Half-Brother, Half-Sister There Is Such A Thing & That Is What I Have Known & Said All Of These Years

Today after having a discussion about half-brother and half-sister I decided to Google it and to look it up on Webster. This is what I found.

The definition of Half-Brother.

The definition of Half-Sister.

So no matter what folk opinion is, the fact of the matter it is such a thing as half-brother and half-sister and we don’t get to define it.

I am trying to figure out how folk make the definitions a negative.

So for the record this is my spill on the fact of the matter.

I am the son of Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy (deceased) & Curmilus Dancy Sr. I ain’t entertaining no b.s. when it comes to family because I value family and do whatever I can for family. So if anyone has a problem me that is their problem not mines.

When I was on the N.E.E.D. Inc. Board in the 90’s a guy from Pinetops and his brother went to the Executive Director and put out that my daddy was another man but they didn’t tell him that they were actually brothers. What happened with that was I was the Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. and the E.D. had resigned and tried to rescind his resignation but some of us said nope it was time for him to go. The Nash County Commissioners kicked their representative off the board and they called Edgecombe County and told them to kick me off. Folk tickles me putting out mess.

All my nearly 57 years on this earth I have had one half brother and 2 half-sisters. I have always told folk that my dad had a son and a daughter. I said my mother had a daughter. I tell folk that both of my sisters have the same name. Some other folk have recognized their siblings in the same fashion to me.

On Saturday as I was videoing a funeral I spoke during remarks and I recognized my half-brother and half-sister on my dad’s side. I had a cousin that came to me and said don’t say that anymore and I said really. He tried to explain to me that they are my brother and sister and I said ab so damn lute ly. He said it didn’t sound good. I said ok but this is what I have always said and that is what I have always known.

I began posting this around 7:00 PM and got a call thought I was going to have to go to Greensboro but then got another call and I didn’t have to go. So I went with the brotherns to get something to eat but I had already eaten. While I was out I posted the question, “Half brother & Half sister what is your take?” Go to my Facebook page to see the responses. Wow they are still coming in as I am finishing this so I am going to post this here and then post the link over there.

This is not up for debate for me so I will just continue to read the opinions but keep in mind it is a such a thing as half-brother and half-sister.