Where I Stand On NC Primary Elections 2020

I am glad the NC Elections are over. This is the 1st year since the late 80’s that I have not been in Tarboro at the Board of Election Office and/or on my computer at home on Election Night getting the results. I went to Greenville to eat with some of my church family.

This year I have never seen the lack of Political Campaigning in all of my days. Back in the day I used to have my yard filled with candidate’s signs but over the past several years with the ignant ass Democratic Party Leadership (County Officers) in Edgecombe County there has been no activity going on.

I don’t give a damn who the Democratic Presidential Candidate is I am going to vote for him or her over the mess in office right now.

Folk continue to talk about the following past behavior over the years what Biden, Sanders and Bloomberg has done, I am just crazy enough to think that either will be better than the mess in office now.

So y’all carry on and since the NC Primary Election is over, I am just going to be ready to vote for whoever the Democratic Candidate is in November Election.