Breaking News – Judge Ruled On Monday July 15, 2019 In Civil Court That Rocky Mount City Council Candidate Must Pay $15,320.00

This story like so many is personal to me because when it comes to politics, I try to keep us out of the spotlight especially Black candidates. You see things like this don’t look good for Black candidates who seek offices because some folk will try to make it appear that all Black folk have issues.

I try to reach out to candidates and I reached out to this guy but he ignored me. What folk can’t say is I don’t try to talk to them but I can’t make them listen so when they go down, they need to think about those friends and associates who allowed them to run and then make the news. I tell them politics will open them and their family up for scrutiny. I tell them the timing must be right because you could be committing political suicide if you should lose and want to run again in the future. But my haters try to turn folk against me by trying to discredit me when I be trying to help them.

I didn’t know this guy and actually he came up to me during a meeting and introduced himself and hugged me. We had talked in Facebook Messenger and I was hoping we were going to talk again. We did talk a little over a week ago at an event and I told him to call me so we could talk more. Well that didn’t happen and several days ago when I addressed him on Facebook he Unfriended me. So now we are here.

The City Of Rocky Mount was granted the property at 150 E. Thomas St. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 located on the Douglas Block area.

The property was occupied by Cool Geeks owner Tarrick Pittman and he must pay the city in the amount of $15,320.00 in owed rent.

In May The Rocky Mount Telegram edition this is what Lindell John Kay reported, “Judge recuses self from city lawsuit.”

A state judge has removed himself from a case involving a candidate for the Rocky Mount City Council.

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Quentin Sumner recused himself this week in the lawsuit-countersuit of City of Rocky Mount v. Tarrick Pittman.

Sumner didn’t include a reason for his recusal in the court file and couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon.

The case involves Pittman — now a candidate for Ward 1— refusing to pay rent in the city-owned building where he is a tenant until mold remediation is completed.

City Attorney Jep Rose said the status of the case remains the same and the case will be rescheduled by another judge.

Pittman said he’s been advised by his attorney not to comment other than to say he’s looking forward to his day in court.

Pittman is president of the Downtown Merchants Association and a member of the Central City Revitalization Panel. He owns and operates CoolGeeks, a computer repair shop.

Since December 2016, Pittman’s business has been housed in the Manhattan Building on East Thomas Street on the Douglas Block in downtown Rocky Mount.

The building has mold due to water intrusion. The city, which owns the property, has sued Pittman for withholding rent. Pittman counter-sued the city for breach of rental contract.

The legal action began in small claims court then moved up to state Superior Court.

The city is suing Pittman for $9,000; Pittman counter-sued for roughly the same amount.

Pittman previously said he isn’t just a guy who won’t pay his rent. He said he’s standing up to City Hall and defending the Douglas Block.

“The rent money is set aside in a bank account,” Pittman told the Telegram in January. “It’s about taking a stand. I’m an original member of the Douglas Block. They’re disrespecting me.”

Note: Seen 1st on The DCN News Blog Online TV 



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