A Couple Of Days Ago I Asked The Question, “Have you ever hired someone to video a party, funeral or etc. and if you have around how much did it cost you?”

We say we are our brothers and sisters keeper and that we support each other in the Black Community but do we really?

We get on social media and talk about everything but it is time that we talk about some things that matter and have some discussions. Last week I also asked started a discussion on half-brother, half-sister and that was quite interesting.

I asked the following question to show what I have been doing over the years. I am  showing how I have been doing what I do at a little to no cost. When I did give someone a price it was between $150.00 – &200.00 no matter if the event was more than 2 hours.

I have videoed around a 100 funerals plus or minus over the years and didn’t charge if I knew the family because that was my way of supporting the family but you would have thought folk would give you something because they would have paid good money if they had hired someone to do it. But the thing is they had money and if they didn’t have it right then, they had the insurance coverage. Some gave a few dollars but that only was for the videos because what they gave me didn’t even cover the videos because many times I gave enough for all of the siblings. Lots of times I also taken a Family Pack of Bojangles Chicken to the homes as well.

Over the past couple of years I have also taken photos of the events/funerals and taking between 300 – 500 or more photos and putting them on a disk but then started putting them on a flash drive so they could go somewhere and have them developed. I did this at no charge and no more than $50.00.

Now this is not even accounting for my time doing the event and then going home working on it. If the event is 2 hours long then I go home and spend another 2 hours or more preparing the finished product.

I have always tried to give back to the community however in the Black community the majority of the time folk want what they can get but do not give.

I have began to have a new mindset about doing certain things however I will always be there for family if they treat me like family.

I volunteer and video for my church. I use my own camera the same I use for everything I video.

I sought donations about 2 – 3 years ago to purchase the video camera I have now and that was one of the best investments I have ever made because that camera is awesome.

If you look at the 1000 plus videos I have on YouTube you will see the quality of my work. With what I do trying to educate the community and providing a service that many, many folk have access to, just think about if everyone was to reach out to me when they had an event how it would help finance what I do.

Oh and by when I video something for others I try to get the product to them the same day or within 24 –48 hours unlike I have heard some didn’t get their product for weeks.

I find it interesting how folk be silent when I post about seeking donations and some Special Cs will respond saying I am begging for money.

Now I ain’t mad with nobody just showing how we as a Black folk need to be more sensitive to the things we do in the community.

Folk have told me that I should have charged for what I do but my thing is we as a Black folk need to learn how to network. If I have something to offer and then you in return have something to offer, then we should work together.

The following is the responses I received from my question as it relates to hiring a videographer.

  • Natasha Tabron Battle I hired a photographer for an event this spring & the charge was $150 for the 1st hr & $50 per half hour afterwards.

  • Sherry Little

    Sherry Little Nope but I watched an episode on Judge Judy about hiring a videographer…the cost of a videographer vary widely depending on your pro’s experience and level of expertise. You get what you pay for ‍♀️

  • DrBarnes-Small ErnestineActive Now

    DrBarnes-Small Ernestine No, never have…
    Looking forward to seeing the response of those who have…

  • Reco Hart

    Reco Hart Around here usually 150-200 for roughly 2 hours

  • Bobby Harris

    Bobby Harris Someone was nice enough to video my mother’s funeral last year, viewing, repast and they also gave ten family members a copy. I paid that person $300, time spent doing the job, over five hours,delivering the videos timely before family members leaving to go back from out of town. Worth every penny, did a great job and most of all seeing family and friends that I didn’t get to see or speak with.

  • Bobby Harris

    Bobby Harris Oh.. that was a good discount.

  • Glenn Silver

    Glenn Silver According to Thumbtack, the average cost per hour of a videographer in Nashville, NC is $131 per hour. Here is the link:

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    2019 Average Videographer Cost (with Price Factors)


    2019 Average Videographer Cost (with Price Factors)

    2019 Average Videographer Cost (with Price Factors)

  • Sabrina Pettaway Bynum

    Sabrina Pettaway Bynum Well i wish someone recorded SWE vs THS game! It was a GOOD ONE. SWE made us PLAY HARD!!! AND WE DID AND GOTT’EM
    Don’t have an answer Butch. I know one thing, YOU DESERVE TO BE PAID. You have given so much of yourself til you don’t know how to charge people. Yes, I know you love it, but I’ve told you before.. CHARGE!

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