WSBS Movement – White Supremacy Bull Shit

Definition per Google for White Supremacy – “the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.”

Rocky Mount NC has been the target of WSBS since 2003 when the Rocky Mount City Council became a Black Majority. But it didn’t just begin in 2003 but in 2018 some has that time some has made it a daily job to attack Black Leadership. There has been some Special Cs whom said during the municipal election during that time that if the council became a Black Majority they would sell their property and move out of Rocky Mount. Some have moved and some have stayed but they both are still trying to run the city so they started a WSBS Movement trying to discredit the Black Council members and the Black Leadership employed by the city such as the City Manager, Department Heads, Police Chief and Fire Chief.

But the sad part is Some Safe Black Folk have teamed up with the Special Cs to attempt to remove Black Leadership in Rocky Mount at every level even going after Black Community Leaders in Edgecombe and Nash County.

The WSBS Movement can be found almost daily in Rocky Mount Telegram and on several Social Media pages and they are Community Council founder Lige Daughtridge who was just elected to serve on the Rocky Mount City Council. He is a member of the Rocky Mount Planning Board until he begin his 4 year term as a City Council member. Fighting Crime Kat founder that is hiding behind fighting crime reporting to report on Rocky Mount City Government and other racial stuff. WHIG-TV Sandra Smith CEO and Robbie Davis Chair Nash County Commissioner and longtime Developer purchased the station in 2018. Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens founder Barry Rehms, Tales Of An Educated Debutante, LoveRockyMount founder Warren Daughtridge and some individuals social media pages.

Look at the Black Folk who are friends and/or subscribed to these pages and see what they are saying. But also remember those who are silent. Silence can be betrayal!

I have no problem with what folk like and/or dislike but what I do have a problem with is how these folk just lie, lie, lie. Just tell the truth. I have come to the conclusion that the truth ain’t in them so the WSBS Movement is in full progress.

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