Rocky Mount NC: The Political Agitator’s Response To: “Mayor making videos to reach out to public”– Rocky Mount Telegram William Bill West Reporter

“Mayor Sandy Roberson has been in office about 3 months and he has been quite busy trying to reach out to the public.”

So you call doing a video over at Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis TV Station WHIG-TV reaching out to the public. Really? Reaching out to promote the Special Cs WSBS Movement trying to discredit Black Leadership.

“One way Roberson is doing so is by routinely airing videos he calls “The Mayor’s Brief.”

Roberson has done seven of them so far, for about 25 to 30 minutes each, and said he has been doing them at his residence.

Roberson earlier last week told the Telegram the program originally was designed to be aired on Thursday evenings on television station WHIG.

Roberson said after a video is aired on WHIG, the video is posted to the website and to the Mayor Sandy Roberson Facebook page.”

He said the purpose is to share what he is doing and what went on at City Council meetings. He also said another purpose is to air items and matters he believes he can share in an effort to try to increase relationships and transparency.”

Damn I began to look at the February 27 video up until he mentioned my addressing the council and when he said that the state had ruled on the Confederate Monuments being removed and it was time to move on tickled the hell out of me. I asked that the council report to the citizens what their response to the series of meetings that were held as it relates to the Confederate Monument on Falls Road. Hell a consultant was paid to come in and direct the meetings so damn don’t you think since they paid for the consultant that the citizens need to get a response?

“He was asked whether he had been considering for quite a time doing the videos or whether people asked him to do them.

“Some of both,” he said. “I mean, there was some interest in my communicating what I wanted to do — because during the campaign, what you do is you’re constantly connecting with the public, right? And there’s a constant interaction, sometimes positive, sometimes negative.”

He said he wanted to keep that going and noted he had, as a candidate, made certain promises. He said those promises included the importance of communicating what he has been doing or not doing.”

Well damn what is he doing other than producing a video and giving his opinion on what others are saying from the City Manager, Council Members to the Citizens and/or those whom address the council during Public Comments? Hell folk see what happens at the meetings from 4 damn different sources The Rocky Mount Telegram Bill West Reporter audio link, Community Connections with Theresa Alston live video, WHIG-TV and The DCN News Blog Online TV that video meetings monthly and post on YouTube.

Now the following is what I find most important in the whole article.

“And I’ll tell you the other thing that’s interesting is that I’m actually getting phone calls from publicists,” Roberson said.

Specifically, he said former Gov. Pat McCrory’s publicist wanted to know if he could use some help and whether he would be interested in talking to her.

He said publicists generally have been asking him whether he needs help and would be willing to use their services.

“And I have to keep saying, ‘Well, I don’t have much of a budget, guys’,” he said.

He said the response back has been along the lines of, “I’m kind of at a point in life, I kind of see what you’re doing and I kind of like it — and I’m interested.”

Damn Republican former Governor Pat McCrory’s publicist contacted Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson. Ain’t that something! This sound like some Attorney Steve Stevenson and some other Rocky Mount Special Cs that are pushing their WSBS Movement. More confirmation.

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Rocky Mount NC: The Political Agitator’s Response To: Council won’t hold tonight’s meeting – Rocky Mount Telegram Staff Report

“People wanting to speak their minds to the City Council today are going to have to wait until the next regular meeting on March 23.”

Damn what a way to begin this article. The Rocky Mount City Council meetings are not based upon Public Comments but held to discuss the business of the city government. My ignant ass feel that this is an underlying statement to promote citizens comments vs promoting attending the meetings to be educated on what the city government is doing.

“City Clerk Pamela Casey told the Telegram the reason is due to a schedule conflict with a National League of Cities conference in Washington, D.C.” The council voted to not have the meeting during the past city council meeting so this could have been announced earlier.

But I am puzzled to why so much emphasis is put on Public Comments in this article. Will somebody help me understand because the only thing I come up with is it is a message for the Confederate Monument loving Special Cs to continue to attend to push their WSBS Movement.

Damn emphasis should have been put on let’s see what the council bring back from attending the National League of Cities Conference. Oh that ain’t impotant, (I know how to spell damnit just sounds good) and it agitates ignants who have a problem with me.

Can’t wait to see the video of Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson when he comes back and report on that conference. Maybe he will learn how city government works while the is in Washington DC. But maybe he will not get caught up hanging out with the Good Ole Boys in while in the city where the Shit House is located. We have enough of b.s going on in the Twin Counties and the council do not need to bring any back.

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In response to: Council won’t hold tonight’s meeting Rocky Mount Telegram Staff Report

Rocky Mount NC: The Political Agitator’s Response To “Officials plot new strategy to fight crime” – Rocky Mount Telegram

So what really came out of the meeting because this is what I got.

“Roberson said Higdon committed to Rocky Mount as a community that he and his office would continue to quickly and efficiently push forward or press through criminal cases meeting the federal legal test. So damn what is new about that?

Roberson said where this has been done in the past, such as in Wilmington, crime has decreased drastically.”

“In the video dated Feb. 27, Roberson said many items were brought forward in the meeting with the law enforcement officials and the prosecutors.” So why is the link to the video not included in the article like of the audio when reporting the council meetings? Oh the link was in another article promoting Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson.

“Stone also emphasized to the Telegram the importance of local residents needing to alert law enforcement if something wrong or illegal is going on in the community.

“In my many years of experience as a law enforcement officer, the No. 1 crime solver is the public,” Stone said.” So when will the meeting be called by Mayor Sandy Claus with the community expressing the above? Oh maybe the Transition Team will be the crime solvers. Oh hell no they are going to be ones talking just to be talking like in the video I seen featuring Tarrick Pittman talking about a damn 5 part series. SMDH!

“Some of our most severe cases have been solved by people picking up the phone saying they saw something or know something — and it works every day,” Stone said. “If you see something, say something.” So there you have it, the community is the key to solving crimes so these b.s. news articles and videos promoting nothing is just a racist tactic to attempt to discredit Black Leadership in Rocky Mount in my ignant opinion. But the sad part you have Safe Negro Black Folk helping to push the agenda of the Special Cs who say they are about diversity and unity in the name of LoveRockyMount. GTHOH!

“Atkinson told the Telegram he believes the meeting provided the chance to hear each other’s thoughts and views in moving the community forward.

Atkinson said when it comes to fighting crime, he believes in the old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of care.

Specifically, Atkinson said he and his office take pride in performing community service, including by speaking to citizens and hearing their views and by mentoring young people.

“I’m a big proponent for employment. I’m big proponent for new schools and better schools. I’m a big proponent for new housing in our communities, removing boarded-up houses. I want greater for the people in Edgecombe County,” he said. “So it’s bigger than always locking somebody up.”

Thank you to my Sheriff Clee Atkinson. Hell what you are talking about and has been doing since you have been in office and even before speak to crime and educating the folk when you speak to and listen to the views of the community.

“We need to make sure that we’ve eradicated blight, but at the same time provided housing for our workforce in an affordable and clean manner,” he said.

Roberson said he believes the latter should include encouraging or creating homeownership.”

Just like everyone do not want to go to college, everyone do not want to own a home. Hell I am an example I have not been to college but have been working at one of the highest paid places of employment in the area for the past 33 years. I recently purchased property but already had property that was given to however my dad lives on that property.

For my ignant ass when it comes to crime and education folk need to be encouraged to be the best they can, do the best they can which means be a productive citizen no matter what education level they are on.

I have been actively engaged in politics and community activism since the late 80’s so I been around. I have seen some mess over the years. We have come a long ways as a Black Community in the Twin Counties being targeted by those hiding behind Confederate Monuments and the new WSBS Movement. These folk have a problem with me challenging them on their b.s. because I don’t live in Rocky Mount. What they don’t understand that Elected Officials in Rocky Mount serve as voting members on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party that directly affect me so hell yeah it matters who represent me on the Rocky Mount City Council. I also have family and friends I speak for in Rocky Mount because some are change agents and do not need to be out front and some who do not want to be harassed for speaking out.

When the Special Cs begin to acknowledge that Black Leadership has every right at the table the better off everyone will be.

When the millennials (Black, Caucasians and other) begin to recognize and understand that they better get involved and not be blinded by the WSBS Movement that they are going to tricked into being used by the Special Cs who do not want Diversity and Unity but want to be in control of other races of folk.

The Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson Transition Team is one group who are under control and others are being sought. I ain’t for sale.

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NOTE: In response to: Officials plot new strategy to fight crime  By WILLIAM F. WEST Staff Writer