This Ignant Right Here! Tarrick Pittman For Ward 1

What in the hell have Andre Knight buying property got to do with him serving as an elected official? Your ignant ass can’t buy anything because you can’t pay your rent on Cool Geeks and probably made up the mess about the mold because you couldn’t pay your rent. Just my ignant ass opinion. But on last Monday a judge ruled that the city is the owner of the building and your ignant ass got to move out plus pay $15,320.00.

I don’t well you ain’t talking Andre not being responsible when your ignant ass has a court date that you continued to August 12 for your traffic tickets.

Your ignant ass is trying to point fingers when you don’t know which way to point because you are ass backwards.

Ignant ass prove where I have printed inaccuracies and false narratives. I do my homework and I obtain documents because they are public information. I will speak these trues however I like and really so that ignant asses like you will say something about my writings. Ignant ass I write according to whom I am addressing. Because I am addressing an ignant ass I will write ignantly.

One thing I don’t do is use scare tactics. If these trues scare folk then that is their problem not mines.

So you know Andre’s plan? Where did you get his plan from because I have not see at the Board of Elections office the day he filed and addressed the people present. Oh you probably looked at my video on YouTube on the day he filed.

Mud pies? Really! It appears that that is what you are all about.

No photo description available.


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