Rocky Mount NC – Sandy Roberson Financial Report For Rocky Mount Mayoral Election

Sources forwarded the following to The DCN News Blog Online TV. The following is Public Information so click on the links below and see it for yourself. I don’t make this stuff up, I just forward it and get blamed for creating it.

I just checked the NC State Board of Elections record and Sandy Roberson has spent running for Mayor of Rocky Mount!

Click on the links

Here is the report in Excel


Here is the report in PDF


Here is the link to the NC State Board of Elections Website from which I downloaded the Excel and PDF files. The Excel and PDF files are the same data just in different formats.

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Tarrick Pittman Need Some Real Family & Friends Because If They Didn’t Attempt To Reach Out To Him Then They Failed Him

If Tarrick Pittman’s family and friends didn’t reach out to him and try to get him to not file to run for office putting himself in the spotlight for failure they failed him. This guy needed someone to tell him now is not the time to put himself out there.

I reached out to Tarrick Pittman and didn’t even know him. When he came up to me and hugged me at a meeting, I didn’t even know who he was and had to ask someone.

I talk to folk and try to give them some good advice but sometimes folk don’t accept it. Well since I didn’t know him and we were not friends, what did I have to lose?

Tarrick has been trying to discredit me because I talk to Andre Knight. But what he fell to realize hell I was trying to talk to him too.

Well I hate it has come to this but I had nothing to do with all of his shortfalls hell, I got enough of my own so I ain’t got time to create any for other folk.

Folk what you need to understand is when you come for me I will not give you a free pass because I am going to defend my ass.

Now when you come for folk around me that has a stake in the community especially elected officials, then you come for me too.

I have always told folk that if you are running for an office in Edgecombe County and/or abroad that directly or indirectly affect me you better talk to me. I have spent too much time in being a community and political activist to allow folk to come in and think that I am not going to hold them accountable.

Well when you attempt to by-pass me, you need to understand that I am watching and waiting.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!