Rocky Mount mayor holding Monday press conference on state audit’s findings – Wilson Daily Times

By Lindell J. Kay | | 252-265-8117

ROCKY MOUNT — Mayor Sandy Roberson has announced a press conference for Monday to discuss a damning state investigation into malfeasance at city hall.

Roberson will talk about how city leaders can regain the public’s trust in the aftermath of a startling report released Friday by the N.C. Office of the State Auditor that revealed fraud, waste and abuse of power, said Cary Cox, the mayor’s senior adviser.

Roberson will speak on the next steps the city council must take to rectify city officials’ efforts “to obscure issues, mislead the reader and minimize the importance of OSA’s findings and recommendations,” Cox said, quoting the report.

This newspaper has asked the city to confirm that Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight is the council member described in the report as benefiting from the write-off of unpaid utility bills dating back two decades and totaling $47,000.

This newspaper has obtained city utility records listing Knight’s property at 110 Braswell St. as receiving a write-off of more than $30,000 in unpaid utilities that includes electricity, water, sewer, natural gas and area lighting.

State Auditor Beth Wood said Sunday afternoon that the council member’s identity is a matter of public record and the city should release the information.

“If the city will not do so, I will,” Wood said.

Roberson is scheduled to meet with Wood on Monday. His press conference will be held at noon via Zoom teleconference.

To register for the conference, visit . Anyone with questions for the mayor can email .

Elected last year, Roberson is in his first term.

Congratulations To Baby Girl India M. Dancy Graduate 3.8 Master In Science MS, Human Development & Family Services NCCU 2020

India Matita Dancy, M.S. Degree: Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Human Development and Family Studies. Attended Graduate School tuition free as a result of obtaining a Graduate Assistantship and outstanding academics. Graduated with Honors GPA: 3.8 Graduate Assistant within the Department of Human Sciences. Duties were to govern class in the presence and absence of the professor. Held office hours and communicated face to face and virtually with undergraduate students.


Trump Blasts Obama As ‘Incompetent’ After Apparent Commencement Speech Jab

The president claimed he hadn’t heard his predecessor’s remarks criticizing U.S. leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

President Donald Trump on Sunday tore into former President Barack Obama, calling him “an incompetent president” after Obama appeared to criticize his response to the coronavirus crisis during two commencement speeches a day earlier.

Asked about Obama’s remarks, Trump told reporters on the White House lawn that he “didn’t hear it” before proceeding to bash his predecessor as “grossly incompetent.”

“Look, he was an incompetent president,” Trump said. “That’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent.” (Read more)

Returning To Church

“Thou shalt not tempt the Lord they God”

In light of the judge deeming the return to the church house in the Tar Heel state:
If I were you, I’d still exercise a little intelligence and reasoning. I’d still conduct myself as if the news reports are still inundated with a deadly pandemic. So don’t wear your mask to Food Lion…and to Lowe’s…and to work… and to visit your mom… only to walk into First Baptist without it, on the premise that “God will take care of me”. Thou shalt not tempt Him. He won’t take any MORE care of you in the church house, than He will in the supermarket.

I’m not telling you to go or to not go. I’m just saying to be EVERY bit as careful and concerned there, as with anywhere else you go.

Oh, and this part is of ultra importance:
Just because the decision is made to open the church house… does not mean you HAVE TO GO. If you (personally) don’t think it’s safe, stay home. Your pastor will not die because you stayed home. And please, don’t let him convince you that staying home puts you in bad graces with God.

Be smart; wherever you are; wherever you go.
Be smart.

Rob Redmond

Coronavirus in NC: Live updates for May 17, 2020

The Political Agitator’s response: Folk looking at the numbers how many tested positive, how many died and how many have recovered and act as it that is a good thing. Well with all of the numbers none are a good thing to me. If it was only 1 that is 1 too many if the White House could have done their damn job before it hit the U.S. I don’t take the numbers lightly in Edgecombe County alone with the number of Confirmed 169 Deaths 8 Recovered 121 as of today. With churches being able to have regular services today because a Federal Judge put a temporary restraining order on Governor Roy Cooper asking that churches continue to have outside services so the churches would not become a hotspot.

Testing and research

RALEIGH, N.C. — Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus from North Carolina and across the globe showing the pandemic’s impact on health, jobs, schools and more:

At least 18,056 people in 99 North Carolina counties have tested positive for the coronavirus, at least 669 people have died and another 520 or so remain in the hospital. More than 9,100 have reportedly recovered from COVID-19, the illness associated with the virus.

Latest updates

10 a.m.: North Carolina church leaders won a temporary restraining order, allowing them to meet in larger numbers for worship for at least 14 days. This morning, a couple of churches are opening their doors to church-goers.

New Life Baptist Church in Smithfield is holding indoor worship services this morning. The church usually has 25 to 30 people attend each Sunday, and they plan to have 85 seats spread apart to keep people socially distance from each other.

9 a.m.: A person who attended a religious service on Mother’s Day in northern California has tested positive for the coronavirus, possibly exposing it to more than 180 members of a congregation. The church in Butte County, north of Sacramento, chose to open its doors despite rules banning gatherings of any size, county public health officials said in a statement Friday. (Read more)

Area leaders lament state audit findings – Rocky Mount Telegram

I found the following article, Area leaders lament state audit findings to be quite interesting however most of the article is just a repeat of what the writer has posted a couple of days ago.

So Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council, Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson, the Nash GOP, Robbie Davis all Republicans are trying to oust the Black Democrats Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell along with the City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney. But since I know this reporter I know he talks to some of the Special Cs that have been attending the City Council meetings attacking Black Leadership.

I expect Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson to support the audit findings runs contrary to the attitude of some members of the City Council.

With the following statement it is my ignant opinion that the council has discussed the issue. “The majority of the City Council have responded that they question the validity of these numbers and do not believe this audit was performed to the highest standards by the (state auditor,)” Roberson said. “Furthermore, they believe that this was a targeted audit aimed at black leadership of our community.” This is totally about Power.

Rocky Mount Councilman T.J. Walker told the Telegram he feels the audit points out some weaknesses that need to be addressed. Walker was elected in November and is one of the two newest council members.

I totally agree with T.J. Walker and that is what happens when an audit is done you identify the weakness and you address them and move on.

“It is unfortunate that this is something we have to experience. However, it is nothing that we can’t get through together,” Walker said. “I think there will be many changes that come as a result of this. I am just not able to pinpoint those at this time. But whatever processes need to be amended or strengthened will be.”

Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council has been on a mission to discredit the Black Leadership for several years and that is the reason why he founded the Community Council. 

I have learned something new in this article because I didn’t know that the council can oust a sitting councilman with a five member vote. I thought that the only way a councilman could be removed is by becoming a convicted felon, resignation of the councilman and being voted out during an election.

Now I knew that is the duty of the council to hire and fire the city manager.

I find the following to be quite interesting, “It would help if we had more recourse at the state level and more oversight of the actions of municipal government — that is something I feel that state legislators need to address,” Daughtridge said. “Things like this can destroy the trust people have in government at all levels. If you can’t trust your local government, who can you trust?”

Roberson agreed.

There has been no trust of the Black Leadership before the Black Leaders were elected the council.

Who is the hell is Lige talking about, “There exists a tremendous mistrust of the city government by a large segment of our population that complained at levels to generate a state audit,” Roberson said. “The city has failed to provide adequate internal audit processes that would allow it to defend its position with confidence and factual evidence. And governance in Rocky Mount has for far too long dealt in a perceived secrecy and behind-closed-doors process.” Damn Lige so this is all they found in all of these years? Really!

It appears that Lige and Roberson are trying to form a group to attempt to keep the racist white supremacy tactics ongoing as Roberson is urging city residents to call the city manager, their city councilperson, the city or other elected officials to voice their opinion about the findings of the audit.

Wow! Now they want other local leaders to get involved.

I find it strange that the Nash County Republican Party is requesting the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to ask that Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell to resign but why in the hell have they not asked that Senator Richard Burr Republican NC resign his post as it relates Burr’s alleged conflicts extend beyond his coronavirus-related stock trades. I don’t recall Edgecombe County Democratic Party asking them to ask Burr to resign.

I expect the following, “Robbie Davis, chairman of the Nash County Board of Commissioners, said he was disappointed in the findings of the report and concerned about the future of Rocky Mount.” Davis has been going after the council especially the Black Leadership for several years. He has lead the movement to dismantle the relationship with the council not wanting them to give money to the supplement the Nash-Rocky Mount School System and want to send all of the Edgecombe County students to Edgecombe County Schools.

I find the following to be nothing more than a scare tactic because Davis said, “I have not yet reviewed the report in great detail.” So if you ain’t read the damn report in detail what in the hell are you responding for? If you going to respond why in the hell you don’t read the report 1st? Oh you don’t have to because this is about White Privilege, White Supremacy and just Racist Tactics.

“Without this quick action, our area will suffer in many ways. One of the more damaging would be the ability to obtain any type of grants, which have been relied upon very heavily in the past,” Davis said. “(State Auditor) Beth Wood once referred to Rocky Mount as an icon of a city in eastern North Carolina. It should be the goal of all citizens to return to that status as soon as possible.”

The Special Cs were able to convince Beth Woods NC State Auditor to do the audit and present the findings. Now the findings have been presented and the city had to respond to the office and that was done so now isn’t the next steps is to put the corrective actions in place and move on?

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Pinetops, NC

Conetoe NC – Male 24 Shot At Bob’s Fuel But Later Died At The Hospital But Look At The Media Spin

See how the media put their spin on what happened as it relates the shooting in Conetoe. It is sad how the media sometimes put a spin on things by reporting too much information especially when the information do not align with the law enforcement reporting.

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Release Read As Follows:


Late this afternoon, deputies were called to respond to Bob’s Fuel in Conetoe, formally Conetoe Discount, for a person who had been shot. They found a 24 year old male with a gunshot wound to the head. Edgecombe County Rescue Squad transported the subject, who later died.

At this time, deputies are still speaking to witnesses and collecting evidence in this case. Anyone with knowledge of this incident is encouraged to call the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office at 252-641-7911.

The Tarboro Weekly & Rocky Mount Telegram basically just posted the Press Release.

I also seen WRAL TV report on it but I believe they basically talked about

Shortly after the Sheriff Office Press Release the Tar River Times Posted The Following Information:

Man fatally shot at Conetoe store

A man was shot outside of Bob’s Fuel in Conetoe at the intersection of US 64 Alternate and NC 42 Saturday afternoon. The store is formerly known as the Conetoe Discount Corner.

According to a press release from the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, dispatchers received a call about a man that had been shot in the parking lot of the convenient store.

When law enforcement arrived, they found the victim, a 24-year-old male laying in the parking lot with a single gunshot wound, the press release stated.

The Sheriff’s Office did not release the victim’s name due to them not knowing if all of the victim’s kin had been notified at the time.

According to information gathered by the Tar River Times, the newspaper learned that the victim was Raekwon Hines.

The newspaper also learned that the victim was a 2015 graduate of Tarboro High School.

Hines was shot once in the head and was transported to Vidant Edgecombe Hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 6:14 p.m., according to Sheriff Clee Atkinson, who spoke to media outlets briefly at the crime scene.

There were at least a dozen law enforcement officials on scene from the Sheriff’s Office and inside the crime scene tape, a small 4-door sedan was parked at an angle facing the store by what used to be the gas pumps.

Based on information gathered by the newspaper, Hines and a female apparently had a disagreement inside the business and when he walked outside is when he was struck by gunfire.

While law enforcement were investigating the crime scene and taking notes and photos of the crime scene, a uniformed deputy took a female into custody and handcuffed her. She was transported to the Sheriff’s Office.

According to the press release, deputies are still speaking to witnesses and collecting evidence.

Authorities asked that anyone with knowledge of the incident is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 641-7911.

No further information will be released in this case at this time as the investigation is still ongoing.

Response: So why would the Tar River Times name the victim when the Sheriff Office did not? Why did the Tar River Times add more details mentioning a female when the Sheriff Office did not. Reading the Tar River Times it makes it appear to me that the female was the shooter but that is just my ignant opinion from reading the Tar River Times.

The DCN News Blog Online TV received several messages from some sources and this is not what I was told.

It is sad that some media try to be the 1st to name the victims while their reports do not align with the law enforcement report.

Hell I have heard some things but I dare to report it without it coming from law enforcement and/or family members. I feel that is being respectful in such as incident when someone is deceased. But this is the world we live in, I guess it helps one ego. Reminds me of Fighting Crime always putting out stuff.