Breaking News – Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight Will Do His First Interview With Gloria Rodriguez ABC 11 In Response To NC State Audit Findings About Him Allegedly Receiving Write-Offs

Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight/President Rocky Mount NAACP will do a live interview with Gloria Rodriguez Reporter ABC 11 on Friday morning May 22, 2020.

Andre Knight will speak to the media for the first time since coming under fire after the Rocky Mount City Council released a response to the audit draft findings by Beth Woods NC State Auditor on Thursday May 14. Beth released the full report on Friday May 15. Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson, Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council and Beth Woods were big man.

Sandy and Lige had the opportunity to say what they are saying now during the time the whole council met to do the response to the audit.

Beth is mad because she says the council didn’t have the right to release the draft audit findings and that no other entity has done this before. My question is is it illegal to do it but I have not seen her post it anywhere but only refuting that audit and especially it is said to be racially motivated.

See Councilman Andre Knight response during the morning interview on Friday morning.

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