Rocky Mount – So How Did My Name Come Up Attorney Steve Stevenson In The Discussion About The Beach Trip For Poor Black Children?

I am just asking questions about the Beach Trip but obviously they don’t want me to question Johnny Cunningham. Thanks for you response Johnny.
Johnny Cunningham

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The real reason why they say they “FOLDED OUT” SO DISREGUARD ALL THAT OTHER BS.

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  • Curmilus Butch Dancy II

    Curmilus Butch Dancy II So I see Steve called my name on June 4. So how did my name come up?
    Damn this is getting gooder and gooder!

Johnny Cunningham Response To Beach Bus Trip As Some Members Of Group Resigned When Questioned ABout Money & Food For The Children On Day Of Trip

But Johnny Cunningham somebody told me that they tried to cancel the buses for the trip to the beach along with contacting some places that were going to give the children some food on the day of the trip and the children didn’t get that food.

I like to ask about things I hear about. Can you help me with this because I may have gotten some misinformation.

I tried to ask them but they have a problem with a Black man asking questions.

I just want the trues to be made known because I don’t want nobody lying on those folk who are about helping poor black boys and girls.


Johnny Cunningham Thanks for asking. Those good God loving wanna help poor black kids tried to make me get rid of 57 children and parents, a whole damn bus load because THEY didn’t want to handle 3 buses. I refused and told them that these kids did everything you asked them to do and they earned a trip to the beach, if you can not complete the mission resign. They had a meeting without me and they resigned from the trip. But they also called the 3 food establishment and canceled the food, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) they called the Charter Bus Company and was told the money paid for buses was nonrefundable. (Thank God) two members of the LoveRockyMount “Core Group brought a package to my job !!! When I got home and opened the package a check for $ 6,674.40 was in the package. And a BULL SHIT letter full of lies about why they quite. I’m like what the f I got 157 parents and kids to get to the beach in 10 days. I’m like schitt it took them over 2 months and they be at that beach all the time. I called the parents of the kids that was coming to the meetings and told them what had happened and that we need to meet and figure out what the hell we going to do. We all meet the next day and I showed them everything in the package and how much money we had to work with. We bounced around a few ideas, but one thing for sure no body wanted to go to Fort Meacan becaue 12 people had drowned and a girl lost her leg due to a shark bite. One of the parents mentioned Fort Fisher (schitt I don’t know) and Googled it, ( no drawings, no sharks) it was on. Another parent in the meeting is the Chief at K&W and told us that the kids could eat for free between 11 & 2 so we created our trip around those times. If it was not for the parents their would not have been a trip and in the end that’s exalty what they wanted, our failure was their victory and our success is their shame. Right now because I questioned them about the missing car wash money they’re showing their true motivation. I always knew there are some mean people in this world but when you treat and take from kids the way they have , ain’t no word to define that type of MEANNESS. If you have any other question please ask .

This is about Uniting & Exposure! Black Folk Don’t Get Distracted!

I blame the Special Cs for this because of their mess about Uniting, LoveRockyMount, I mean One Rocky Mount and all that mess about our Black leaders. You see some Black folk got distracted and this is what happens one get caught up.

Black folk you better wake the hell up because Trump want to send you back and so does his Special C supporters.

When We Unite, When We Fight We Win!

Although the subject is Tarrick Pittman the Exposure of the Special Cs is the main thang!

Don’t get it twisted!

Maybe Tarrick will get the message that he need to do like Johnny Cunningham recognize and understand the bigger picture. He should not be about us against us but them against us!

Now somebody missed that!

These Special Cs are dangerous! Remember how they have tried to discredit me and even trying to bring my place of employment in it. They love to bully folk.

I ain’t the damn one!

I ain’t mad with anyone!

Breaking News – Judge Ruled On Monday July 15, 2019 In Civil Court That Rocky Mount City Council Candidate Must Pay $15,320.00

This story like so many is personal to me because when it comes to politics, I try to keep us out of the spotlight especially Black candidates. You see things like this don’t look good for Black candidates who seek offices because some folk will try to make it appear that all Black folk have issues.

I try to reach out to candidates and I reached out to this guy but he ignored me. What folk can’t say is I don’t try to talk to them but I can’t make them listen so when they go down, they need to think about those friends and associates who allowed them to run and then make the news. I tell them politics will open them and their family up for scrutiny. I tell them the timing must be right because you could be committing political suicide if you should lose and want to run again in the future. But my haters try to turn folk against me by trying to discredit me when I be trying to help them.

I didn’t know this guy and actually he came up to me during a meeting and introduced himself and hugged me. We had talked in Facebook Messenger and I was hoping we were going to talk again. We did talk a little over a week ago at an event and I told him to call me so we could talk more. Well that didn’t happen and several days ago when I addressed him on Facebook he Unfriended me. So now we are here.

The City Of Rocky Mount was granted the property at 150 E. Thomas St. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 located on the Douglas Block area.

The property was occupied by Cool Geeks owner Tarrick Pittman and he must pay the city in the amount of $15,320.00 in owed rent.

In May The Rocky Mount Telegram edition this is what Lindell John Kay reported, “Judge recuses self from city lawsuit.”

A state judge has removed himself from a case involving a candidate for the Rocky Mount City Council.

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Quentin Sumner recused himself this week in the lawsuit-countersuit of City of Rocky Mount v. Tarrick Pittman.

Sumner didn’t include a reason for his recusal in the court file and couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon.

The case involves Pittman — now a candidate for Ward 1— refusing to pay rent in the city-owned building where he is a tenant until mold remediation is completed.

City Attorney Jep Rose said the status of the case remains the same and the case will be rescheduled by another judge.

Pittman said he’s been advised by his attorney not to comment other than to say he’s looking forward to his day in court.

Pittman is president of the Downtown Merchants Association and a member of the Central City Revitalization Panel. He owns and operates CoolGeeks, a computer repair shop.

Since December 2016, Pittman’s business has been housed in the Manhattan Building on East Thomas Street on the Douglas Block in downtown Rocky Mount.

The building has mold due to water intrusion. The city, which owns the property, has sued Pittman for withholding rent. Pittman counter-sued the city for breach of rental contract.

The legal action began in small claims court then moved up to state Superior Court.

The city is suing Pittman for $9,000; Pittman counter-sued for roughly the same amount.

Pittman previously said he isn’t just a guy who won’t pay his rent. He said he’s standing up to City Hall and defending the Douglas Block.

“The rent money is set aside in a bank account,” Pittman told the Telegram in January. “It’s about taking a stand. I’m an original member of the Douglas Block. They’re disrespecting me.”

Note: Seen 1st on The DCN News Blog Online TV 



Tales of an Educated Debutante Pittman vs. Knight

imageSo who pulling your strings? This dude ain’t no threat to to this election. Love it when because you and the other Special Cs don’t like Tarrick Pittman you just hate Andre Knight. Funny to me. I do know that Tarrick voting record could be challenged because he voted in Nashville in November 2018 but on record in the Rocky Mount Telegram in March saying he had lived in Edgecombe County for over a year. Support dude but quit lying on Andre because you are a living lie just like Tarrick.

Tales of an Educated Debutante

July 13 at 8:22 PM ·

Pittman vs. Knight

If you live in my hometown of Rocky Mount, you know that there is hope coming to Ward One.

Tarrick Pittman, a native of Rocky Mount, has filed to run to represent Ward 1 on the Rocky Mount City Council. Andre Knight has been in office since 2003 and for sixteen years he has used race to tear the city apart while building his own empire. Since then, poverty has risen 55% in Ward One.

Tarrick Pittman spent twenty five years in the corporate world before heading back home and opening his own business in downtown Rocky Mount. As for his running for Council?

He says, “I want to see our city continue to grow and prosper. I will work towards policies that allow for rational and responsible development. My passion is bringing people together, working towards a common purpose and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

It’s quite the opposite of what Knight has done. Rather than look forward or make the town better, he chastises those who call out his self indulgent behavior where he profits financially from his council decisions.

Today, he said, “Just come out and say that you don’t like black leadership….you don’t like the east part of our city to grow and flourish… don’t like a diverse city workforce….you don’t like a black man or woman leading you into a brighter future!”

Since when does color have anything to do with leadership ability?

Run, Tarrick, run.

To contribute to Tarrick’s campaign:
Citizens for Tarrick Pittman
3661 Sunset Avenue
PO Box 254
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

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Bus Trip To Beach For Poor Black Boys & Girls In Rocky Mount Raised Over $3,000 But Johnny Cunningham Has Questions

Johnny Cunningham

As promised proof that the Beach Trip Donations Expenditure sheet for the amount raised on May 4th. Day of car wash event is incorrect. The amount raised on May 4th. was $3,000.00 the Expenditure Sheet only show $ 2,263.40 also the Expenditure Sheet does not show the checks or cash delivered to the location of the car wash event in the form of cash and checks that were put in an envelope and into a safe with the car wash money raised on May 4th. The proof submitted are text messages from the 2 people who received and accounted for the donation money raised. We need answers to our original request. Please explain this deficiency so we are able to submit an accurate acount of donations raised to our donors.

Thank you
Johnny Cunningham

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