Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Appointments Curmilus Dancy II & Attorney Steve Stevenson Questioned

The Rocky Mount Telegram reporter Bill West will be doing a story on the Special Cs questioning why I am still serving on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission because I do not live in Rocky Mount. I was appointed by the Rocky Mount NAACP and when the Special Cs came for me as they have Black Leadership Rocky Mount City Manager and Black Department Heads, the Council agreed that I would serve until a replacement is named.

When Bill West The Rocky Mount Telegram reporter contacted me I was at the SouthWest Edgecombe High School homecoming game vs Nash Central. I told West I was going to leave the game and call him because I am quite sure he was trying get the story done tonight.

On last week Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson was not reappointed to the HRC and I am quite sure he and some more Special Cs have contacted The Rocky Mount Telegram because they are mad that I am still serving on the Commission and he is not. The reason he is not is because I was told his term expired in June and last week Councilwoman Lois Watkins did not reappoint him. I had nothing to do with that and she and I have not discussed Steve appointment.

Bill questioned me about my still serving and I told him the Rocky Mount City Council said I continue to serve until a replacement is made.

Bill said I call myself The Political Agitator and I said let’s set the record straight I didn’t call myself anything that my Congressman G.K. Butterfield gave me that name years ago because I hold politicians accountable for their actions. I said Attorney/Rep. Larry Hall gave me the name The Watch Dog of The East that I use from time to time as well. I said we can stop that negative today.

I said it is the other folk on Social Media that call Black Folk Monkeys and etc. so I know how to agitate them so I react to them. I said if you look at my videos and my writings you will see how I respond to them I don’t go around calling them out until they say and do mess. I said I came up with Special Cs because I knew it would agitate them. I said Special C stand for Caucasian but they said it stood for Crackers. I said I don’t roll like that.

Bill questioned me about what did I think about Councilwoman Lois Watkins not reappointing Steve Stevenson and I said I hadn’t thought anything about it because I have challenged him while on the commission and will continue the challenge the council when I am no longer a voting member because I will continue to attend the meetings and video them. I said I will also speak during the Public Comments and that way the NAACP will be represented by 2 folk at the meetings.

I told Bill that I didn’t challenge the thing about my residency in order to serve on the HRC but I plan to challenge the council not for me but for others in the future because the NAACP should not be held to a residency requirement. I said the criteria for being a member of the Rocky Mount NAACP is that I have to live in the city or work in the city. I said therefore a NAACP member should be eligible to serve on the HRC. I am the 2nd Vice President of the NAACP and I should be able to serve. However I don’t like titles and recognize and understand there need to be folk like me who can be at the table and challenge organizations without being a member.

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