Sent To Bronson Williams For Rocky Mount Mayor Facebook Messenger This Is What WSBS Looks Like!

Bronson Williams received this message in his Inbox. This is (WSBS) White Supremacy Bull S…. I bet you will never see such Bronson, Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, myself and others sent to the Special Cs Inbox. We don’t threaten folk. This is a damn shame and if you read this you ought to be outraged. It is time out for folk being silent on issues that should matter. Now to allow us who are vocal to endure this kind of mess and you not say anything means you agree with the WSBS! But now I ain’t talking about scared folk, I am talking about folk who say they ain’t scared and stand for what is right. These Special Cs can harass Black Leadership but when we question them and respond to their mess they play victim.


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