Democratic Party Edgecombe & Nash Counties

With all that are going on politically I can’t wait to see who will be appointed and elected to positions within the Democratic Party locally.

In Edgecombe County we have a weak Democratic Party led by Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. The party has no meetings unless it has to such as the recent meeting for the appointment of Register of Deeds. So if the former Register of Deeds had not retired we would not have had a meeting. Thank you Robin Williams Braswell for your years of service and also for being the reason we had a Democratic Party meeting. It was you who made the party meet.

The party do not meet because Rev. Roosevelt Higgs intentionally do not want the party to meet. But I can’t blame him because the Democrats that voted him as the chair are to blame. But that speaks highly of them too.

In Nash County some Democrats over there were the main supporters of the Republican Sandy Roberson for mayor. Kevin Jones, Gwen Wilkins, Ron Green, Rev. Ray Green and Mary Wells to name a few were some of his top supporters. I am going to see what role these Democrats have within the party because if Democrats support these and the others within the party, then the party is a lie and the truth ain’t in them. How can the party support these Democrats who openly supported a Republican?

Well I am going to sit back and wait to see how the twin counties party move forward. Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Guns vs Resisting Illegal Arrest And Attacks

Kyle-Durrell Johnson

I want to hold on to my guns because it is my right and i need to protect myself against the government.


Oppressed people don’t have the right to resist illegal arrest and attacks.

So, you can hold on to your guns in order to violently resist the government BUT Black people can’t resist illegal arrest by simply vocally declaring their innocence and causing a scene…without weapons

Princeville exhibit debuts at ECU’s Joyner Library

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Object Name: Framed photograph, Elder Abraham Wootten (1835-1919) who established the iconic Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church in Historic Princeville, NC- the oldest town in America established by Freed People.

Source – First & last name of Donor: Ms. Ethel Collier/ Radicue Primitive Baptist Association/ Donation

Date Made: ca. 1890s

Historical Significance The photographic portrait of Elder Abraham Wootten has been a widely sought artifact. Elder Wooten founded the iconic Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church in Historic Princeville, NC- the oldest city or town in America founded by formerly enslaved people. This artifact is the oldest known material culture in Princeville, NC.

Reason for collecting & Potential Use: African American Collection; Churches and Religion; Photography and the Reconstruction Era; The item is also under consideration as a prospective Collecting Carolina artifact.

clip_image002 clip_image004