Principals oppose moving graduations – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: For me the following is a bunch of b.s. Speaking only for me I would not have cared if I just received my diploma in the mail. I never liked graduations however I have seen how others enjoy that moment. Now from my perspective every year I see students trying to get tickets to accommodate more members of their family at the graduation. If a student has a moma and a dad be it by birth or by whatever that they want to attend that is 2 tickets. If the student has 2 sets of living grandparents that is 4 more tickets. If the student has a couple of brothers and sisters that they want to attend say 2 more tickets and then if they have that favorite aunt or uncle they want to attend that is 2 more tickets. If that student has a boyfriend or girlfriend that they want to attend that is 1 more ticket. Wow do the math. But I don’t think this is not reasonable since if a student is excited about his or her graduation then hell I would think they would want all of the above present. But then again this is just my ignant opinion and nobody else. I have been volunteering my services videoing and taking photos at my high school graduations over the years and posting them on YouTube. However every year I have family and friends that graduate. Last year had a niece that I had forgot all about attended the school.

The Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education heard this week from high school principals about the question of whether graduation ceremonies should be moved to the Rocky Mount Event Center to allow more people to attend — and the answer was a resounding “no.”

Dr. Mark Cockrell, chief academic officer for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, presented the information to school board members to consider during a work session before the regular school board meeting on Monday.

“At various times, discussion has been held about the issue of graduation venues and the board has asked for additional information and high school principal feedback so I am bringing that to you for your ongoing consideration of whether to continue to have graduations held in the traditional settings or to move them to one site,” Cockrell said.

Each of the school board members were presented with a letter from the high school principals in the district.

The letter said: (Read more)

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