John Check Interview TJ Walker Candidate For City Council

I had endorsed Andre Knight, Bronson Williams, Robert Cordell and T.J. Walker.

I support Andre Knight because I know what he has done for the city of Rocky Mount and it is documented. And that is why the Special C s have been mad.

I support Bronson Williams because he has been actively engaged in politics and has been a voice for the citizens of Rocky Mount via Rocky Mount City Council, Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and other.

I support Robert Cordell because I know he has been actively engaged in politics having run for school board over the years.

I was supporting T.J. Walker because 1st of all he is family. I support young folk. Although I chose T.J. over his opponent, I struggled with losing a Black female perspective on the council but I was willing to give T.J. my support.

I am having a hard time with what I have seen during this campaign season. I had said that that the Ward 4 seat would be okay no matter which candidate won but now I am having a hard time with what the outcome will be if T.J. was to win.

I received several phone calls about a ballot was coming out from the Republican Party with Sandy Roberson, Lige Daughtridge, Gwen Wilkins (who is just mad with the Democratic Party being a former 1st Vice Chair of the State Party and 1st Congressional District Chair) and T.J. This is 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats. I told them callers that I felt that several folk were behind it but it was linked to the Republican Party with certain Democrats pushing the Republican candidates agenda. When the ballot finally hit the ground after the Early Voting began I told them that I told you so. But the most recent articles in the newspaper talking about the ballot, Nash County Commissioner Republican Robbie Davis confirmed for me what I felt.

I was in the presence of T.J. and 2 other candidates along with another person and I didn’t like how the discussion went. I made a suggestion that if there were going to be a ballot for the Democrats that they do a commercial with all of the Democrats that was to include Andre, Richard Joyner, Robert Cordell and T.J. Walker that they did it a certain way since I knew that T.J. was suppose to be on the Republican ballot that I had received calls about.

So as it stands T.J. is the only candidate that is on both ballots the The Street Team and The Edgecombe Nash Political Caucus. Although it is unclear who Street Team is, it is clear who the suspects are and they are tied to the Republican Candidates. So folk can be in denial if they want to but it is clear who the suspects are.

Last week The United Rocky Mount Group kicked off and it was a Press Release sent out and I know because I received it. So anybody that seen it had the opportunity to attend and also while it was being broadcasted live on Community Connections with Theresa.

On yesterday there was another event and a press release went out again. Now United Rocky Mount can put it out there but I be damn if they have control over who come out and attend.

On last week no candidates spoke other than the city council members Andre Knight and Richard Joyner. Bronson Williams was present but didn’t speak.

I watched most of the event on yesterday while I left Rocky Mount and went home and came back to the event but it was over when I arrived. When the live recording ended, I heard Andre Knight say they were going to acknowledge the candidates by letting them wave their hands and they could do like a meet and greet.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest! However I can’t say that about family because no matter what family is always permanent whether they acknowledge each other or not.

I received a call tonight asking me could I get channel l7 and I said I can but it is channel 31.1 on my tv which is regular tv.

The more I watched the more I could hardly stomach.

First of all I have a problem with the interview being on the racist John Check show however he tried to make it appear he is not racist throughout all of his shows when a Black candidate is being interviewed.

I just called T.J. a couple of days ago and told him that he need to be careful how he share things on his page. When I seen a post that he shared from Tosha Kelley Aldridge whereby she stated, With everyone up for election, I have spoken with each candidate for mayor and TJ. No offense to Elaine, but with the RMT article stating Lois Watkins was her backing, that immediately lost my vote.” I said do you not understand that she is not supporting you for you but because she is against Elaine. I said she used to come to the council meetings talking junk to the council and then moved her business from downtown to Nash County Sunset Ave. He said thank you. However I am just checking and I see the post is still up.

But you see this is what happens when you don’t go to city council meetings and be on top of what business is taking place and who come to the meeting going after the council. Kevin Jones said going to the council meetings sitting for 2 hours means nothing. SMDH!

I looked at the re-run of the John Check interview from Monday night the same night of the United Rocky Mount 2nd event. I have a problem with T.J. saying he was not allowed to speak. Well why would you think you would be allowed to speak when you have not proven yourself to be a part of United Rocky Mount?

T.J. I was willing to give you my support however some of the things you said on the John Check Show is a blow to the Black Community and me as I have had to call John Check ass out on The Morning Show never called in to his Racist Show.

I was going to dissect what you said that relate to my activism directly and indirectly.

I remember being in a meeting not long ago and a person spoke up in favor of a candidate and the other person said that really took some nerve for her to do that. Well this is how I feel about what took place on The John Check Show. But the sad part John played it off like he is about unity and talked about Black Leadership playing the damn race card to pump folk up when he and other Special Cs have come for Black Leadership and myself.

Although I have a problem with The Racist John Check Show and The Racist WHIG-TV Morning Show, the problem really lies with Black Folk who go on their show and bow down to their narrative.

I am done!

Today I am only supporting Andre Knight, Richard Joyner, Robert Cordell and Bronson Williams.

Like I had said I was not really into the Ward 4 race because I thought either way we would be okay but now I am beginning to wonder that was really a true statement.

Now folk you can twist this however you want but I have been doing what I do since the early 90’s long before the current council members came on board.

I don’t speak for Andre Knight because he does a damn good job of speaking for himself. However just because the things I speak about it includes him and the other council members the work they have done, I can’t help that and I will not apologize for speaking truth to power.

Hell no I don’t live in Rocky Mount but I have worked over there and spent much time fighting for not only the numerous family members but others over the years. Folk will be surprised how much family and who I am related to. Folk you probably have talked to some of my folk over the years and possibly talk to some of them daily.

I ain’t mad with nobody! I am going to continue to be me.

I am The Political Agitator (Professional) The Watch Dog of the East.

Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Dinell Pittman Eviction Date For Cool Geeks Thursday October 3

I find it very interesting that Tarrick Dinell Pittman has spent so much time trying to discredit Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight while he should have been trying to take care of his personal business.

When the city won the right to retain their property from Tarrick the amount was $15,000 and since he has not paid it the amount has now escalated to $18,420.

If Tarrick is not out by October 3 then all of the things inside will be sold at a surplus.

Somebody mentioned to me today that have you thought about Tarrick may have been living in the Cool Geek property. What I do know is that some of his classmates said that they held a class reunion there some time ago.

On October 7 the day before the election Tarrick has a court date for traffic violations that he has continued twice so therefore I don’t believe he can continue it again.

Earlier today I post October 3 and October 7 so there you have it.

One thing Tarrick can not say is that I didn’t talk to him in person and tried to make him understand about this political thing but he chose to go the route he is going. Damn his friends could not be real friends because I am straight up with my real friends.


Rocky Mount NC – Nash County GOP Mark Edwards Respond To Andre Knight Concerns About What He Believe Is A Republican Driven Ballot

I find the comments by Mark Edwards chairman of the Nash County Republican Party to be no different of what he claim about Andre Knights comments. However it is a fact there is an illegal ballot but where is the proof about Knight not adhering to standards such as truth and integrity?

Mark Edwards, chairman of the Nash County Republican Party, took exception to that statement.

“If any normal politician made such a remark about the Republican Party, I would ask him to provide some evidence of his accusations. But since this is Andre Knight, I won’t even do that since everyone already knows he does not adhere to standards such as truth and integrity,” Edwards said on Monday. “My problem with Knight’s statements published by the Telegram is that his accusations are false, slanderous and racist. Andre Knight governs by smear and innuendo and so it is no surprise whatsoever he campaigns by smear and innuendo.”

So Mark can you provide proof to what you accuse Andre Knight?

It is a fact that there has been a Republican movement to attempt to unseat Andre Knight from the council since 2003 but actually before he was sworn in. It is a fact that it appears that these Republicans working along with 3 Democrats in particular have partnered to attempt to unseat Knight and Richard Joyner during this election.

I understand Mark you want some proof of what is being speculative however with the attack on the Knight, Joyner, Reuben Blackwell and other Black leadership, it appears that the known Republicans are linked to the ballot until otherwise denounced and asked that those who are responsible to stop it. I would think that is the outcome that Knight and those who are about voter integrity were looking for.

I believe that going to the polls and watching who are giving out what information will somewhat confirm who are behind the ballot that is in question.

Sometimes when bringing up a concern with being able to provide proof or not, something good may come out in the wash. Now the following is something that has me questioning how a man of such a status can say he is knows who is behind the ballot. This is scary because this guys knows of an illegal activity and is choosing not to tell who is behind it.

Nash County board Chairman Robbie Davis said he knows who is behind the ballot, but he is not telling. The person who produced the sample ballots brought copies to his office without Davis asking for them or knowing anything about them in advance and that is the only reason he knows that person’s identity, he said.

“The person who brought the ballots to my office is someone I know, but the person is not a candidate, is not a Republican and is in no way connected to the Republican party. I just don’t feel it is my place to identify them.” Davis said. “The ballots stayed in my drawer. I did not distribute them, but I know a lot of them have been distributed.”

Wow! So This is validation that it is a fact that the ballot in question does exist. But what I can’t get beyond is why would the person responsible bring them to his office. I could understand that Robbie may not have known that the ballot was illegal but now that he knows, then why is he not exposing who the responsible party is. How can he be trusted as chair of the Nash County Commissioners. Will he withhold criminal activity that may take place on the commission and any other boards that he may be a member?

This election and all municipal elections are non-partisan however that has nothing to do with the candidates being registered Democrats and Republicans. So I can’t get beyond that the election suppose to be non-partisan. But that has nothing to do with nothing. How many of the candidates are registered Unaffiliated? None! So the election is a non-partisan race the same as school board members however school board races are done doing regular elections..

It is unfortunate that it has been a Republican lead movement to unseat Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell since 2003 and now in 2019 Richard Joyner has been added to the list since he was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Lamont Wiggins who became Superior Court Judge.

It was rumored in the Black community that a Republican ballot was coming out and several sources contacted me. I said I had an idea of how it was going to go down and it appears that I am correct with what I have read in this article. After reading the article I called the sources and said I told you that I felt that it was going to go down like that.

Thank you Robbie Davis because I have heard that you and a certain person talk daily and that you both keep each other informed about what is going on on each side. However I know how that other person operates so I wouldn’t be scared to bet that some money is involved in this whole scheme but I can’t prove it now. But I am going to follow the money and also keep my ears to the street to see what the Street Team does next.

See original article in the Rocky Mount Telegram: “Nash GOP denies ballot allegations