Homegoing Celebrations Documented By The DCN News Blog Online TV

Let The DCN News Blog Online TV capture your love one homegoing celebration so that the family history will be documented on video and photos.

Capture the wake services the day before if have one.

Capture the viewing and/homegoing celebration on the same day. Some folk have a viewing 1 hour or 2 hours before the funeral.

I can post the photos on Facebook and the videos on YouTube so that they can go worldwide and family and friends that could not attend can share in the celebration by viewing the documents.

I have documented hundred plus homegoing celebrations over the years. I have had some folk to ask me did I record their love one or someone’s homegoing celebration and I say to them I don’t just go around recording these celebrations without permission. Some folk get the celebrations documented but sometimes they keep them private.

During a homegoing celebration you will not remember all of the folk who were present. You will probably not remember all of the message from the preacher and other program items.

Sometimes there may be a family member who are in jail and can not attend, the jail will allow them to have a special time alone to view the video and photos.

I do not like sharing casket views online so I do not include the casket view photos on Facebook nor on the video on YouTube unless the family want them included. Sometimes I have I have just posted the sermon and not the entire celebration.

Going back viewing the documents of the homegoing celebration it helps bring closure to losing a love one.

If you contact me about my services this is what I will provide.

I try to capture everyone that comes in during the processional as the family enters. I try to capture everyone coming out of the church or the location as the family and others prepare to go the internment. I capture the burial. Sometimes I go to the repast and capture the prayer and food and then leave.

I will capture the celebration on DVD and you will receive 2 DVDs.

If you want photos I will put them on a flash drive and you can have them developed at Walgreen, Walmart or etc.

I try to get the documents DVD and flash drive ready within 24 – 48 hours depending upon if I have another event on the same day or if time permit me to.

Contact me today if you should have any questions.

The following is a homegoing celebration to view. Photos/Video: Homegoing Celebration For Missionary Rosheedah Sharpe Belcher




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