In Response to Letter to the Editor: City event appears meant for candidate by Gwen Wilkins – Rocky Mount Telegram

I have worked hard since the end of April to run a good campaign … one with respect and integrity, and will continue to do so.

Looks like you are working hard to please the Special Cs you have teamed up with. Funny as hell to me because since you have felt this way about the Ward why in the hell have you not ran before now? Hell even if you didn’t think you could win, why you didn’t run and bring some awareness to the area on which you have now found your claim to fake? I mean fame!

However, I must bring something to the attention of Ward 3 voters and other residents in our city. The city, through the city manager, Parks & Recreation and Councilman Joyner and a few others on the council are, in my opinion, resorting to unscrupulous ways to win the election on Oct. 8 at taxpayer expense. It appears Joyner cannot raise his own funds to have a community event; therefore, those named have decided on a “Ward 3 Community Fun Day.” They are, essentially, using taxpayer monies to hold a political event for a candidate for office and selling it as a community event.

I hate it when Special Cs use the scare tactics of the damn taxpayer expense mess. Damn if Joyner don’t raise any money the votes is what counts. Oh so you can raise money I guess. Or money may not be an issue for you because you are the Special Cs team. SMDH!

The city this summer had “Summer Night Lights” in the parks in Wards 3, 4 and 1. Branch Street Park, which is located in Ward 3, was held in July. Richard Joyner was a no-show. They have scheduled this “fun day” in Daughtridge Park on Sept. 14, the Saturday before early voting begins. See my point?

Damn why he had to be there? He can’t be everywhere all the time. Hell he will not be at every council meeting after October 8 because sometimes one can’t be at every meeting. So if he had been there you would have complained that he was there.

The Ward 3 seat is looked at as a “swing” seat. Factions in this city know this. Candidates for council, last year, did not get a “community fun day” in their ward. Why is Joyner? Why now? There is no justification for the city to go through this expense. This is the kind of deception and underhandedness going on at City Hall that has given our city a bad name.

Yep factions in the city know that and that is why they have teamed up with you because the Special Cs don’t have one of them to run so you are the chosen one since Johnny Cunningham is not longer the chosen one. Oh you like to be 2nd.

They “assume” no one will call them on this for fear of being labeled. I am sure they will spin it as such. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Damn where in the hell have you been since 2003 because they have been calling them out since the council became a Black Majority? Hell they sho nuff been on them since December 2018 and my Timeline on my Blog on the series of events don’t lie. Hell don’t nobody care about you calling them out because hell you ain’t saying anything of substance.

I want the best for Ward 3 and our city and I know you do, too; however, these tactics cannot be tolerated. Candidates should run a campaign on their own merits and not resort to deceptive means. They are also bringing churches into the mix (no man can serve two masters) and having “voter registration.” Since when did a government do “voter registration” … unless you are the Board of Elections?

What in the hell can be more deceptive than you pushing the Special Cs agenda? You have teamed up with the Special Cs to attempt to remove Richard Joyner when he has been doing a great job helping the current council with the agenda of making sure the all of Rocky Mount get a piece of the pie. But Nash County side the side you live on verses Richard living on the Edgecombe County side, it is obvious you have the NASH Special Cs agenda at heart.

President Kennedy said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” I had to speak up. I had to speak out. Take it to the polls on Oct. 8.

I hope you re-read what President Kennedy sad because by you teaming up with the deceptive Special Cs your names is on the reserved list because I be damn if you ain’t done lost it. Keep on speaking up and out because the little respect I used to have for you have gone.

Gwen Wilkins, Ward 3 City Council candidate

Rocky Mount

Curmilus Dancy II
The Political Agitator
Pinetops NC

Damn Shame How Folk Twist The Narrative Sandy Roberson For Mayor Response To Andre Knight Questioning The Use Of Schools For Campaigning

Sandy Roberson for Mayor  response to the news article: Candidates’ school ties questioned

Last week my campaign was attacked by a sitting City Councilman who criticized my efforts to talk about the issues facing our city. So, let’s frame this election.

Wow I know he didn’t say attack. What in the hell is he doing is he not attacking the poor Black Neighborhoods and got folk on the ground paying them so they say to wear his tee shirts? The school issues are not a city council issue and if he is so damn concerned about schools hell may he need to run for school board. The election has been framed since December of 2018 when the Special Cs went in the attack mode coming after Black Elected Officials and Black Leaders who are Department Heads.

As a voter, you have the choice of voting for more of the same or voting for new leadership. Let me be frank, Rocky Mount is headed down the wrong path. Just look at the facts:

Voters always have a choice to vote for who they want. In this case it is Special Cs who want to take the city back and that means become the Caucasian majority so they can stop the progress of what this council is doing. Fact Check That!

• According to the 2018 NC Department of Public Instruction data, 11 schools in our system are failing and 41% of our schools have a ‘D’ grade.

What in the hell does that have to do with the Rocky Mount City Council?

• In student performance, Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools ranked 109 out of 115 public school systems.
Rocky Mount median income is $38,972 while across the state it is $50,584.

What in the hell does that have to do with the Rocky Mount City Council? The council does not set the pay scale for teachers nor businesses.

• Rocky Mount’s average unemployment is 6.1% while the statewide rate is 3.7%.

What in the hell does that have to do with the Rocky Mount City Council? Now if there are vacancies within city government then that is their concern.

• Rocky Mount’s average home value is $85,700 compared to Wilson which is $137,800.

What in the hell does that have to do with the Rocky Mount City Council? What is the driving factor of this comparison?

That’s what the current leadership has delivered for you.

Damn to say this is what the current leadership has delivered is too damn ignant. No mention of utility prices and other things the city offers. Nothing about the Event Center and other things that they have done to bring up the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount but that is because they don’t want to talk about what have been done. But talking about things like the school system when Robbie Davis don’t want the city to have anything to do with Education. SMDH!

I believe we can and must do better. I believe in a future that is full of hope and promise. I will be a Mayor who works to unify our city and won’t be afraid to tackle the tough issues head-on.

These Special Cs tickles the hell out of me talking about unity. Who ain’t unified? The Special Cs who want to be the Caucasian majority on the council and got some ignant ass Black Folk buying into that ignant mess as if the Special Cs give a damn about them. Hell these Black Folk think they exempt as if they are not Black.

If you agree with me that we need new leadership and a new direction, I would proudly welcome your support and your vote.

Anybody Black Folk and good Caucasian Folk of good will that agree with this b.s. got a problem. If you support these lies then if you like it, I love it but I know good will prevail.

It’s time to get Rocky Mount on the right path for today and for future generations.

Rocky Mount has been on the right path since 2003 because this council has been more transparent than any council before them. I know because I have been there and I don’t live in Rocky Mount.

Voters in Rocky Mount you can buy into this b.s. if you want but you better know that you will reap the benefits like they have from voting for Trumpbull but they will not admit it.

Now I can live with folk when they tell the truth but this mess right here trying to make the school system a city council issue is far from the truth. Where in the hell was Sandy when Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioner Chair went after the council about the school system? Oh they are both Millionaire Republicans.

There are rules for campaigning on school property but White Privilege.

Fact Check!

Report Back!

I’ll Wait!

Sandy Roberson
Candidate for Mayor

Curmilus Dancy II