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Damn fool said I sounded crazy to insert White in the place of Black everytime I say something. WTH!

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Pinetops NC – Keishon Porter Becomes The 1st D-1 Basketball Signee In SouthWest School History

Keishon Porter SouthWest Standout could have also chosen to play football.
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Black Men Challenge

If you are going to CHALLENGE the Special C you better keep yourself in check daily.

They say we Black Men are ANGRY because we speak up.

They lie on us so don’t allow their lies to become trues.

You better do as I do before I leave home where I act a damn fool but when I leave home a red flag goes up.

I know they want to read about me in the news. They would love to see me get caught up in the things that hurt many Black men and that is Money, Sex and Drugs.

Don’t give them that Glory! If you should ever hear that about me, you better check it out because the Devil and them Special Cs is a LIAR!

Fact Check That!
No Need To Report Back? Validated!

Now Run and Tell That!

They need Black Folk to push their WSBS! It Is Alright To Spend Nearly $300 K On A Race But They Got A Problem With A Black Man Buying Property

Look at who were on the ground during the election. Look at how they paid Black Folk to harass and attempt to make folk vote for Sandy Claus, Tarrick Pittman and Gwen Wilkins.

Can’t wait to see who be on the ground and how much money will be spent in the upcoming Runoff.

But Special Cs talking about Unity.

And the Safe Black Folk talking about the racial division but they support WSBS.

Sources say Samuel Battle and some others started out supporting Kevin Jones but then when Sandy Claus came to town and was able to do what the Black candidates are limited to and that is spend that money, then it was a wrap.

While the focus has been on that Dancy guy trying to discredit me because I have been able to expose what is going on, the WSBS was busy saying mess and Black Folk were questioning my movement when they know I am consistent in my reporting by providing the trues. But Black Folk will believe mess just because Caucasians say it without them providing trues.

Damn they got a problem with a Black man buying property but it is okay to buy damn votes in the Black Community. Black Folk fought and died to vote and now we have Black Folk selling out. Oh hell no I will not be silent and will call them asses out.

Sources say Black Pastors were given gifts. Poor Black Communities given gifts. Teachers were given gifts. Obviously Principals too because they had to have given Sandy Claus permission to do what he did as it relates to the school issues that were brought to light. Moe Deloach business was used as a gift and let’s not forget about the T-Shirts with Sandy Roberson for Mayor on the damn sleeves that were given to the children during the Juneteenth Weekend at the Moe Deloach Camp. Oh and when the Military guy that body was identified and returned to Rocky Mount Sandy Claus and supporters were visible campaigning during the time of the return celebrations.

It is funny as hell to me that Tarrick Pittman has been having residency challenges and it is not clear to where he lives now. What I do know is if I was a voting member of the City Council I would challenge his residency with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections now even after his ass loss since he is still saying little b.s. But maybe folk are waiting til he take care of his court cases that are numerous. You see he still throwing out b.s. even in his thank you to his supporters and then went on to incorporate b.s. in regards to Andre Knight and his supporters.

It is funny to me how Black Folk had a problem with the formation of the United Rocky Mount 2 meetings but don’t have a problem with the Black Folk who have sold out Black folk these Pastors, Community Leaders and others.

It is sad that Black Folk have allowed Special Cs to call me a racist when I have been doing what I do since the late 80s. Hell I have called out more Black Folk by name than I have Special Cs because actually I don’t know those who come for me. They multiply because when they read what a few Special Cs whom I do know, the others get onboard and come for me. Hell they don’t even know me. But they get the same treatment as those I do know since they want some attention from me.

As we are about approach the upcoming Runoff for Mayor of Rocky Mount it will be interesting to see who will push the WSBS Agenda. It will be easier to narrow down who they are but most folk already know who they are scared to call them out.

So from now to November 5 let’s see who the players are on all sides.

Stay tuned!