Sonne Barnes Tickles The Hell Out Of Me Posting On Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens About Me While Trolling And Liking Stuff On My Page

The following was sent to me because I am blocked on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens where the ignant asses post mess.

Damn this ignant ass keep coming for me. Well maybe she want some Special Attention.

Jewelann Todd I am the man!


I was told that the above was in reference to a post about Special Cs for Bronson Williams saying I created that Facebook page. I don’t have any fake pages. I sign my name to whatever I say and do because I mean what I say and say what I mean.

Damn ignant ass says I am a 5 yr old.

Damn no she didn’t say my bone carrier. Since she wanted this to get to me why in the hell didn’t she post it on my page? Oh must be trying to fit in with the Special Cs.

Damn ignant said, “As a community we’ve had it with his stupidity.” Really! Obviously you have not gotten enough since you have not Unfriended or Blocked Me!

Damn ignant said, “Those who enable his brand of divisive behavior share the blame.” Oh hell no! I am me and others do not share the blame for anything I do. I say what I mean and mean and mean what I say and do not need anyone, I repeat anyone to validate what I say and do.

Damn I am still trying to figure out who in the hell are you to say we as a community. Obviously you must be having a flash back when you used to live in Dodge City in the community where we grew up as I was on Bynum Farm Road but frequented your grandparents house often where you lived.

This ignant ass Sonne Barnes is friends with me on my page and I have been waiting for her ignant ass to Unfriend or Block me but she continues to TROLL my page. She recently liked a post not long ago and I just laughed my ass off.

The following is a post on my page that Sonne Barnes liked.


Continue to TROLL my page but continue to go over to Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens and post your ignance.

I hate to have to go there but I am a grown ass man and I say grown ass man stuff. I am a little older than this thang and since they have no respect for me, the feeling is mutual.

Now Run & Tell That!