I Am Not Excited About Another BLACK Man Down When It Ain’t New To Me, Why Are You Excited?

I am not excited because another Black Man Down. I don’t need another Black Man to get beat down or shot down to know that white supremacy and white privilege is real.

I have been speaking out on Black Men Down since I became actively engaged in community and political activism in the late 80’s.

I remember when the term came out young black boys were at – risk when I was actively engaged in school PTO, School Improvement Team Meetings and other along with attending school board meetings back in the early 90’s. I said hell all Black Men are at – risk. I don’t have to name a Black Man Down case because they have been numerous over the years and everybody is familiar with atleast one case.

But my problem is and has not only been about Black Men Down when they have been physically beat and shot, but I have been speaking out when Black Men has been attacked as they are serving in elected official and in leadership roles.

So while some folk are getting excited now, hell I don’t get excited I just get madder and madder. I get mad because it could easily be me, my son, nephews, cousins and friends. Actually some of my friends serving in elected officials capacity and leadership roles has been beat down and I have spoke out while so many folk have not said anything but get excited when beat downs occur that ain’t local. How many of you speak out when it hits home (locally)? I have no problem with you speaking out on Black Men Down when it ain’t local but damn you need to speak out when Black Men Down hits home be it mentally and/or physically. But when you don’t that mean you are playing it Safe. Just because you don’t speak out don’t make you Safe. Anytime you leave home you are at – risk of becoming a Black Man Down.

COVID transparency varies by county

The Political Agitator’s response: Yes Angela Bryant requested the information in May however I requested the information in April Open letter to Edgecombe County officials. Edgecombe County Health Department and the County sucks when it comes to sharing such valuable information. Ain’t nobody asking Karen Lachapelle and Eric Evans to give out information that does not meet the HIPPA requirements. Makes no sense Nash County is sharing all the information they can but Edgecombe Co. will not respond to what the taxpayers are requesting. I wonderer why!

Health departments in the Twin Counties continue to track COVID-19 test results, but the ways in which the results are reported vary, causing frustration for some people who feel that Edgecombe County should be providing more information about cases to the public.

Former state Sen. Angela Bryant is one of the people who are concerned. In an email sent to the Telegram on May 3, Bryant said she feels more demographic information concerning Edgecombe County cases is needed.

“Can you start publishing the race demographics on the deaths in each county (separately) and see if you can push Edgecombe to give race demographics on positives? I believe the demographic information can help the most affected groups take this matter as seriously as it needs to be because in the end, everyone is affected,” Bryant said in the email.

The Telegram has been asking for this information for weeks. So far, the Edgecombe County Health Department has refused to provide such information to the press. In response to a request concerning this information, Edgecombe County Attorney Michael Peters sent a letter on April 10 citing HIPAA regulations and the need to protect the privacy of individuals. (Read more)

Elizabeth City State University Chooses Tynesha R. Lewis Macclesfield NC As The Women’s Head Coach

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Tynesha R. Lewis A Minister of the Gospel, Motivational Speaker, Educator,
Tynesha has always been one of my favorite cousins because she was so bright, smart and a baller. I used to record her when she played at SouthWest Edgecombe High School Pinetops NC. I watched her play in the WNBA and I recorded her a many of times when she came back and did motivational speaking. Recently I recorded her preach her grandmother’s Homegoing Celebration. I look forward to going to some of the home games in the future. Congratulations cous and I know you will be great!