In Response To Randy Adcox Response To Ann Piscitelli Judd On Community Council Facebook Page

Randy Adcox since you responsed to Ann Piscitelli Judd about Nehemiah Smith I felt compelled to do so also.

You say, “Nehemiah Smith is not in any way connected to the city administration, though he IS an ardent supporter of this current city council, and is present at almost every council meeting each month.”

Mr. so you have an issue with Mr. Smith being a supporter of the current city council because he is present almost every month. So are some of the Special Cs and you included.

You say, “Mr. Smith is actually a pastor with a tendency to become quite animated during the city council meetings, and often resorts to insults and name calling when referring to other speakers or persons who have made what he considers improper or incorrect statements about the council members themselves, or about decisions they have made.”

Mr. so why do you feel that Mr. Smith has to become animated? Really? Can that be connected to the Shaved Ms that we have seen online when referring to me and some other Black folk? I really didn’t think anything of the Shaved M thingy until somebody asked me did I know what it meant and I say no. They say it means Shaved Monkey. Oh well. That is what they said that they were saying.

Mr. you say that Mr. Smith often resorts to insults and name calling so could you give an example of what he said that is/was an insult and a name called?

You say, “It was in direct response to Mr. Smith’s somewhat loud and “preachy” comments at the last city council meeting, that Mayor Combs reiterated the purpose of the “public speaking” portion of the meeting, and reminded everyone in attendance that this was *not* the time for showboating, grandstanding or “preaching a sermon”.

Mr. now that is interesting you say Mr. Smith is somewhat loud and “preachy.” Really! He like some other Black folk speak loud so we can be heard. When we talk loud folk like you want to paint a picture that we are angry. Not! We talk loud so we can be heard and seen. We talk loud because we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Mr. so you feel some type a way because you have an issue with a Black man being able to stand up in public and articulate a message before a Caucasian and other audience. So because he saying everything that you don’t want to hear oh he has to be showboating, grandstanding and preaching? Really!

You say, “In all fairness to Mr. Smith, he has the belief that the majority of the opposition to this council is racially motivated, and therefore he feels obligated to “call out” those who he sees as questioning the decisions of this council, due to it being a 4-3 black majority.”

Mr. I am going to go out on a limb and don’t normally do this but I believe I am right about this. Hell yeah Mr. Smith know it is all about race. He is calling out those who make ignant comments and will just simply flat out lie, lie, lie. Hell yeah some Special Cs expressed what they were going to do if the council became a Back Majority before the 2003 election. Some got mad after the council. They still mad!

You say, “And while it may be true that there are those in this city who are uncomfortable with the “black majority” of our current city council, to suggest that everyone who disagrees with, or questions the decisions of this council does so because of race, is frankly neither true nor fair.”

Mr. the majority of the issues raised by you and the other Special Cs are directed to Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell and the last time I checked they both were Black. But y’all really, really come after Andre. When it is clear that y’all have a problem with the progress being made to the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. The Event Center going downtown and now the Hotel/Parking Deck y’all bout to go damn crazy.

You say, “There are a great many citizens in this city of ALL ethnicities (black, white, Asian, Latino, native American) who question the decisions and motives of this current city council.”

Mr. it is okay for anyone to question the council but what ain’t okay is the lies and when they respond to y’all, y’all play the vicitim. It does not matter what the outcome of the responses y’all receive, some continue to keep doing the same thing and receiving the same results. Some just lie, lie, lie but then when the lies are dispelled then they try to twist or change the narrative.

You say, “Everybody who disagrees with this council (or Mr Nehemiah Smith!) isn’t a racist, and such implications only tend to further divide our city at a time when we need to be coming together.”

Mr. I don’t recall Mr. Smith calling everyone by name when he disagrees with them but just like on yesterday he will call out the name of the person he is addressing.

And I got to end on this note, during the previous council meeting from last night he talked about eating at a restaurant and he had soup and saltines and gave a narrative. Hell before the meeting was over some Special Cs had done got online and said he called Caucasians a racial slur. Not he didn’t! My videos don’t lie.

Mr.Randy Adcox there are some Black folk who are not afraid to speak out publicly. However we recognize and understand that speaking out comes with a price but we ain’t scared!

We refuse to allow Ignant Special Cs and Safe Black folk to attack our Black Leaders and our Caucasian Leaders who want what is best for Rocky Mount.

Now I close by saying I believe I can speak for Mr. Smith again by saying we ain’t mad with anybody.

We are for justice no matter who it is for or against!

We have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

We are Unbought and Unbossed!

Now Run & Tell That!