Fighting Crime & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Is This Your Agenda? City Council candidate: Keep town as white ‘as possible’

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn Chris Sifford shared a post on my page that a friend of his shared with him. I have never met Chris in person but I love that guy because he speak out on issues. Fighting Crime shared the post from my page and Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson has been trying to link that Black Agenda to Rocky Mount when these folk don’t even know Chris nor the author of the agenda. Hell I love it! I will not be Silent and/or Apologetic for being Black and standing up for my Black A . . .

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(CNN)A woman running for a city council in Michigan said she wants a “white community as much as possible.”

Jean Cramer’s racist answer came at a forum Thursday to a question about bringing more diversity to Marysville, which is 95% white.

Other candidates gasped at her words, as heard in a recording posted on the website of radio station WPHM.

Asked by the moderator if the community diversity needed to be addressed, perhaps by attracting foreign-born citizens, Cramer said: “My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.”

But These Guys Right Here Warren Daughtridge Founder LoveRockyMount & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Has Lied To Me Just Tell The Truth

These guys along with some other Special Cs want to challenge the Rocky Mount City Council especially Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell but when we challenge the Special Cs they get mad as hell and want to play victim. They play . . . but then don’t want to get . . .! Well too late my friends.

The following post right here answers many questions I had for Warren Daughtridge that was in the Rocky Mount Telegram:

Warren D. said the group was not Political and I said it was founded after he came to City Council meetings and went in the attack mode. But Warren D. this is what I read, “The car wash is set for 2-6 p.m. at Prid­gen Tire on Sun­set Av­enue hosted by Love Rocky Mount, the heart and brain child of busi­ness ex­ec­u­tive War­ren Daugh­tridge. He said his new pur­pose in life is heal­ing the city of the re­cent po­lit­i­cal strife and un­der­ly­ing racism with a goal of bring­ing city res­i­dents to­gether.”

So Warren D. how your it appears that y’all political candidates Sandy Roberson, Lige Daughtridge, Gwen Wilkins and Tarrick Pittman are working really hard trying to unseat the current council members and to take the seats of those who have chosen not to run during this election.

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson had a damn problem with Johnny Cunningham questioning the money that was directed to him and his address: Any­one who wants to help but can­not make the car wash event can make checks payable to S&P Law c/​o Re­group 1 and mail them to S&P Law, PO Box 981, Rocky Mount, NC 27802. Cash and checks also can be dropped off at S&P Law Firm at 874 Coun­try Club Road in Rocky Mount.

So Steve did you account for all of the funds?

Have you filed the necessary paperwork for receiving the funds?

Who was the treasurer?

Just asking since all of a sudden Johnny Cunningham is a crazy man but that was as long as he was blinded by y’all motive. Johnny’s motive was good then and still good now, to help the Impoverish!

Johnny Cunningham is a brilliant man and that showed when he came to the Rocky Mount City Council and apologized to Reuben Blackwell and Andre Knight while sending a message to LoveRockyMount, Warren Daughtridge, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson in a nice way.

Damn shame these guys want to hold others accountable but got a problem with Black Folk holding them accountable for what they say.

Fact Check That!

Report Back!

I’ll Wait!