This is about Uniting & Exposure! Black Folk Don’t Get Distracted!

I blame the Special Cs for this because of their mess about Uniting, LoveRockyMount, I mean One Rocky Mount and all that mess about our Black leaders. You see some Black folk got distracted and this is what happens one get caught up.

Black folk you better wake the hell up because Trump want to send you back and so does his Special C supporters.

When We Unite, When We Fight We Win!

Although the subject is Tarrick Pittman the Exposure of the Special Cs is the main thang!

Don’t get it twisted!

Maybe Tarrick will get the message that he need to do like Johnny Cunningham recognize and understand the bigger picture. He should not be about us against us but them against us!

Now somebody missed that!

These Special Cs are dangerous! Remember how they have tried to discredit me and even trying to bring my place of employment in it. They love to bully folk.

I ain’t the damn one!

I ain’t mad with anyone!

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