leadership and wealth in the Twin Counties.

The problem is that the Special Cs recognize and understand that with Black Leadership in position they have the power to name Black folk and Caucasians to some powerful local and state boards that are held by all Caucasians now that was chosen by Caucasian previous leadership.

The Special Cs are attempting to use scare tactics on poor Black and Caucasian folk. What have been done for poor Black and Caucasian folk in the Twin Counties before the current leadership?

I remember when I first got active in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, Blacks and Caucasians used to fight in the meetings like cats and dogs because the Caucasians held majority of the party offices and elected seats in the county. As the years went by we watched the trend that the county would eventually become an even population by race and/or that one day the county would become a majority Black so the leadership needed to reflect such.

Well for several years now, Edgecombe County Democratic Party officers and executive committee has been the majority so therefore the Blacks have been able to appoint Black and Caucasian leadership.

But look across the state and see who we have representing us from Edgecombe County and the 1st Congressional District in Raleigh and Washington, D.C. Look who are representing Nash County.

Black folk do you know anything about the Wilmington Race Riot?

Black folk and poor Caucasians you better recognize and understand what is at stake here.

It is no doubt that Mayor Sandy Roberson and Councilman Lige Daughtridge’s mission is to carry out the duties of the Special Cs and Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens to take back their city.

Curmilus Dancy


See original in The Rocky Mount Telegram