Raleigh Police Say Armed Right-Wing Protesters Weren’t Protesters, No Arrests Made

The Political Agitator’s response: White Privilege! If they had been Black this story would have been different.

A small group of armed white men (and two white women)—adherents of the right-wing ideology “boogaloo,” which fetishizes the Second Amendment and overthrowing the government—marched near the Capitol Building Friday afternoon to demand that the state reopen despite the threat of the coronavirus.

In North Carolina, it is against the law for “any person participating in [a] demonstration upon … any public place” to “willfully or intentionally possess or have immediate access to any dangerous weapons.”

The Raleigh police did nothing.

The show of force stemmed from ReOpenNC’s protest on Tuesday, in which four members of that organization, including leader Ashley Smith, were arrested outside of the Executive Mansion on charges of violating an executive order and resisting arrest.

In response, some paramilitary conspiracy theorists formed “Blue Igloo”—a reference to the alt-right’s code word “boogaloo,” a play on the 1984 breakdancing movie Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, which, as a sequel, has come to refer to a second Civil War—to show off their guns in downtown Raleigh. (Read more)

Ignant Racist Want A Be Special Cs Tickles Me When They Talk About Democrats

I love reading them posts about what Democrats such as Governor Roy Cooper is doing along with some other Democrats on the National Level because they agree with them but these same Ignants never post about about what local Republicans and Trump is doing. Hell atleast talk about Democrats and Republicans. Oh no Republicans can do no wrong so that validates these Ignants are just bona fide Racists.

Oh and I don’t expect Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk validate what I say and do because when you know you are right about it, that is all that matters. Most folk are afraid to speak up because they can’t take the scrutiny but I have no problem with it. You see the Ignants will respond using code names but they are so damn bad. When you post comments on my blog hiding behind a code name that mess goes right into my Spam Folder.

Carry on!

Now Run & Tell That! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Coronavirus – Underlying Issues Black vs Whites

Mitch Jerome I’m more interested in seeing the numbers on people triaged for Covid and sent home opposed to being admitted the first time they go to hospital by race, who is getting ventilators by race. Whose is dying at home as opposed to the hospital? That will tell the story. They got us chasing this red herring and we are taking the bait.

Let me give some of y’all a math lesson and then I am done. Let’s put to rest this black people dying from Covid-19

Diabetes—-yes 11.7% of black people have diabetes compared to 7.5% white people (source: American Diabetes Assoc.)

There are 197 million white people in American vs 37 million black people

197 million x 11%= 21 million white with diabetes
37 million x 7%= 4.7 million black with diabetes

Almost more white people living with diabetes than there are black people in America. Quit pushing this false narrative about preexisting conditions with black folk.

Here’s How The Nation Responded When A Black Militia Group Occupied A Government Building

Nearly 50 years ago, a group of armed Black Panthers entered the California state Capitol to protest a gun control bill.

When armed militants seized a government building in Burns, Oregon, on Saturday, stating their willingness to “kill and be killed” and promising to stay for “years,” the official response was cautious and restrained. Many onlookers wondered whether this would still be the case if the militants were people of color instead of white people.

If you’re not familiar with the history of protest in the U.S., you might not know that the armed occupation of government buildings hasn’t always been just for white guys. In fact, on May 2, 1967, a group of 30 Black Panthers walked into the California state Capitol building, toting rifles and shotguns and quickly garnering national headlines.

Just to be clear, there are a world of differences between the Black Panthers’ demonstration and what’s happening in Oregon now (although it is noteworthy that you have to go back to 1967 to find an example of black activists doing something even remotely analogous). The two groups employed different tactics, fought for different causes and — predictably — elicited different reactions in vastly different places and times. But the 1967 incident serves as one example of the way Americans tend to respond to black protest — which some say is always likely to be different from the way Americans react when it’s white people doing the protesting. (Read more)

China lied about origin of coronavirus, leaked intelligence report says

A damning dossier leaked from the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance claims that China lied to the world about human-to-human transmission of the virus, disappeared whistleblowers and refused to hand over virus samples so the West could make a vaccine.

The bombshell 15-page research document also indicated that some of the five intelligence agencies believe that the virus may have been leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a claim initially dismissed as a conspiracy theory because Chinese officials insisted the virus came from the local wet markets, according to the Australian Daily Telegraph.

At the same time, a senior intelligence source told Fox News that while most intelligence agencies believe COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan lab, “it was thought to have been released accidentally.” (Read more)

Antioch City Council Removes Planning Commissioner After Viral Uproar Over Remarks

The Political Agitator’s response: White Privilege! Some think they can say and do anything and then apologize. Apologizing should also come with consequences. But he didn’t apologize anyway. I love it when someone stand behind what they say.

While the novel coronavirus pandemic’s deadly toll marches on, a sideshow scoreboard is counting up local politicians.

In a special two-hour remote meeting Friday night, the Antioch City Council voted unanimously to remove Ken Turnage II from his seat on the city planning commission following his social media posting about “culling the herd” during the COVID-19 crisis.

The comments fueled an online viral uproar that culminated in the local builder’s booting from his appointed commission term. During the public video meeting, a city official read off 92 one-minute email comments sent to the city government website. (Read more)