What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Everyone: It’ll Take Community Resistance To Fight COVID-19

The Political Agitator’s response: This is good right here. Easter Sunday. Pastor admitted to having coronavirus after volunteering to take test to send a m and that he could have possibly spreaded it without knowing it. Found out a choir member had it and that may be where he got it. I keep seeing folk out in public shopping, at funerals preachers, funeral directors, first responders and others not wearing masks. This community spread thing is something serious.

Last week, I was diagnosed with COVID 19.

I am asymptomatic so the diagnosis came as a surprise.

But what was even more surprising? Discovering my status as a result of the free testing event I’d hosted at my church.

I am the pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, the largest church in Philadelphia. To help ease the fears of my members I volunteered to be tested during last Wednesday’s event, co-hosted by Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, at Enon and other churches around the city. Like many of America’s other densely populated cities, black people lead COVID-19 deaths in Philadelphia: We are dying at a rate of close to 40 percent or higher compared with the rest of the population across the city. And because the COVID-19 test is invasive—doctors have to stick a swab up your nose in order to take a sample— I wanted to model to others that one, it wasn’t as bad as it looks, and two, that it truly is on all of us to do all we can to protect ourselves and each other from this deadly virus.

Including me.

When I tested positive, my mind immediately flashed to (Read more)

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