Rocky Mount NC: Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s race should not be a factor in voting (Hell Yeah Race Matters)

There are a lot of important issues for all of us to think about and talk about during municipal elections.

The Political Agitator’s response: What are those important issues Mr. Attorney. I hate when folk throw out b.s. without providing what the facts.

Two things that are not important are the color of a voter’s skin and the color of the candidate’s skin.

The Political Agitator’s response: Speak for your damn self because color is the most important thing in the mayoral race where Special Cs began a movement to unseat the Andre Knight and Reuben Black well for years and now Richard Joyner. Your ass just mad because you ran against Andre Knight and lost and he is supporting Bronson Williams. If you were a real friend of Kevin Jones just maybe you should have convinced him to run for school board because in my opinion that is what he should have chosen to pursue. But that is just my ignant opinion.

It is perfectly acceptable for a white voter to vote for a white candidate or for a white voter to vote for a black candidate. It is perfectly acceptable for a black voter to vote for a black candidate or for a black voter to vote for a white candidate.

The Political Agitator’s response: Really! All that to say nothing.

To suggest that a black voter would vote for a white candidate for any other reason than the voter’s thoughtful evaluation of the positions and ideas of the candidate is an insult to the intelligence of that black voter.

The Political Agitator’s response: What is an insult is this ignant b.s. mess you have written.

I plan to vote for my good friend Kevin Jones for mayor and I’d invite people to join me in doing so.

The Political Agitator’s response: Wow! What color is Kevin Jones. I wonder are you voting for him just because he is Black. But you will never tell. Damn you didn’t say why you were voting for him. Ain’t that something. I guess because I ain’t a lawyer that I ain’t spose to have sense enough to not fall for your ignant mess here.

However, whoever you vote for I would ask you to do so based on ideas and with absolutely no consideration for the color of your skin or the color of the candidate’s skin.

The Political Agitator’s response: Oh but you can tell folk who to vote and not to base their ideas and consideration for the color of one’s skin or the color of the candidate’s skin. Really! Now that is too ignant! Hell just go vote for your man because those of us who are not ignant to the WSBS that is going on know that if the Special Cs are successful in getting the 2 Caucasians in office and then to unseat Andre Knight.

William R. Solomon Jr.

Rocky Mount

Curmilus Dancy II, The Political Agitator
Pinetops NC

See original article in The Rocky Mount Telegram: Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s race should not be a factor in voting

Jaquez Murphy And LoveRockyMount Warren Daughtridge Support

This was back in July. This is a product of Love Rocky Mount Warren Daughtridge and some other Special Cs. This dude ran a camp and LoveRockyMount was all about Black Children. GTHOH!

Folk just don’t know what folk bring to me


26 mutual friends including Tonya Parker and Christopher Braswell

JULY 15 FRI 7:51 AM

Jaquez Murphy

Good morning Sir, Thank you for sharing the article about my kid and camp. I wanted to reach out you because I saw that there was a negative comment attached to it. No one other than myself reached out to the RMT Telegram. I wanted my kids to get positive exposure and to be able to be proud of their accomplishments this summer. Please know that I’m not trying to start an argument with you. However, I want to make you aware that my kids and I did AMAZING work this summer.

FRI 7:40 PM

Argument? Really! So what is the negative?

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.


I work a real Job and just now seeing this. However since we are not friends it may take longer for me to see your message. However my phone number is 252 314-5484 so if you text I can respo d immediately. Another question where did you see my post?

Jaquez Murphy

Your post was sent to me by two of my colleagues.


That is what I figured and I could guess who. Other question what is the negative?

Jaquez Murphy

Well we could all assume but only I and the people know who sent the post. The negative is this: Both projects/visions were phenomenal. Different but still left an impact on children’s lives. Because one didn’t get as much acknowledgement does not mean one was greater or vice versa. I don’t want ANYONE taking away from the kids. If that makes any sense. If you say your intentions were not to be negative then I will apologize for my assumptions.


I didn’t compare the 2 and asked a simple question. I didn’t mention the kids. No apology is needed. What I will say is both you and Johnny are connected to some of the same folk that were mentioned in my question. Now don’t act as if you don’t know why I asked the question. Also don’t act like you don’t know why I said folk need to look at who are connected to who. Now if you want me to further go there let me know. However I think I may need to make it plain so you and your colleagues will know.

Jaquez Murphy

Thank you sir for having an open dialogue with me!