Council candidates pledge accessibility – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I know for a fact that Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell have answered the call to constituents in the city if they have been contacted. I remember last year someone posted on Facebook that their daughter was having a problem with no lights because the city didn’t get out there to fix the box before they closed on Friday and the daughter worked in Roanoke Rapids so they were staying there until they got their lights right. I contacted Andre and Reuben and they had the folk lights on by Sunday. What folk need to recognize and understand is that once elected you represent the entire city. Citizens will call the council persons that they know make things happen even though they may not be their council person. I have had folk complain to me about Andre basically only because of what they hear about him and I ask them do they know the man and this is what I know. They normally get a different perspective when I tell them to research him for themselves. I have received lots of concerns about Tarrick Pittman not fixing their computers, not returning their property, not paying child support, not paying rent on building which has resulted in him having to move out of the building where he is now and has to pay the city $15,000 and pay the city attorney fees because they had to sue him to get their money. I have also been told that the place he calls his residence he does not live there because the place is vacant and an eviction notice was on the door at one time. But the place was not his anyway and he was living with a female at that location. I know for a fact that because I heard and he told me about his dealings with the Special Cs that have been trying to find someone to run against Andre Knight. Tarrick fell for in the trap.

One of the candidates for a position on the Rocky Mount City Council said he is going to have a “boots on the ground approach” in terms of being available to constituents if elected on Oct. 8.

Tarrick Pittman, who is running in Ward 1, and all of the rest of the council candidates participated in a forum Thursday at Edgecombe Community College’s Rocky Mount campus. Democracy North Carolina led the forum.

The council candidates were asked, other than council meetings, when and how they plan to be available to the city residents they represent if elected.

Pittman, who is in the computer repair business, said he has had an internship program with N.C. Wesleyan College and said he challenged two students to create a Ward 1 cell phone app.

“And through that app, they can communicate with me as the councilman, they can communicate with each other within the community,” Pittman said. “If they’re having events, if there’s crime, if there’s trouble that’s going on in a certain section of the community, they can put that information out — and once that information is out, it’ll come to me or to the neighborhood president.”

Pittman is challenging Ward 1 Councilman Andre Knight, who was asked the question just prior to Pittman.

Knight said the council has been discussing implementing constituent services. Knight said the council has taken on much beyond regular meetings and noted council members field questions from outside their wards.

“A lot of times we are bombarded with phone calls, emails, even visits,” Knight said. “And if you have a full-time job and you are considered part time, it becomes overwhelming.

“And to be effective, you need staff to help you communicate with that district meeting, ward meetings, quarterly meetings and other meetings that we currently have in Rocky Mount.” (Read more)

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