Nash County reports fourth COVID-19 death – Rocky Mount Telegram

The first female victim of COVID-19 has died in Nash County, bringing the total number of deaths in the county to four.

This is the second COVID-related death in two days in the Twin Counties. The Edgecombe County Health Department reported its ninth death on Thursday.

Nash County Health Director Bill Hill said the most recent Nash County victim of COVID-19 was an African-American woman in her late 60s who had serious pre-existing health conditions. The woman died within two weeks of testing positive and was gravely ill toward the end, Hill said.

The other three Nash County deaths have occurred in men. (Read more)


The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you my friend Cash Michaels for sharing this. I posted this earlier, “And Some Pastors and Some Church Folk talking about the Governor taking away their Constitutional Rights while they have not stood for anything with all these injustices on the local and national levels.” Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020 


With my time in the hospital (eight days), and time recuperating at home, I’ve had plenty of time to listen to the arguments of those “Reopen” everything folks to see exactly where they are coming from.
Now don’t get me wrong, this stay-at-home and economic lockdown is hard…very hard, and some folk can handle it better than others. So my heart truly goes out to the small business man and woman who singularly count on their storefront traffic to put food on their table, and to pay their bills.
I do, and cannot, and will not make fun of those folks. By the grace of GOD go I.
But having said that, we are in the midst of a viral pandemic that has already proven itself deadly the world over.
It’s transmission is quite simple, really. One infected human has to come in some kind of contact with other humans, either through coughing, sneezing, or touching.
How do you protect against that, especially when you have schools, shopping malls, entertainment and sporting events, barbershops, restaurants, bars….you name it where human beings naturally congregate.
Given the nature on the viral infection, and how it is transmitted, IT IS THE DUTY OF GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT IT’S CITIZENS. That means life as we know it has to be temporarily interrupted.
For how long? As long as the virus poses a public health threat.
That also means, based on the demands of the health emergency, that certain rights must be abridged in order to guarantee, as best as possible, the safety of the public.
So by definition, it CANNOT be up to the individual to arbitrarily decide when to violate the emergency health restrictions put in place to protect all of us.
There is no way to identify why is infected in public, and even if you could, that would mean that you are close enough to yourself be infected.
So even if you decide to expose yourself to possible infection in public, you do not have the right to possibly spread the infection.
Yes, you have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but you do not have the right to deprive others of theirs, possibly permanently.
And since there is no way for you to control contracting the virus beyond following government and scientific guidelines, then your screaming about your right to violate restrictions in a health emergency are pretty ignorant.
To add insult to injury, walking around screaming about your “rights” with a gun in your hand is idiotic.
One of the many things that has saddened me about all of this is just how soft many Americans are when truly tough time like this come around. it’s as if those guns and marching through the streets are to prove something.
The only thing these right-wing smacks are proving is that they think they’re special, and don’t believe in mutual suffering.
These are the very people who will find themselves infected, and beg for someone to help them!
So, I’m with those who are in this for the long haul. I trust our governor and Dr. Mandy Cohen, and feel very ashamed for those the right who have politicized this for election year gain.
It is truly a shame that we can’t all do what is necessary together…as Americans!

A Prime Example Of What The Black Man Have To Go Through, Do Their Time And Do Good But We Still A N…

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn shame what we as Black Men have to endure. As I stated back in the 90’s when they said Black Boys were at-risk and I said all Black Males are at-risk. It does not matter if you do good or do bad you are still a N… You can do what the Special Cs do and it is White Privilege but when we do it, we are a N…. If you don’t want to talk about these Constitutional Rights that when a Black Man do a crime, do his time and get out and become a productive citizens just like the all, then don’t talk to me. Unfriend and/or Block Me! “They Been Mad, I Been Me!” Now Run & Tell That!
Troy Davis

These ppl posting my article of when I was 17 years old…

I have never been ashamed of my pass nor of my future….

When I was 17 is what made me today….

Yes in 2004 I was charged with 150+ felonies furthermore plead guilty to 7 felonies and 3 misdemeanors. Spent 18 months in jail and was on probation for 10 years and in 2016 I was granted an expulsion of my entire record by both Superior Court judges in Nash and Edgecombe Counties….

Don’t talk about it when it’s public information…. I’m not proud of what i did but I’m proud of what I’m doing now!!!

Shelly Willingham Legislative Lane COVID-19


Friday May 22, 2020

The Honorable Shelly Willingham

..At YOUR Service!..

300 N Salisbury Street

Legislative Office Building

Suite 513

Raleigh, NC 27603

(919) 715-3024 (O)

(919) 754-3224 (F)


Edgecombe & Martin


Andrea Harris, who spent decades helping to build businesses owned by women and minorities in North Carolina, died on Wednesday.

Harris, who was 72, co-founded the North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development in 1986 and for years served as president of the Durham-based organization. She spent more than 25 years leading The Institute.


May 20, 2020

Phone: 919-814-2100


Governor Cooper’s Statement on Andrea Harris

On Wednesday, Governor Roy Cooper gave the following statement on the passing of Andrea Harris:

“Andrea Harris was a trailblazer who never stopped fighting for social and racial equity in our state. When doors were intentionally shut, she broke through for women and minority-owned businesses to succeed, modeled excellence in advocacy and mentored scores of freedom fighters. She left an indelible impact on North Carolina’s business and African American communities, and she will be missed. Kristin and I send our prayers and deepest condolences to her friends and loved ones.”


Remembering Those Who Served and Fought For Our Country!

Monday May 25, 2020

STAY Home, Healthy and Hopeful!

PHASE II REMINDER: The virus is still circulating, and there’s no cure or vaccine yet, so people still need to be cautious. People should remember the 3 W’s when they leave home:

1.      Wear a face covering

2.     Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds at a time

3.     Wait 6 feet apart from other people

Source: NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS)

Governor Roy Cooper announced that North Carolina will move into Safer At Home Phase 2 of lifting COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, May 22 at 5 pm. Read Executive Order No. 141.

After two weeks in Phase 1, the state’s overall key indicators remain stable but the continued increases in daily case counts signal a need to take a more modest step forward in Phase 2 than originally envisioned.

Here are the metrics North Carolina is monitoring:

· Syndromic surveillance trend for COVID-like illness is decreasing for over 14 days. This is a leading indicator of the disease’s trajectory.

· The number of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases is increasing. But the trajectory of the percentage of tests returning positive has been decreasing and is starting to level.

· Hospitalizations are level.

· NC has more than doubled its daily testing rates with more than 8,000 tests completed daily on average. More than 300 testing sites across North Carolina are posted on the DHHS testing information website.

· The Carolina Community Tracing Collaborative has already hired more than 150 new contact tracers adding to the 250 already working at our local health departments.

· Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply chains are improving.

What’s included in Safer At Home Phase 2?

Phase 2 lifts the Stay At Home order moving into a Safer At Home recommendation, especially for people at high risk for serious illness. Teleworking is also urged when possible. 

Mass gathering limits in Phase 2 will be no more than 10 people indoors or 25 people outdoors in most circumstances. These limits apply to the following: event venues, conference centers, stadiums and sports arenas, amphitheaters, and groups at parks or beaches. 

Some businesses will remain closed in Phase 2 including: bars, night clubs, gyms and indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment venues such as movie theaters, and bowling alleys. 

Certain businesses will be open at limited capacity with other requirements and recommendations including:

·        restaurants at 50% dine-in capacity with distancing and cleaning requirements;

·        personal care businesses, including salons and barbers, at 50% capacity with distancing and cleaning requirements and mandatory face coverings.

·        pools at 50% capacity with distancing and cleaning requirements. 

Childcare facilities, day camps and overnight camps will be open with enhanced cleaning and screening requirements. Retail businesses allowed to open in Phase 1 at 50% capacity will continue at that level. 

Public health recommendations are provided for worship services to practice enhanced social distancing and other cleaning and hygiene practices.

The Safer At Home Phase 2 runs through at least Friday, June 26.

CLASS of 2020!

Wishing you well in your future endeavors!

Governor Cooper’s Recent Appointments to Boards and Commissions

North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching:

David M. Farris of Rocky Mount as a representative from Educational Region 3.

Farris is the President and CEO of the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the Carolinas Gateway Partnership Executive Committee, NC East Alliance, Nash County Travel and Tourism and the Downtown Redevelopment.

He also served as the Past Chairman of the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association.  

Historic Murfreesboro Commission:

Jacquelyn Ruffin-Pittman of Macclesfield as a member at-large. Ruffin-Pittman currently works as a Media Specialist for two high schools, Northwest Collegiate and Technical Academy and Southeast Collegiate Prep Academy with Halifax County Public Schools. 

Co-Sponsored Legislation

· H1056: Workers’ Compensation/COVID-19/Cover Essential Workers.

· H1057: Workers’ Compensation/COVID-19 Front Line Coverage/Funds.

· H1113: Expand Local Option Sales Tax for Education.

· H1116: Enhancing Accessibility to Teacher Professional Development.

· H1117: Protect Child Care Workers/COVID-19 Pandemic.

· H1122: Provide Affordable Broadband Access to NC.

· H1124: Funding for NC Housing Trust Fund.

· H1129: Ensure a Sound Basic Education.

· H1131: Teacher Pipeline Development.

· H1134: Housing and Foreclosure Prevention Assistance.

· H1135: Housing and Utilities Assistance/COVID-19.

· H1137: Nonprofit Sales Tax Exemption.

· H1139: Local Boards of Education Budget Flexibility.

· H1148: Restore Master’s Pay for Certain Teachers.

· H1149: Police Notice of Person With Intellectual or Developmental Disability in Vehicle.


2020 House Committee Assignments

· Alcoholic Beverage Control

· Appropriations

· Appropriations-Transportation

· Congressional Redistricting

· Disaster Relief

· Economic Development & Global Engagement

· Elections and Ethics Law

· House Select Committee on COVID-19 (REMOTE ONLY with Public Access via, Click Audio and Committee Room 1228 LB)

· Insurance

· Residential Planning and Permitting

· Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House

· State and Local Government


Fighting Crime Allow This Mess On Their Page Really! Oh Nothing New!

Damn shame how Black Folk allow this Racist Page to promote the White Supremacy Movement. This is B.S. to post a photo clearly of Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman accusing him of stealing. I will say it again I act on the facts as presented and what has come before me is Beth Woods NC State Auditor did an audit. She presented her findings and the Rocky Mount City Council responded to the findings. But because the city released the findings draft along with their response on Thursday before the auditor released the full report on Friday. Auditor didn’t like the city response and now both the Auditor, Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council have been in the media since that Friday. Knight spoke to media for the 1st time on yesterday. Auditor said she has turned over her findings to some agencies she felt needed to know about her findings. So I say let’s see how those agencies respond and let the chips fall were they lay.

Ashley Roy Hill what a lie I didn’t create that photo do not know how to photo-op photos

Hell Yeah The President Is Seeking Votes! This Is Where I Have Been And I Don’t Even Own A Couch! I Thank The Author For Setting The Record Straight

James W. Taylor thank your for sharing!

1 min ·

Georgette Hill

1 hr

People will say the president call for churches to be open for votes.

Ab so damn lute ly! A damn light bulb came on because he was the one that started to shut downs and the Governors followed his lead by deciding on what they felt were best for their states.

No he called for churches to be open bc pastors, and churches who want to be open, have been fighting for their rights, are tired of the police showing up, and going to jail. They know their rights, do you?

Hell yeah folk know their right and knew them long before the Coronavirus. It is funny as hell to me that now some Pastors and some Church Folk are now talking about Constitutional Rights when they have not stood up for injustices. So all of you Pastors and Church Folk who are talking about rights tell me what you have stood for? I’ll wait!

Where have you been, oh on the couch eating popcorn watching fake news?

I have been working every day because I was considered an Essential Worker and had no choice but to go to work to keep my job. Common damn sense! I have been following the news and I know what is fake new and what is not. I have seen where folk have contracted the virus, died from the virus and some have recovered. I know some in all categories. I have also attended local meetings but recently when attending them virtually. I have been in touch with the NAACP where I am a Life Fully Paid member and also in touch with my US Congressman and other elected officials. I know what is real and what is fake.

Why they feed you fear. Turn off that TV, and go pray !!! Time to pray ask God for discernment.

Who in the hell is scared? I damn sure ain’t! I ain’t turning off the TV I am holding ignant ass folk accountable for what they are saying. Prayer without Works are Dead!

A law suit was even file in may states. Where have y’all been.

There has been many of lawsuits filed but what? Hell Black Folk have been been falsely accused all of our life.

Churches should’ve never been closed.

Churches have not been closed! They were limited to how many folk could go in the building so there is a difference. I am in total agreement with the restrictions that were put in place however I am so glad I can comprehend and make informed decisions for myself. Don’t get it twist it, I receive what other folk say but in the final analysis I make the final decision.

Once again we see church people who don’t want to attend church, sharing negative things on FB. You stay home, let others attend.

The problem with this is hell no I am not attending church and I will say what the hell I please on Facebook and Publicly. Why should you worry about what folk are saying such as myself that I am not going and hell yeah I am going to say why. I am going to stay at home adhering to the Order that was put in place and just because it has been lifted I am still going to STAY AT HOME!

So for those who want to go, just damnit go why respond to those who ain’t going? Those who ain’t going are concerned about contracting the virus.

While home pray against that Antichrist spirit you carry.

While home I am going to pray against ignant ass mess such as some Pastors and some Church Folk who are selfish as hell.

When the people are upset the President made churches top priority. Stated house of worship should be open.

So where is it documented that Trump made churches top priority? Now that is FAKE NEWS because I must have missed that in all of the different media that I follow.

Especially Christians upset something is clearly wrong. Keep your doors close if you like.

So I assume you and the others who think like you are the only real Christians. Get the hell out of here. You are ab so damn lute ly correct something is clearly wrong. Those Pastors that I have seen post that are concerned are choosing not to go into their churches but I have not seen one church say they have closed their doors but they are not going to have church in the building. Again FAKE NEWS!

Yet the work of the Lord must go on.

So are you saying the work of the Lord has stopped since the Coronavirus?

Forsake not the assembly, even more during these times. Do you know your Bible? Would God tell some to fight to be open, and others to fight to stay home? Something ain’t adding up?

I love it when folk use certain Scriptures to only justify their point as if others can’t use certain Scriptures to counteract.

It’s strange times bc the same people in line to shop, at the restaurants, etc. I thought you needed to stay inside. Foolishness, we always fall for it. Faith over fear.

This is about as ignant as it get. It is Essential to shop for certain things, to eat and etc. Funny you didn’t add going to work but you see you are probably one of those ones that say oh you can’t go to church but you can go to work. More ignance because don’t shop, don’t eat and don’t go to work and see what happens. Go figure!

Mad at the church for having church.


Mad at the President for making churches ESSENTIAL.

Now to me this is about as ignant as it gets because Trump can’t make the church anything and damn sure can’t make it ESSENTIAL!

Antichrist spirit! Check your spirit. You’re helping set the stage for the Antichrist.

Wow! Judge me. Oh I think it is a Scripture about Judging.

Christians that are antichurch

Wow! Now that is Fake News. How in the hell can a Christian be anti-church? Help me to understand! I’ll wait!

Who closed their doors willingly during a spiritual war? No fight, super soft bc of fear, no faith.

Fear? Really! Smart folk follow protocol by authorities that can set policies and procedures. Fussing about going in a church building but I know more folk who are fussing about they have to go to work. These folk wanted atleast a 2 week shutdown to help curve the virus hell they didn’t say they didn’t want to go back to work. But you and others ain’t talking about the church folk who have to go to work but you are concerned about the church receiving tithes and offerings.

You got to use common sense.

Now I totally agree with must use common sense and that is what I am going to continue to do.

Well if you don’t have spiritual sense, how can you have common sense?

Wow! Now that is Fake News! I know many folk who do not and have not ever been to church so that means they have no common sense. I believe that all folk were born with common sense but it is how they choose to use their senses. Just my ignant opinion.

Why cant you sense spiritual things? Why don’t you know the tricks of the enemy? Why don’t you know who the enemy is? Why don’t you have discernment?

I know who the enemy is and I challenge them.

Your members down at the Chinese restaurant, Burlington Coat factory, crabhouse, and have no desire to fight to come to church.

Pastors have no control over where their members go. However what Pastors have control over is opening the church building where they are responsible for the health and welfare of their congregation. Any Pastor that does otherwise are just SELFISH and I am watching and taking names of Pastors and Church Folk whom I consider are selfish.

Sir you have a greater problem.

Wow! So I see this message was a response to a certain male. Interesting because I was not clear where this was coming from but now I see. I read 2 Pastors posts about House of Worship are not ESSENTIAL but specified that Worship is ESSENTIAL.

Let’s hope Walmart don’t get those tithes, and offerings.

Wow! So someone has finally put it out there the real deal comparing Walmart to tithes and offerings and the church.

Keep telling people church is in their heart. They going to keep those funds in their wallets, and take them to the restaurant.

Wow! All I can say is WOW! That is it right there! Finally someone has put it out there that the Church being ESSENTIAL because they are about Tithes and Offerings.

Offerings going to be down, churches might just stay close.

So now we are getting to the REAL FEAR! There are Scriptures for this but I ain’t going there.

The enemy knows this, why don’t you? It wasn’t done for votes, the very people who were fighting to keep their churches open, he already has their votes. Make it make sense. They wont be voting for any party for killing the unborn.

Well this last paragraph took me for a loop and I can’t even respond to that NONSENSE right now.

I am happy that someone has said what many were thinking.

I want to thank the author of this post I am responding to for setting the record straight!

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020


I Am For Justice No Matter Who It Is For Or Against!

I have no Permanent Friends No Permanent Enemies only Permanent Interests!

I am Unbought and Unbossed!

I am called a Racist by Special Cs, Militant by Black Folk and some other choice WORDS by my haters.

My record speaks for itself because it is documented.

Research the Facts as presented because that is what I do.

I make my own decision when it comes to People and Issues.

Judge Me!

I Know Who I Am and Whose I Am! Somebody didn’t get that.

Now Run and Tell That!

Worship Is Essential But It Appears It Is Not The Houses Of Worship That Makes It Essential

The Political Agitator’s response: What I get from this is that Worship is Essential but the House of Worship (the building) does not make it Essential. Trump has figured out that lots of folk go to Houses of Worships and that if he say something that will make them happy that it will possibly get him some votes in my opinion. But anyone that are happy just because Trump is making Houses of Worship Essential and threatening to override Governors that do not agree with him, are unconscious, in denial or just don’t give a damn about life. I will not be going to a House of Worship the rest of this year because the timing is not right. But this is what I am going to do so do you. I have the option to watch and/or listen to the Word from the comfort of my home and/or my vehicle if I am out.
James T. Worthy

Dear Mr. Trump,

FOR THE RECORD….SJMBC IS OPEN every Sunday for Worship Service! Where? Online! Each Sunday, as the Lord leads, I attempt to share a Word from the riches of His Word. Where? Online! We’ve been blessed with 19 decisions for Christ in the last two months. Where? Online!! We observe the Lord’s Supper together on the 1st Sundays and three Bible Studies every Tuesday. Where? Online!

Once again you are late in the process….we were declared essential over 2,000 years!!!

Coronavirus Is Not About Democrats Or Republicans But About People

The Political Agitator’s response: I totally agree and when folk think for themselves and stop just listening to what other folk are saying, the better off they will be. Some things you can see and hear for yourself and make a sound decision on the facts as presented. I have seen what the virus has done to folk across the nation, some has contracted the virus, some have recovered, some have died (many I knew them) and some are still recovering. Everybody like styles have changed directly and indirectly. Some folk had to continue working, some have had limited work and some are now out of work permanently. So if you can’t see for yourself what the coronavirus has and is doing then you are obvious unconscious, in denial or just don’t give a damn. I look at the facts as presented and base my opinion on those facts.
Deborah Jordan

I’m so sick of people thinking that the Corona Virus is about Democrats or Republicans. Corona Virus is not about your party but about people PERIOD! When was the last time you saw a politician walk in your neighborhood? Go visit the sick and shut in? The nursing home to say they care in person? Please don’t say they are too busy! If they want the gyms and bars open then let them be the first to go and let us know if it is safe. Yes we were given free will, freedom, and common sense. I choose common sense! The numbers are rising because there is more testing so why not wait until everyone is tested because you CANNOT see Rona! Thank our leaders later for making the best and wise decisions. Life over money! Some of you are living better since the Stay at home was ordered. You now have time to Love on your family more. Priceless!

Full Interview With Beth Woods NC State Auditor About Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight’s Utilities Bill

Click On Photo To Watch Video
As I have stated earlier the Auditor reported her findings, the city responded and she turned it over to other agencies so let the process work itself out.