Marilyn Pulley Howard I Hate It Had To End Like This But It Is What It Is!


What a damn lie didn’t tag her twice. I tagged her one time like I did the other 30 plus folk.

When she made a comment I responded to her under her comment so therefore it automatically generates her name. She is calling that tagging her.

I have never had a a program for black males at my church. The donation had nothing to do with the church. If it was for work in the church I would have given it to the church.

Didn’t say you were buying me.

This was for what guys but you got the videoing part right and that was for the community work that I posted my Donation Page.

I have the inboxes from you.

You are correct I said I get all sides. You had posted your side on The Prime Smoke House page recently when he post about another incident with the MAGA mess that someone in the Caucasian community had posted on Facebook.

You posted the same mess on my post. I said everyone post their issue then the owner respond and that is it to take it to their personal page or the owner’s page. You ketp going on and on and asked the owner did he know somebody and then you said the issue had something to do with a contract and catering. I said I was not going to entertain it on my page because again you posted your issues, he responded and that was all both sides. That is your damn problem when you didn’t go into detail on the 1st go round. Post half-trues with nothing to support your claim.

Call me whatever you like but I have the inboxes of how you praised me for my work and also you mentioned about a candidate. Don’t go there with me so leave it alone.

Hell yeah I deleted my post because I learned that 252 Hoodnewz had deleted the 2 posts that were sent to me about so I decided to delete mines because you would not follow my instructions and you were trying to prove your point that was making no sense to me because I frankly didn’t need to know anymore.

Too damn ignant to talk about I am trying to keep you from saying anything when you have control over your page and can say whatever the hell you want to on yours but you will not do such on mines.

I have told you on yesterday, today and in the past since you had an issue with me that you could Delete and/or Block Me. But since you didn’t I Blocked you!

If you would like your Donation returned just say it an count her done!