August 15, 2019

For Immediate Release

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Bronson Williams, candidate for mayor of Rocky Mount, was kicked out of a debate sponsored by the Kiwanis Club that was held at the Benvenue Country Club on Thursday, August 15, 2019. Williams who brought his own camera person to capture his image and debate participation was asked by the Kiwanis President, General Arnold Gordon-Bray at the behest of WHIG’s Sandra Smith to leave the event after he refused to have his authorized camera removed.

Prior to the event, the Committee to Elect Bronson Williams had negotiated to have the camera at the event. Williams said that he was of the understanding that bringing a camera would not be a problem. Sandra Smith of WHIG TV said that she was standing her ground and would not capture the debate as long as Williams’s camera was present. Subsequently, Williams’s camera person was asked by Gordon-Bray to move to the back of the room because he didn’t want to interfere with WHIG’s broadcast. After complying with the request, Smith was still not satisfied and refused to capture and broadcast the event, thus delaying the debate.

Williams responded by saying, “General, it was my understanding that I could have a camera at the debate today. That camera has the capability to capture video as well as still photos. And while Sandra Smith may take issue with the camera, I am free to capture my likeness or image anywhere I may go.” After that, Williams was asked by Gordon-Bray to leave along with his camera person. He quietly left without incident.

One of the overarching issues in this campaign has been transparency; however, none of the other mayoral candidates spoke up concerning the lack of general public participation nor fairness and impartiality. Williams believes that standing up for fairness, equity, and transparency are key if we are to move Rocky Mount forward.

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