Albert Preston Punkass Holmes Can Post About Me But When I Respond He Becomes The Victim, Really!

Albert Preston Punkass Holmes help me to understand. So you can go on pages that I am blocked and talk about me but when I go on your page and respond, now you are the Victim. GTHOH!

You say you are a retired minister so the hell what that suppose to mean when it comes to me. Ab so damn lute ly NOTHING!

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

Well you need to understand I am a Black Grown Ass Man and your White Privilege do not include me. The moment you recognize and understand that the better off you will be.

So carry on but know I will respond to your PUNKASS!

Now Run and Tell That The Political Agitator Mr. Curmilus Dancy II Said That!

From now on call me Mr.


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