How To Get Notifications From All Of Your Friends Every Time They Post Something On Facebook You

I try to educate folk on what I know and I have posted several times about receiving Notifications but this time I am going to put it on my The DCN News Blog Online TV so it can be easily accessed in the future because I will probably never find the old posts on Facebook.

I have not figured out how to do it on a phone but this is what you can do on a computer or a laptop follow the following instructions if you want to receive Notifications from all your friends every time they post something.

Click on individual friend’s name see the arrow down put cursor over it to see the drop down categories. Click on Get Notifications.

When you online and someone post something you will get a pop up Notification that someone posted something and you can go look at it then or later.

But every time you get on Facebook go to Notifications and you will see all your Friends postings that you have missed and you have the option to click on them.

It is basically like receiving emails.

There you have it. Now y’all can Paypal or Cash app me. LOL! Hope this helps.

Note: I was wondering why I was not receiving Notifications and only would see my friends posts come through my newsfeed but it is a possibility I would never see them. I began to explore and this is what I found on my own like so many other things I have found when it comes to using Social Media and simply using the internet.




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