Council candidate loses court fight with city – Rocky Mount Telegram (William F. West)

The Political Agitator’s response: This dude need to go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up. He is allowing some Special Cs to make him look stupid by trying to enter into politics. Damn fool crazy as hell along with them. Who supports a known criminal for a political office.

A downtown Rocky Mount businessman has been ordered by the judicial system to be evicted from his location in city-owned space and to pay the municipal government more than $15,300 in past-due rent.

Tarrick Pittman, owner of Cool Geeks computer repair in the Douglas Block, was issued the ruling from the Edgecombe County Superior Court. Judge Marvin Blount of Pitt County signed the order in the city’s favor on July 16.

The order shows the judge told Pittman to pay $15,320, plus all costs of the legal action. Pittman can appeal to the state Court of Appeals.

Blount’s order was not yet in the case file at the Edgecombe County Courthouse when a reporter went there earlier this week, but the reporter obtained a copy of the document from the city’s attorney, Jep Rose, of Poyner Spruill.

Rocky Mount’s municipal government since last autumn had been arguing in court papers that Pittman breached a sublease agreement by failing to . . . (Read more)

Robbie B Davis Supporting Tarrick Pittman And Agreed To Make A Contribution

Wow! Robbie Davis likes Tarrick Pittman because his grandmother supported Ronald Regan back in the day. Really! Robbie agreed to making a campaign contribution. Oh that is makes sense because he is anit-Rocky Mount and anti-Councilmen Reuben Blackwell and Andre Knight. Please share his explanations with us about his latest court cases the one wit the city on July 15, 2019 where the judge ordered the property where Cool Geeks is located to be turned over to the city and that he pay the city in the amount of $15,320.00. He also has a court case coming up on August 12, 2019 so we will see how that unfolds. Robbie said Tarrick didn’t bring up Race as an issue. Well that is a problem right there because it is fact that race is an issue when it comes to Rocky Mount City Government. Robbie says when he brought up race that they had very close views on the subject so therefore race is an issue. I find it interesting that Robbie says Tarrick is not living in 1960. He sure the hell ain’t because in 1960 the Rocky Mount City Council was probably all Caucasian. However we know that 1960 was sure enough a point in racial history. Robbie Davis like myself can’t vote for Ward 1 candidates but the difference in he and I is Robbie got big money. I have no money to give candidates. But folk if Robbie Davis is supporting Tarrick Pittman you better know that Robbie don’t give a damn about Rocky Mount City Government and he is mad with them right now. I dare you to research Robbie.


This Ignant Right Here! Tarrick Pittman For Ward 1

What in the hell have Andre Knight buying property got to do with him serving as an elected official? Your ignant ass can’t buy anything because you can’t pay your rent on Cool Geeks and probably made up the mess about the mold because you couldn’t pay your rent. Just my ignant ass opinion. But on last Monday a judge ruled that the city is the owner of the building and your ignant ass got to move out plus pay $15,320.00.

I don’t well you ain’t talking Andre not being responsible when your ignant ass has a court date that you continued to August 12 for your traffic tickets.

Your ignant ass is trying to point fingers when you don’t know which way to point because you are ass backwards.

Ignant ass prove where I have printed inaccuracies and false narratives. I do my homework and I obtain documents because they are public information. I will speak these trues however I like and really so that ignant asses like you will say something about my writings. Ignant ass I write according to whom I am addressing. Because I am addressing an ignant ass I will write ignantly.

One thing I don’t do is use scare tactics. If these trues scare folk then that is their problem not mines.

So you know Andre’s plan? Where did you get his plan from because I have not see at the Board of Elections office the day he filed and addressed the people present. Oh you probably looked at my video on YouTube on the day he filed.

Mud pies? Really! It appears that that is what you are all about.

No photo description available.


Johnny Cunningham What Is The Status Of The Group That Took The Children To The Beach?

I understand and seen the pictures of the children going to the beach.

Because some in the LoveRockyMount group were supporting your brilliant idea of taking he children to the beach. I don’t question that. What I do question is what is your relationship with the group at this point?

Since it was your idea about the taking he children to the beach and obviously something went down.

Can you tell me what is the root cause of the reason why the group became at odds?

I have read that the money raised and the statement didn’t possibly coincide.

What was the actual count of the children that went on the trip?

So how much did it really cost to take the children on the trip per child?

How much was raised for the trip?

Was any money left at the trip?

Yes I am concerned about the trip because Jeff Pridgen attended the Human Relations Commission Meeting and spoke about the Moe Deloach Bowling for Unity and he said there would be no talk about politics and Attorney Steve Stevenson Human Relations Commission member told Jeff to talk about the beach trip.

There was some communication on Facebook leading up to the trip and then I had not seen anything about if the trip had taken place. I was told it did and that some photos were on your page. Well I couldn’t see your page so someone showed me a few photos on their phone.

I was concerned about how the children were going to be taken care of and was really concerned about them going to the beach with all of recent shark attacks and the drowning and we didn’t need anything to happen to any of the children because that would have been more bad press.

I had some concerns about how the children may be treated by some Caucasians who may not be sensitive the behavior of little Black Boys and Girls.

Well I am going to stop right there for now so you can respond to my questions.

All My Life I Have Had To Fight!

All my life I have had to fight. I actually chose to fight! Not going to foreign land but to fight here at home.

But not all of the fights were and have been mine. I chose to fight for the young and the elderly especially but also for those who have no voice, be it they are afraid or just don’t have the resources.

I have had a very, very few fights of my own but I have won every case and did it solo basically. It is documented.

I always stand ready and willing to fight no matter if it is for me or someone who need my help.

So let the fight begin.


Try me!

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How To Get Notifications From All Of Your Friends Every Time They Post Something On Facebook You

I try to educate folk on what I know and I have posted several times about receiving Notifications but this time I am going to put it on my The DCN News Blog Online TV so it can be easily accessed in the future because I will probably never find the old posts on Facebook.

I have not figured out how to do it on a phone but this is what you can do on a computer or a laptop follow the following instructions if you want to receive Notifications from all your friends every time they post something.

Click on individual friend’s name see the arrow down put cursor over it to see the drop down categories. Click on Get Notifications.

When you online and someone post something you will get a pop up Notification that someone posted something and you can go look at it then or later.

But every time you get on Facebook go to Notifications and you will see all your Friends postings that you have missed and you have the option to click on them.

It is basically like receiving emails.

There you have it. Now y’all can Paypal or Cash app me. LOL! Hope this helps.

Note: I was wondering why I was not receiving Notifications and only would see my friends posts come through my newsfeed but it is a possibility I would never see them. I began to explore and this is what I found on my own like so many other things I have found when it comes to using Social Media and simply using the internet.