They Shared a Bunk Bed Growing Up. Both Were Killed by the Police. How the shooting of one brother paved the way for the other’s death, seven years later.

I find the following article to be quite interesting with mixed emotions. I feel locals who want to talk about Black on Black Crime, Police Shootings and other is a good article to have a discussion about and dissect it to see how one feel about the root of the problem to the end. I strongly feel that if we began with such an article and then be willing to talk about local similar issues, then we could have a productive discussion and possibly bring about a change. However what I do strongly feel is that because folk don’t want to talk about local issues attempted progress is not being made. Curmilus Butch Dancy II

The brothers shared a bunk bed growing up in Brooklyn.

Khiel, who was tall and willowy, slept on top. Na’im, who was two years younger and admired his big brother unreservedly, took the bottom.

In death, they flipped. In 2007, Khiel was buried at age 18 in a grave with no marker in a New Jersey cemetery. His younger brother followed in 2014, buried in the same plot on top of Khiel.

The brothers also shared the same cause of death. Each brother was shot and killed by New York City police officers. The first was unarmed and clutching a hairbrush as he died. The other was wildly firing a snub-nosed revolver as officers chased him down an empty street.

Stories of young black men in fatal encounters with police have become a painfully routine part of the news cycle. But for a family to lose two sons to police shootings is all but unheard-of in 21st century America. (Read more)

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