What Is The Real Motive Of Robbie Davis Nash Chair County Commissioners & The Other Commissioners?

Why would the Nash County Commissioners strip the top elected official in the county Sheriff Keith Stone from doing what the people elected him to do? He was elected to carry out the duties of the Nash County Sheriff Office.

The Nash County Commissioners can not fire the Sheriff but they can take away the finances since the office operates from county funds.

Sheriff Keith Stone has been seeking help to deal with concerns he has with the county jail and obviously the commissioners didn’t think it was that serious until the state stepped in and made some demands.

Instead of the commissioners having emergency meetings with the Sheriff Office trying to see what can be done, it is obvious the commissioners are worried about the public knowing about the issues. The jail has been in the news recently due to the conditions fire, escapes and other.

Nash County always talking about they don’t want to raise taxes but look at the issues they are facing with the school system and the jail.

But what tickles me is that Robbie Davis Republican is trying to silence Sheriff Keith Stone Republican but he has been a vocal piece in the movement that has been criticizing Rocky Mount City Government especially Black Leadership. It appears that the commissioners have an issue with Black folk in leadership and also Black folk in the jail because I am quite sure that the majority of them are Black.

Nash County citizens ought to be outraged about the actions of the commissioners because they have stripped the Sheriff of his financial status as if the problem is because of spending and not because of facility issues.

I am having a problem with the Democratic Commissioners because I just don’t understand how they are supportive of the Republican politics being played.

It appears that the Sheriff Office had no real input in what the commissioners have put in place and I strongly feel that is a real problem.

I totally agree with Sheriff Stone, “Mr. Davis has an unlimited contractor’s license, which means he can build anything from a bird house to the White House. I can’t believe he considers these acceptable solutions. We need to work together to solve these issues and create a safe environment for inmates, employees and citizens,” Stone said.”

Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Pinetops, NC

2 thoughts on “What Is The Real Motive Of Robbie Davis Nash Chair County Commissioners & The Other Commissioners?

  1. Stirring the pot without real knowledge again. Bout all you good at. There is lot more going on but you don’t hear about that. I’m sure there are procedures in place for requesting maintenance to be done. Are they being followed by sherrif and I’m sure they have procedures for requesting new replacement of items that can’t be fixed. Let’s see if that’s being followed. Remember you only hearing one side. Of story. But usually that’s all you want to hear


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