MLK Day of Service dilutes Dr. Martin Luther King’s political message | Opinion – The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Opinion of Curmilus Butch Dancy II – I totally agree with the following, “If the MLK holiday is to be more than just a day when the U.S. soothes the guilt of inequality from our collective consciousness, then it’s crucial that our city and our nation fight for, reflect upon, and embody the values — beyond basic community service — that King courageously stood for.”

With every year of celebrating MLK Day of Service, the national holiday honoring the civil rights leader, it seems our country drifts further away from the ideals that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived and died for. Since the inception of MLK Day, there has been not only a callous monetization of King’s image, but also a watering down of his radical message.

As another MLK Day approaches, some of the major issues King tirelessly fought against persist with brutal familiarity. King called for pacifism, guaranteed incomes to eradicate poverty as a major goal of his Poor People’s Campaign, expansion of voter rights, fair housing, and reparations for African Americans. Yet year after year, people co-opt Martin Luther King Jr. Day to issue empty pronouncements about “equality” while fighting against those causes dear to King. (Read more)