See Why I Had Concerns About Moe Deloach Bowling For Unity & Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount Beach Trip For Poor Black Children

Click On Photo To See Who Made The Announcement at the Human Relations Commission Meeting. They brought it to this meeting but then I asked questions later and they got mad. I questioned Moe and Warren Daughtridge. Johnny Cunningham questioned Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson and Warren also. Check out entire video but the guy walking in the meeting in the 2nd Quarter almost half-time was Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson. Listen to what the Pridgen guy had to say. I thought it was contradictory about no talking about politics. But LoveRockyMount and Moe’s Bowling For Unity in itself was Political. I believe what has transpired since that time shows that I was correct. Fact Check That! Report back! I’ll wait!