What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Everyone: It’ll Take Community Resistance To Fight COVID-19

The Political Agitator’s response: This is good right here. Easter Sunday. Pastor admitted to having coronavirus after volunteering to take test to send a m and that he could have possibly spreaded it without knowing it. Found out a choir member had it and that may be where he got it. I keep seeing folk out in public shopping, at funerals preachers, funeral directors, first responders and others not wearing masks. This community spread thing is something serious.

Last week, I was diagnosed with COVID 19.

I am asymptomatic so the diagnosis came as a surprise.

But what was even more surprising? Discovering my status as a result of the free testing event I’d hosted at my church.

I am the pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, the largest church in Philadelphia. To help ease the fears of my members I volunteered to be tested during last Wednesday’s event, co-hosted by Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, at Enon and other churches around the city. Like many of America’s other densely populated cities, black people lead COVID-19 deaths in Philadelphia: We are dying at a rate of close to 40 percent or higher compared with the rest of the population across the city. And because the COVID-19 test is invasive—doctors have to stick a swab up your nose in order to take a sample— I wanted to model to others that one, it wasn’t as bad as it looks, and two, that it truly is on all of us to do all we can to protect ourselves and each other from this deadly virus.

Including me.

When I tested positive, my mind immediately flashed to (Read more)

Bush Calls for Unity. Trump Attacks Bush. And Then a Host of Others.

The Political Agitator’s response: Now if those Die Hard Ignant Racist Republican Special Cs would call Trump on his mess the world could move forward and fight the pandemic along with other mess. But nope they will die and go to hell before they have a change of heart and admit that he is not the guy however he is their guy.

President Trump did not welcome a video by former President George W. Bush appealing for national solidarity in the face of a pandemic, and he made clear that such unity was not on his agenda.

WASHINGTON — President Trump had a quick reaction on Sunday after former President George W. Bush called for national unity. He attacked Mr. Bush.

National unity, Mr. Trump made clear, was not on his agenda for the day, even as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the country passed 67,000 and tens of millions of out-of-work Americans struggled to get by.

Amid the death and devastation, the president was busy not only assailing Mr. Bush but another predecessor as well, embracing a fringe conspiracy theory to accuse former President Barack Obama of masterminding a “hoax” to take him down. Mr. Trump also attacked a prominent Democratic congressman, denigrated the news media and threatened to withhold aid to states hard hit by the virus unless they bowed to his demands on immigration policy.

Then he planned to end his day with . . . (Read more)

Folk Talking About They Be Glad When Things Get Back To Normal, Whey Da Do Dat At?

Anyone who thinks that things will go back to normal are ignant to what is going on around them, don’t give a damn or simply just ain’t paying attention.

Do you think schools will go back to normal?

Do you think churches will go back to normal?

Do you think jobs will go back to normal?

Again if you think things will go back to normal you ain’t paying attention.

The moment you recognize and understand that the coronavirus is killing young folk, old folk, black folk, white folk, non church folk, church folk and other the better off you will be.

I will be wearing my masks daily when going out my gloves when I go certain places and especially when pushing carts and at the gas pumps.

If you don’t think the coronavirus is real then ask somebody. I know some folk whom have died from the pandemic. I was a believer before these folk died and their deaths just confirmed them truths.

Carry on it is up to how you move forward with the proper PPE. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Reminder – How the Republicans are stealing everything for the 1 percent

The Political Agitator’s response: Reminder of how the Republicans operate but I continue to see these ignant posts talking about Democrats but ignoring who are in control the Republicans. It is sad they just lie, lie, lie almost daily trying to make it appear that the Democrats are the problem. That is what they said when the Democrats held up the Stimulus Package.

Enjoy your $1,200 one-time consolation prize for losing your livelihood, your way of life, and your economic security in this pandemic. And don’t think about the 43,000 millionaires and billionaires who got a $90 billion tax break for 2020 courtesy of the Republican Senate. That’s right: 43,000 people making more than $1 million annually are getting 82% of the benefit from the tax change Republicans wedged into the CARES stimulus package. And thanks to Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse for uncovering it for us.

“It’s a scandal for Republicans to loot American taxpayers in the midst of an economic and human tragedy,” said Whitehouse, who requested the Joint Committee on Taxation analysis that enumerated the tax change. “Congress should repeal this rotten, un-American giveaway and use the revenue to help workers battling through this crisis.” It is a scandal, it is un-American, and it is absolutely what Republicans are.

The 2017 tax scam law from Republicans mistakenly (according to them) included a limit on how much owners of businesses that were formed as “pass-through” entities—where the income is taxed as the owner’s personal income at the individual rate rather than as business income for federal income taxes—can deduct against nonbusiness income like capital gains. This mostly helps out hedge fund investors and real estate business owners, experts at the Tax Policy Center say. (Because the hedge fund investors and real estate tycoons are the people who really need relief right now.) Republicans argue that the increased “liquidity” will help somehow. You know, trickle down.

Republicans from Trump on down are using this crisis to steal absolutely everything that’s not nailed down. And throwing crumbs to the rest of us. So yeah, (Read more)

From the Office of Representative Gailliard District 25 REP. GAILLIARD SUPPORTS COVID-19 RESPONSE BILL THAT PASSES NC HOUSE

Policy Update








Advocating for inclusive policies for Constituents in Nash County-Rocky Mount

From the Office of Representative Gailliard

District 25

300 North Salisbury Street

Raleigh, NC 27603


Policy Update


Yesterday, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed its first major COVID-19 response bill.

“There are a lot of people and small businesses hurting right now and I am proud to support a relief package that will help.”

House Bill 1043 passed the NC House yesterday. It now goes to the NC Senate for its consideration. The NC Senate yesterday passed a bill with much lower levels of support for public schools, public health, and assistance to local areas.

There are a lot of good parts to our relief package, but here are a few highlights:

* $75 million in small business assistance loans through Golden LEAF

* $50 million for Private Protective Equipment (PPE) and other COVID-19 supplies

* $25 million for expanded testing and tracing needed to get NC back to work

* $125 million for grants to North Carolina hospitals

* $80 million to help local schools with school nutrition

* $70 million for summer K-12 learning programs

* $82 million for remote K-12 learning

* $35 million for K-12 mental health services

* $25 million for North Carolina’s community colleges

* $79 million for North Carolina’s universities

* $110 million to create a COVID-19 Response Research Fund in state universities to work on a vaccine and other innovations

* $300 million for transportation projects and jobs to make up for declining gas tax revenue that normally funds transportation

* $350 million for local governments struggling with COVID-19 costs

* $25 million to public health departments and rural providers

* $40 million for COVID-19 Medicaid costs

* $25 million for behavioral health

* $6 million to food banks

* $25 million for domestic violence shelters, housing, and adult/child protective services

* $2.25 million for foster care

* $25 million for rural and underserved areas hard hit by the epidemic

“I am glad to work across party lines to support this bill. It is not perfect, but will do a lot of good. I will keep working on needed long-term fixes that we did not address yesterday like Medicaid Expansion, strengthening the unemployment system for laid-off workers, and improved family leave.”

Representative James D. Gailliard

committed to:

The People of Nash County-Rocky Mount

Progressive solutions for Rural Issues

Principles that foster Common Sense Legislation


24 Questions Your Church Should Answer Before People Return

This week we all received good news from our president: the country is going to slowly reopen, and that includes houses of worship. Here are 24 questions your church should answer before people return.

I can guarantee that we will not go back to “business as usual” as a country, and that includes our churches. If you think we’ll all rush back to church and pick up where we left off, don’t kid yourself – it’s not going to happen. Or at least it shouldn’t happen. We need to think and plan carefully so we do not endanger people simply because we let our guard down and believed that the Coronavirus crisis had passed. Now, as believers let’s agree to live by faith and not operate in fear, but let’s also agree to be proactive and to act in wisdom towards our members and guests, especially those among us who are most susceptible to becoming infected with COVID-19.

We have a short time to prepare for the return of the church to the church campus. As I have thought about my church, and listened to friends and ministry experts over the past several weeks, I’ve compiled a list of things that most of our churches are not thinking about. Don’t let the excitement of finally coming back together cloud your judgment or cause you to ignore the “new normal.”

Let’s think through 20+ things that we must think about before people return to the building: (Read more)

Virginia Governor Orders Residents to Stay Home Until June 10

The Political Agitator’s response: This makes all the sense and other Governors should follow.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on Monday issued an order to residents stay at home until June 10, part of expanded efforts to curtail the coronavirus pandemic that continues to spread across the country.

“I want to be clear: Do not go out unless you need to go out. This is very different than wanting to go out,” the Democratic governor said in announcing the order.

Northam noted that “some of our beaches and other recreational areas were literally packed” over the weekend, and warned that, “everyone who is gathering in a crowd is putting themselves and others at risk.”

The Virginia order goes into effect immediately and will remain in effect until June 10 unless the governor cancels it sooner. Violators can be punished by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Hours earlier, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a similar “unprecedented” order, requiring residents to stay home except for essential trips such as grocery shopping or obtaining medical care. The order goes into effect at 8 p.m. on Monday and will remain active until the state of emergency is over. Violators can be charged with a misdemeanor offense with penalties up to a year in jail or a $5,000 fine. (Read more)

Rev. William J. Barber II: The People In Power Right Now Are Too Comfortable With Other People’s Deaths

imageClick On Photo To Watch Video
Rev. Barber: ‘The people in power right now are too comfortable with other people’s deaths’
Co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign Rev. William Barber and Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts argue that pay and protections for service workers should reflect their essential role in the American economy. May 2, 2020