Tales of an Educated Debutante Pittman vs. Knight

imageSo who pulling your strings? This dude ain’t no threat to to this election. Love it when because you and the other Special Cs don’t like Tarrick Pittman you just hate Andre Knight. Funny to me. I do know that Tarrick voting record could be challenged because he voted in Nashville in November 2018 but on record in the Rocky Mount Telegram in March saying he had lived in Edgecombe County for over a year. Support dude but quit lying on Andre because you are a living lie just like Tarrick.

Tales of an Educated Debutante

July 13 at 8:22 PM ·

Pittman vs. Knight

If you live in my hometown of Rocky Mount, you know that there is hope coming to Ward One.

Tarrick Pittman, a native of Rocky Mount, has filed to run to represent Ward 1 on the Rocky Mount City Council. Andre Knight has been in office since 2003 and for sixteen years he has used race to tear the city apart while building his own empire. Since then, poverty has risen 55% in Ward One.

Tarrick Pittman spent twenty five years in the corporate world before heading back home and opening his own business in downtown Rocky Mount. As for his running for Council?

He says, “I want to see our city continue to grow and prosper. I will work towards policies that allow for rational and responsible development. My passion is bringing people together, working towards a common purpose and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

It’s quite the opposite of what Knight has done. Rather than look forward or make the town better, he chastises those who call out his self indulgent behavior where he profits financially from his council decisions.

Today, he said, “Just come out and say that you don’t like black leadership….you don’t like the east part of our city to grow and flourish…..you don’t like a diverse city workforce….you don’t like a black man or woman leading you into a brighter future!”

Since when does color have anything to do with leadership ability?

Run, Tarrick, run.

To contribute to Tarrick’s campaign:
Citizens for Tarrick Pittman
3661 Sunset Avenue
PO Box 254
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

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