Fauci Tells All States It’s Time to Issue Extremely Strict Stay-at-Home Orders

Anthony Fauci has told all states it’s time to stop allowing any exemptions to social-distancing guidelines, and warned that forcing people to stay home across the nation is the “only thing we have” in the federal government’s arsenal to fight back against the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on NBC’s Today show on Thursday morning, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stopped just short of telling President Donald Trump to order a national stay-at-home order at the federal level, saying states are still able to make their own rules.

But, asked about state-level exemptions to distancing rules—such as some religious services in Florida, florists in New Hampshire, and hair salons and golf courses in Arizona—Fauci responded, “When you see things like some of those exemptions—I can’t make any official proclamations here—but I can say [to] really seriously consider [if] those exemptions [are] appropriate when you think about what’s going on. I urge people at the leadership at the state level to really take a close look at those kinds of decisions.” (Read more)

Edgecombe County Commissioners May 2020 Virtual Meeting Notes From Commissioner Viola Harris

Updates from my virtual County Commissioner meeting tonight data pertaining to COVID-19 Commissioner Viola Harris

1. Of the 115 positive cases in our county, 77% are African Americans

2. More women than men

3. Ages 29-49 largest group

4. Of the 5 deaths, 3 over 65, 2 under 65

5. Most cases within our cities

6. Emerging numbers in the Hispanic population

7. Social Distancing still crucial

8. High risk must be careful

9. In homes where more than one positive, distance from family members crucial but difficult for some households

The DCN News Blog Online TV was on the call and recorded audio to be shared on my YouTube page. Stay tuned.

Don Lemon Hits Trump Where It Hurts With Seething Obama Comparisons

The Political Agitator’s response: For those who say President Obama did not do anything while President, well Trump continues to prove that to be not true almost daily. If President Obama has not done anything why do he need to talk about him?

Don Lemon wants to know why President Donald Trump is still obsessed with former President Barack Obama.

Over the weekend, in what Lemon called “a new low from a president who goes low all the time,” Trump retweeted a conspiracy theory about Obama. Lemon said it was a “shameless attempt” to distract Americans from the administration’s continued failures in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

“In a time when we need leadership, when we need compassion, this is the crap that you’re peddling? Conspiracy theories?” Lemon asked.

Lemon also praised former President George W. Bush, who sent a message urging unity among Americans. Trump responded by attacking Bush on Twitter.

Then, Lemon ― himself a target of some recent Trump rants ― returned to the topic of Obama with a message aimed directly at Trump:  (Read more)

Pastors Should Be Using The Bible To Give Out Information That Can Be Used Pertaining To The Coronavirus Time

Pastors, preachers, church folk and others ought to be using this time to educate folk about what is going on as it relates to the coronavirus.

We have heard them scriptures before and it is time to stop using scriptures for one self aggrandizement. It is time for the church competition to end. It is time out for the scripture rhymes and to give folk something they can truly use such as stay at home, when going out wear a mask and gloves, do not visit family members unless it is to take them food and/or other that is really needed.

I see some pastors especially those whom have experienced in real time that the coronavirus is real because they have had it and/or they have preached some funerals of folk that have had it. One pastor that I just read about a few days ago talked about he tested positive and waiting on his wife to get results. He said they did all the right things on Easter Sunday by limiting the number of folk who came to the service by allowing a few choir members and others to attend. He said it is believed that one of the choir members had the coronavirus and he think he may have contracted it through him or her. Now this pastor is stressing that churches need to do their services online and/or over the phone.

Community spread is something serious because folk contract the coronavirus and don’t really know where he or she contracted it from.

Folk need to understand that you can sanitize the building be it the church, workplace and other but the people are the carriers. The sad part is the carriers have it and don’t even know they have the coronavirus because they don’t have the symptoms. This is called asymptomatic. This is a real problem.

Pastors, preachers, church folk and others need to be educating folk about the seriousness of the coronavirus and how to cope with it. There also need to be a discussion about how the church will move forward because we are in for a coronavirus time for a while especially until a vaccine has been tested and is working.

Some church folk are very insensitive when it comes to talking about the function of the church. All folk are affected directly and/or indirectly by the coronavirus so folk need to be able to deal with the what one may call the good, the bad and the ugly. What I do know is doing whatever is in the best interest of keeping folk safe should be the main thing.


So President Barack Obama Did Nothing!

President Obama did nothing is what Ignant Ass Racist Special Cs and Ignant Ass Safe Negro Black say.

But if President Obama did nothing why is Trump always rolling back things Obama did?

These Ignants need to go somewhere and sit down and shut up with them lies.

Damn Trump talk about President Obama almost daily blaming his failures on him.


Now twist them trues!

Take Care Of Business Day

May 4, 2020 got to go take care of my dad’s business.

This Coronavirus is something else. Although I had to take care of my dad’s business, I had to take it to a new level.

I try to keep him in the house (on front porch) so he can stay away from folk.

Time to get out here and go pay his bills and to go to DMV.

Love my daddy and I take care of him.

When I take him things unexpectedly he always say you sure do think about me.

My dad has been good to me so I will be good to him.