Rocky Mount NC – I Officially Received A Letter From The City Of Rocky Mount To Serve On Human Relations Commission Don’t Blame Me!

To the Ignant Racist Special Cs who are pushing a WSBS Movement look at what just popped up on my Facebook Timeline. I received an official letter but over the past year just because my ignant ass don’t have a problem with questioning and responding Special Cs they wanted me off the HRC. You see I challenged former member HRC Attorney Steve Stephenson and others and that is where the problem was. Hell I am good. Truth be made known I was highly requested to serve on the HRC because not only do the NAACP but others know I am damn good at what I do, however I waited several months before I finally broke down and accepted it and said I would only do it for a short time. So I was working to get off the HRC as hard as I was working on it waiting until the right time to leave. Well the time came and I am glad about it. I don’t like titles and know that some of the most critical folk making things happen are not those with titles but the agitators. I am a Professional Political Agitator and you don’t have to agree but I know my purpose. So a technicality occurred about me serving on the council so not my fault and not my problem because one damn thing about it I didn’t lie about my address. I just love dealing with Ignant Racist Ass Special Cs. Now Run & Tell That!


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