PRESS RELEASE: Male Shot At Bob’s Fuel In Conetoe NC

Late this afternoon, deputies were called to respond to Bob’s Fuel in Conetoe, formally Conetoe Discount, for a person who had been shot. They found a 24 year old male with a gunshot wound to the head. Edgecombe County Rescue Squad transported the subject, who later died.

At this time, deputies are still speaking to witnesses and collecting evidence in this case. Anyone with knowledge of this incident is encouraged to call the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office at 252-641-7911.

No further information will be released in this case at this time as the investigation is still ongoing.

Op-Ed – Why Church Buildings Should not Re-Open…..Yet


Message from Pastor Gailliard

Op-Ed – Why Church Buildings Should not Re-Open…..Yet

Over 500 years ago,Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenburg igniting what we know as the Protestant Reformation. Two thousand years ago an innocent man was crucified outside the city on a hill called Golgotha paving the way for all of mankind to be saved. The two most significant acts of the Christian church both occurred outside the church building. Not to mention, the Apostle Paul spent most of his ministry physically distanced from those he repeatedly expressed he longed to see. Yet, somehow, churches were planted and the New Testament was written. Buildings are important,but they are not to be worshipped. The notion that Christians cannot worship without assembling together in a building is flawed both scripturally and historically.

The recent lawsuit filed in Greenville federal court blocking the Governor’s Executive Order restricting indoor religious services asserts that churches are being treated differently than retailers and other secular businesses. Well, churches are different. Churches should have stricter re-opening guidelines than restaurants or hair salons for the simple fact that we gather far more people in close contact for longer periods of time. Reduced to the lowest common denominator,the church gathers people. We refer to our memberships as “congregations”, “fellowships”, “assemblies”. The typical church gathers 10-100 times the people of any other community-based business and North Carolina has more churches than any other state in America except Texas and Florida.

More importantly churches are the only community-based business with the mission to love our neighbors. One infected person in a gathering of even 100 people puts at risk an entire community. This is not loving. It is especially not loving to African Americans who are disproportionately impacted by this disease. Churches continue to worship and develop disciples – virtually. In many situations churches are growing. Our first amendment rights have not been violated.

So, while God has allowed for this season of evangelism, racial reconciliation and innovation, the response has become-“let’s sue.
”Churches that open too quickly are treading on dangerous ground. Each congregation should assess within their local church context, “what is our real motivation for opening now?” If it’s because of money, then I would remind you of Jesus’ words in
Matthew 6:24 – “No one can serve two masters.. ” If it’s because of loyalty to conservative ideology, political party or race,then consider Colossians 3:3 “…your life is now hidden with Christ.” These are hard times for us all and we need the church more now than ever. I too am eager to hug our members again;I just want to have as many of them alive as possible to hug.

James D. Gailliard, is Senior Pastor of the 3,000 member Word Tabernacle Church in Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount NC – Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson Hell Yeah It Was About Race But Also Power!


In This Photo: Mayor Sandy Roberson (Left), Curmilus Butch Dancy II (Right)

“The majority of the City Council have responded that they question the validity of these numbers and do not believe this audit was performed to the highest standards by the N.C. State Auditor,” says Mayor Sandy Roberson. “Furthermore, they believe that this was a targeted audit aimed at black leadership of our community.”

Mr. Mayor hell yeah it is about RACE but it is also about POWER!

Mr. Mayor you say you are embarrassed. Why are you embarrassed? Do you have some facts to present that and especially a name to associate with the utilities that you can share?

Mr. Mayor you don’t give a damn about the Democratic Auditor it is just that you are against the Black leadership.

Mr. Mayor if you gave a damn about the poor in the city why in the hell did you spend so much money on your campaign because the Special Cs were going to vote for you anyway. The money you spent could have been donated to the poor in the city. But you can spend your money however you please.

Mr. Mayor tell me about your plan to strengthen the city. I agree leaders should be held at a higher stand of ethics and integrity.

Mr. Mayor you say, “Regardless of one’s perspective on this matter, Roberson believes the NC Auditor’s report and the City’s response identifies the following needs:

  1. There exists a tremendous mistrust of the City government by a large segment of our population that complained at levels to generate a State Audit.
  2. The City has failed to provide adequate internal audit processes that would allow it to defend its position with confidence and factual evidence.
  3. Governance in Rocky Mount has for far too long dealt in a perceived secrecy and behind closed doors process.”

Damn Mr. Mayor 213 folk is not a large population when it comes to the majority of the citizens. What this shows is some angry Racist Special Cs that have been attending the Rocky Mount City Council meetings over the years attacking the Black leadership. They also have done it daily on WHIG-TV Morning Show for years dating back to Jerry Fisher and the late Mark Bowling days.

Mr. Mayor you say, “You propose to address each of these issues together as a community by demanding change and transparency at every level, including:

  1. Televising City Council meetings.
  2. Providing an internal audit process complete with continuous quality improvement (CQI) processes that are disclosed to the public and that seek to provide efficient and effective government.
  3. Designating the Internal Audit and CQI processes answer to the Mayor.
  4. Having every member of the City Council, the Mayor and City Manager and City Assistant Managers sign an ethics contract with the City and provide a Statement of Economic Interest.
  5. Posting every dealing with the City that may have a perceived conflict of interest on the City’s website for public viewing with the explanation of why it is not a conflict.
  6. Commissioning an independent forensic audit completed this fiscal year, since some have denied the NC Auditor’s work product, and have this audit refreshed every year going forward.”

Mr. Mayor I have been videoing the meetings the Committee of the Whole and the Regular Meetings out of pocket. So to make it appear that the meetings have not been recorded is just ludicrous. Well I get it televised is different but what difference will it make if the meetings are recorded live what suppose to take place? However Theresa Alston Stokes Community Connections record live along several Caucasians that does as well.

Mr. Mayor you say, “The residents of Rocky Mount that they have the following rights:

  1. Call your City Councilperson, the City Manager or any other elected official to voice your opinion about the audit’s findings.
  • Andre Knight (252) 443-1619
  • Reuben C. Blackwell, IV (252) 212-3480
  • Richard Joyner (252) 883-9460
  • T.J. Walker (252) 567-1044
  • Lige Daughtridge (252) 210-4210
  • W.B. Bullock (252) 443-6465
  • Chris Carroll Miller (252) 977-1438
  • Mayor Sandy Roberson (252) 972-1130
  1. If you think fraud occurred or a law was broken, citizens should call Local District Attorney (252) 212-3110 or the US Attorney (919) 856-4530 or the N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein at (919) 716-6400 to urge them to prosecute.”

Mr. Mayor so damn the audit has been completed so did I miss something in the report? Did the report say they found fraud?

Mr. Mayor did the report not say that, “The Office of the State Auditor (OSA) initiated an investigation in response to 213 complaints received through its Hotline and other means concerning misconduct by elected officials and employees of the City of Rocky Mount (City). Upon review of those complaints, OSA determined that a significant number of complaints questioned the appropriateness of operational and management decisions. OSA focused its primary efforts on fraud, waste, and abuse allegations. In addition, several allegations outside of OSA’s authority were referred to the appropriate state agencies and legal authorities.”

Mr. Mayor I would think that if any fraud has been found that they have been reported to those you mention so I would think that they should have all they need to come to a conclusion as to if their offices need to do anything.

Mr. Mayor I find the following to be funny and ignant as hell, “It is time that everyone in Rocky Mount—and I mean everyone—has a voice in how this City moves forward together,” adds Roberson. “Let your opinion be heard. It is time for a change on how the City does business. I believe we can get through this tough time stronger as a community, as One Rocky Mount.”

Mr. Mayor when has Rocky Mount been One Rocky Mount since it is divided by the railroad tracks? Are you planning removing the tracks?

Mr. Mayor when has everyone and I mean everyone has come together because it is ignant as hell to think that everyone agrees with this mess.

Mr. I agree we will and I say we although I am not a resident because I have family, friends and enemies in Rocky Mount. I have worked in Rocky Mount on the Nash County side but my place of employment is at the Edgecombe County line all I have to do is walk across the train tracks.

It appears you are not trying to bridge the gap but further create the divide but that is just my ignant opinion.

Mr. Mayor you say you were, “Elected on the strength of his leadership supporting safer neighborhoods, economic development and job creation, stronger schools, workforce development and the community working together as One Rocky Mount, Mayor Sandy Roberson continues to focus on these issues in his first months of office. Drawing together a group of diverse community leaders from all sectors of Rocky Mount, Mayor Roberson initiated a Transition Team to work with him to research these critical issues, develop policies and create action plans to present to the City Council to engage and strengthen Rocky Mount.”

Mr. Mayor since I am politically engaged and active in Rocky Mount Politics and has been since the late 80’s I say the above is half-truths. Hell all of the councilmembers want all of the things you mentioned because they would be ignant not to since they are residents.

Mr. Mayor you say you say you are focused on the issues in your first months, well hell that should be a focus the entire time you and the other councilmembers are in office. But stronger schools is a good one because damn your Nash County Republican Friends trying to kick the children on the Edgecombe County side out of the Rocky Mount School System. But you talking about a One Rocky Mount. Get the hell out of here! Really!

Mr. Mayor your Transition Team is a damn joke. It is made up of Black Folk some in the city and some don’t even live in Rocky Mount. Oh but folk had a damn problem with me on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission because I live in Pinetops but I have worked in Rocky Mount since 1987. I have been an officer of the Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP since 1992 and served as Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. in Rocky Mount during the early 90’s. I have been advocating for family, friends and enemies all of these years.

Mr. Mayor what I find funny is that you have one of my cousins on you Transition Team that do not live in Rocky Mount but like myself work there. So I am glad you recognize and understand that folk who do not live in the city can also be an asset. However I bet that many of the 213 haters that is responsible for the audit do not live in Rocky Mount as well.

Mr. Mayor thank you for sending me your Press Release and I look forward to receiving others in the future. Please continue to send information so that I can share with my hundreds of readers.

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Pinetops, NC

Press Release: Homicide In Hillsdale Rocky Mount NC Friday May 15, 2020

On May 15, 2020 at approximately 10:42 p.m., officers with the Rocky Mount Police Department responded to a report of an aggravated assault in the 1500 block of Charter Dr. When officers arrived, they learned that two people were injured during the assault. One victim, a 20-year-old male, succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The second victim, a 51-year-old male, was transported to UNC Nash Hospital for treatment. The names of the victims are being withheld pending notification of family members. The Rocky Mount Police Department is currently investigating leads in the case.

A homicide also occurred on May 13 on the 200 block of Union Street that resulted in the death of a 28-year-old male and the injury of a 27-year-old female.

“The Rocky Mount Police Department is always concerned about any acts of violence that occur in our city and investigates such incidents without delay,” Police Chief George Robinson said. ”These recent homicides were not random. The victims in these investigations were either targeted or has familiarity with the suspects. We have made significant progress in these investigations and hope to bring some closure to their loved ones. We believe these investigations have witnesses who have pertinent information and we encourage them to come forth. We ask that anyone with information these investigations to contact us at (252) 972-1411, Twin County Crime Stoppers at 252-977-1111 or Text – A-Tip (Text RMPOL) and your message to CRIMES (274637). Your text is completely anonymous.”

For media inquiries, contact Cpl. Clay Wilder at 252-343-3107.

Rocky Mount Special Cs Requested Audit To Be Done On Targeted Black Elected Officials Because They Want To Take Back The City

The Special Cs in Rocky Mount has been mad every since the city council became a Black Majority and then when more Blacks were put in leadership roles. Rocky Mount has a Black majority council, Black city manager, Black police chief, Black fire chief and Black department heads. But there are some Ignant Safe Black Folk who team up with the Special Cs as well.

Special Cs mission since 2003 has been to take back the city. Take back the city is actually talking about taking back the POWER!

So 213 complaints were filed against Black Elected Officials Rev. Andre Knight, Rev. Reuben Blackwell and Rochelle Small-Toney City Manager.

It is stated that, “In addition, several allegations outside of OSA’s authority were referred to the appropriate state agencies and legal authorities.” So I am going to see how the state agencies and legal authorities respond.

Why is the name of the council member not listed in the audit report? So why is Andre Knight name been attached to this? I am just asking because I don’t see it it the report but I have seen the Special Cs talk about this over the years. I have no proof so I can only go by what is in the report and what Knight says.

Who are the downtown managers?

I can tell who the city manager is.


• Multiple City officials prevented the Business Services Center from attempting to collect $47,704 in utility bills owed by a City council member.
• Multiple Downtown Development Managers failed to follow program guidelines resulting in $32,452 of uncollected loans and $28,000 of improperly awarded funds.
• The Engineering Division’s non-compliance with the City’s Code of Ordinances could cost the City $31,000.
• The City Manager failed to comply with the City’s travel policy resulting in $1,575 in unallowable travel expenses.

• The Business Services Center should be permitted to follow its Customer Service Policy without intervention from other City officials.
• The Assistant City Manager should enhance program oversight and monitoring activities to ensure recipients adhere to program guidelines.
• The Director of Engineering should ensure the City complies with its Code of Ordinances requirements regarding performance bonds and letters of credit.
• The City Manager should comply with the City’s established policies related to travel.

Key findings and recommendations are not inclusive of all findings and recommendations in the report.

Wow! This investigation required 4,058 hours at an approximate cost of $421,284.

I am so glad I can think, read and comprehend things for myself however I have no problem with asking questions when it is things that I do not understand.

I can only go by the facts presented before me in responding to the audit. How in the hell can someone accuse Andre Knight being the councilman when the audit does not name anyone?

What I see is findings from the City and the recommendations from the State Auditor’s office so if I am correct that is what happens findings and recommendations. I see where the City has put corrective actions in place.

Special Cs Keith Harris former Rocky Mount Fire Chief, Jerry Fisher who used to be on WHIG-TV Morning Show along with deceased Mark Bowling who attacked Knight daily years ago, Clint Williams formerly on WHIG-TV, Lige Daughtridge Rocky Mount Councilman & Founder Community Council, WHIG-TV, Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioners Chair, Fighting Crime, Tales of an Educated Debutante and the Special Cs that have attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings trying to discredit these Black leaders. Oh somebody said the Feds were coming to lock up folk especially Keith Harris who took a photo that he was on Jones Street visiting Beth’s office. Definitely can’t leave out Lindell John Kay former Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram who was writing about the Black leaders almost daily after consulting with the Special Cs and making their voices heard. Lindell is now a Reporter for the Spring Hope Enterprise paper owned by the Wilson Daily Times.

It appears that Beth Woods is mad because the City released the response to the draft audit before they did. One would think that it was illegal for the City to put the audit out 1st but I do not believe it was illegal. She said no one has ever reported before the audit came out so does that make it illegal?

So why is the other millions of dollars in the audit not reported on such as folk living on the reservoir refusing to pay fees along with other write-offs? I understand there are others who have had payment arrangements but included.

I find it strange that the Nash County Republican Party is requesting the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to ask that Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell to resign but why in the hell have they not asked that Senator Richard Burr Republican NC resign his post as it relates Burr’s alleged conflicts extend beyond his coronavirus-related stock trades. I don’t recall Edgecombe County Democratic Party asking them to ask Burr to resign.

I have been actively engaged in Rocky Mount Politics since the late 80’s before Blackwell was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Donald Armstrong who transitioned. Knight didn’t get elected until 2003.

I remember it so clearly that during a our group Common Ground meeting at a Caucasian church that a Caucasian member of our group said that the Caucasians said they were going to move out of the city limits.

Special Cs have been mad about the Event Center being located on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

Knight sought to be elected to the council when he purchased the prestigious big house formerly owned by Wimberley Gregory house on Falls Road to make it an adult daycare center. The planning board voted against it. Knight was employed as the GED Teacher at Edgecombe Community College and he was given an evaluation twice in less than a year. I told him they were going to fire him because he was speaking out against the city and at that time he along with the NAACP spoke out against them becoming an All American City.

Knight later became the President of the Rocky Mount NAACP and that made the Special Cs even madder saying it was a conflict of interest for him to serve as a councilmember and be President of the NAACP.

I want to end by saying anybody that know me know that I call out Black, Caucasians and other folk. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Read Entire Audit Report

City of Rocky Mount

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 

Pinetops, NC

Update #6: Coronavirus and Unemployment

Alert#6: From the Office of Representative James D. Gailliard








Advocating for inclusive policies for Constituents in Nash County-Rocky Mount

COVID-19 Update

As of today, May 14th, 2020, NC DHHS confirmed 16,507 cases in North Carolina. There are 99 counties with cases. There are 507 people hospitalized with COVID-19. We have 615 confirmed deaths for North Carolina.

Nash County has 140 cases and 3 deaths; Edgecombe county has 161 cases and 7 deaths.

If you want to follow the data on COVID-19 more often, NC DHHS maintains this information on their website:

Returning to Work and Unemployment Benefits

These FAQs provides information from the North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security regarding how returning to work or refusing to return to work may impact unemployment benefits. It includes reasons related to COVID-19 for which an employee may have good cause to refuse to return to work when called back by their employer, as well as frequently asked questions for individuals and employers.

Returning to Work and Good Cause

As North Carolina enters Phase 1 of Governor Roy Cooper’s plan to ease COVID-19 restrictions, more businesses will be reopening, and more people will be returning to work. The Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security (DES) is providing the following information for individuals and employers about how returning to work may impact unemployment benefits. Refusing to return to work when your employer calls you back typically makes you ineligible to receive unemployment benefits. When you return to work, you should stop filing your Weekly Certifications for unemployment. DES will consider that you have good cause to refuse to return to work, and may continue to be eligible for unemployment benefits, if you refuse due to one of these COVID-19 related reasons:

1. You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and have been advised by a medical professional to not attend work.

2. A member of your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or you are providing care for a family member or a member of your household who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

3. You are at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines a high-risk individual as a person 65 years of age or older, or a person of any age, who has serious underlying medical conditions including being immunocompromised, or has chronic lung disease, moderate-to-severe asthma, serious heart conditions, severe obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and undergoing dialysis, or liver disease.

4. You are the primary caregiver of a child or person in your household who is unable to attend school or another facility that is closed as a direct result of the COVID-19 public health emergency, and the school or facility is required for you to work.

5. You are unable to reach your place of employment because of a quarantine imposed as a direct result of the COVID-19 public health emergency or you have been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID-19.

6. In order to comply with any governmental order regarding travel, business operations and mass gatherings, you must refuse a recall to your former employment or an offer of suitable work.

7.You reasonably believe there is a valid degree of risk to your health and safety due to a significant risk of exposure or infection to COVID-19 at your employer’s place of business due to a failure of the employer to comply with guidelines as set out by the CDC, other governmental authorities or industry groups as may be found in CDC guidance, the Governor’s Executive Orders, or other binding authority; or due to objective reasons that the employer’s facility is not safe for the claimant to return to work.

Frequently Asked Questions: Unemployment

I have been getting unemployment benefits, but I am returning to work. What should I do? If you return to work, stop filing your Weekly Certifications to discontinue your benefits. You do not need to report to DES that you’ve gone back to work. If you continue to receive benefits for weeks after you return to work, you may be required to pay back the benefits you were overpaid.

What should I do if I’m returning to work, but I’ll be working reduced hours?

Continue to file your Weekly Certifications and report any wages you earn. Remember, you must report wages for the week in which you earned them, not the week in which you are paid. Any wages you earn may affect your weekly benefit amount. My employer has called me back to work.

What happens if I choose not to return?

Generally, an employee is disqualified from receiving further benefits if the employee chooses not to return to work after receiving notice to do so from their employer. If your employer has called you back and you did not return to work, you should report that you have refused an offer to work when filing your Weekly Certification. You will have an opportunity to provide more information about your reason for not returning to work. You may continue to be eligible for benefits if you do not return to work for good cause. Examples of good cause related to COVID-19 are set out in the above section, including being diagnosed with COVID-19, caring for someone with COVID-19 or being unable to get to work because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. DES will determine eligibility for unemployment benefits on a case-by-case basis

I feel unsafe returning to work because I am 65 or older and/or have a medical condition that makes me at higher risk for severe illness if I contract COVID-19. Can I refuse to return to work?

If you are 65 or older and/or you have a medical condition that puts you at a high risk for severe illness if you are infected with COVID-19, and your employer is not able to offer you a safe workplace or your job does not allow for a reasonable accommodation such as teleworking, you may have good cause for not returning to work and be eligible to receive benefits. A note from a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy who is authorized to practice medicine by the state will be considered as proof of a high-risk medical condition.

I would like to return to work and I am not 65 or older or a high-risk individual for severe illness if I contract COVID-19. However, I have reasonable concerns that my work environment is unsafe. Can I choose not to return to work and remain eligible for benefits?

You should talk to your employer. If your employer has taken steps to create a safer workplace by following safety standards as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or other governmental authorities or industry groups, you may be found ineligible for benefits if you choose not to return to work. If your employer is not following recommended safety standards, then your refusal to return to work may make you eligible for benefits.

I can make more money collecting unemployment benefits than I can returning to work. Can I refuse an offer to return to work because I will earn less and remain eligible for benefits?

No. Choosing not to return to work solely on the basis that you will earn less than you can collect in unemployment benefits is not considered good cause when your employer has offered you your former employment back or other suitable employment. If you refuse to return to work solely on this basis you will not be eligible to receive benefits.

What if I disagree with the decision that is made about my benefits?

You and your employer will be notified about the determination of your eligibility. The employee and employer both have the right to appeal the determination if they disagree with the decision.

My employees are returning to work. What do I need to do with regard to unemployment claims?

You do not need to report to DES that your employees are returning to work. However, please notify your employees who have been receiving unemployment assistance that they should stop filing their Weekly Certifications for benefits. If employees continue to receive benefits for weeks after they return to work, they may be required to repay the benefits they were overpaid.

What if I have an employee who has refused to return or quit when I called them back to work?

Employers may report to DES that employees have not returned to work when work is available. Sign into your online account at and click on the form that will be available soon on your ‘Employer Homepage’ to submit information about an employee’s refusal to return to work. We will review the information to help determine the employee’s’ eligibility for unemployment benefits.

I have an employee who does not want to return to work because they feel unsafe. Can they quit and receive unemployment benefits?

Eligibility for unemployment benefits is determined on a case-by-case basis. Typically, an employee who quits without good cause is not eligible for benefits. An employee may have good cause to refuse to work, and may be eligible to receive benefits, if there is a valid risk to their health and safety due to a significant risk of COVID-19 exposure or infection at the place of business. It is recommended that employers comply with guidance from the CDC and/or other authorities to help provide a safer workplace as their employees return to work. I have made some changes in the way we do business due to the current environment.

Can an employee refuse to return to work due to the changes and get benefits?

An employee may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if there is a substantial change in the contract of hire and they quit their position. For example, if you reduce their pay by 25 to 30%, permanently change their assigned shift without their agreement, move them to a new facility with a substantially longer commute, or make other drastic modifications to the type of work for which you hired them would constitute a substantial change in the contract of hire. However, minor changes, for example moving them to a new line, requiring one or two extra hours of work a day, or changing their work location in the same facility, etc., likely would not constitute a change in the contract of hire, and they would not be eligible for unemployment benefits. The issue of what is substantial is very fact specific and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What if I disagree with the decision made about an employee’s eligibility for benefits? The employer and employee will be notified about the determination of eligibility for benefits. Both have the right to appeal the determination if they disagree with the decision.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance: NC Division of Employment Security

Do you need to follow-up on a pending application? Visit the following link:

If you are having issues with your online account, (log-in errors and PIN issues),  you should e-mail:

Representative James D. Gailliard

committed to:

The People of Nash County-Rocky Mount

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Nash GOP calls on Knight, Blackwell to resign Rocky Mount City Council seats

By Lindell J. Kay | | 252-265-8117

NASHVILLE — The Nash County Republican Party is calling on its Democratic counterparts to seek the resignation of two Rocky Mount city councilmen in the aftermath of a critical state report detailing city hall malfeasance.

“Given the information in the state auditor’s report, it is clear that time has now come for the Nash County Democratic Party, the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, the N.C. Democratic Party, Gov. Roy Cooper, Sen. Toby Fitch, Rep. Shelly Willingham and Rep. James Gailliard to call on their fellow Democrats, Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell, to resign their seats on the Rocky Mount City Council immediately,” Nash GOP Chairman Mark Edwards said in a Friday afternoon news release.

The report issued by N.C. State Auditor Beth Wood includes information on city officials writing off nearly $50,000 in unpaid utility bills for Knight and inappropriate grants and unpaid loans for the Opportunities Industrialization Center, a nonprofit organization headed by Blackwell. (Read more)