Tarrick Pittman Thinks He Can Unseat Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight With This Nonsense

The Political Agitator’s response: The following is about as ignant as it gets. See my response in red.
Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1

Numbers don’t lie, people do! Ward 1 are you tired of the same old, same old? Stump speeches blaming it all on others while we control our own communities.

Numbers can lie but who said these numbers lied? What is the same old, same old? What have they blamed on others be specific. How ignant talking about we control our own communities. Control how?

Had the majority on the Council for over 16 years.

So what does having the majority for 16 years mean?

They benefit at the top while the poor suffer and struggle to survive!!!!

Who are they and how are they benefitting?

How long are you going to let the economic disparity continue and be fooled by the race card that tugs at your heart?

Damn ignant you think 16 years can be compared to 150 years of very little progress in the Black Community. Even the Special Cs ain’t that ignant to make that comparison. However they would agree with you on the race card. You need to check your damn self because you are just as Black or Blacker than those you say are fooled by the race card.

All the while progress keeps passing you by.

Please tell us what progress keeps passing by!

I guess you can build a beautiful Event Center that most locals can’t afford and a 18 million dollar parking deck.

Now that is too ignant!

All this and your kids still walk home from school in Meadowbrook without a sidewalk.

Oh so it is others kids not yours? That would have sounded better if you had said our kids? But the busing issue is a whole issue by itself.

Houses lay boarded up in despair.

So Andre own these houses? So what can he do about that?

Gunshots reign nightly threatening your public safety.

So what can be done about the shooting? Tell us the solution please!

I heard the same speeches during the Douglas Block startup.

Give us some wording of some of the speeches. Why in the hell did you move your business to Douglas Block?

10 years later and we are still finding ways to invest with little results for our neighborhoods.


This entire project was intended to stimulate growth in our surrounding neighborhoods.
Where? Blame it on Redlining, or is it really the inability to create and implement change? We don’t even control the commerce in our own communities! Ward 1, a UNC Greensboro Housing study found that your life expectancy is 68.5 years compared to 81.4 years on the other side of town. The economic distress is killing you! Be smart! It’s time for us to eat a healthy meal and not be satisfied with crumbs!!!!!

What in the hell was that?

Dude it appears that you are just mad! Maybe it is because of the lawsuit with the city about the location of your business. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds.

So have you reached out to Andre and/or his campaign manager about doing a debate? You told me you talk to Knight more now than before. Really?

I am The Watch Dog of the East and The Political Agitator.

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Williams responds to flawed plan

Today, Sandy Roberson’s campaign released a public safety plan that shows he has little knowledge of government and how it supports public safety. There are serious concerns members of our city have when it comes to safety and security. The plan released today falls short and here are the reasons why:

1. According to experts and numerous studies, hiring more police officers can lead to a reduction in crime; however, a more prudent approach, according to research, is the more effective management of police officers and stronger community-policing initiatives. Even their combined impact, though, accounts for only a fraction of the documented reductions.

2. Research has shown that adding more attention to crime-prone areas is effective. However, this can be done with managing existing staff in beats that need the greatest coverage.

3. Policing equipment needs are ongoing, the issues are how do we pay for them and what is the highest priority.  The Rocky Mount Council approved new equipment to have our own lab for bullet shell testing; they also have place shot spotters in strategic places around the city to help them better pinpoint where gunfire is coming from in a designated area.

4. In order to build strong bonds, you have to be engaged with the city. Our police department is engaged and are forming new alliances.  Yet, there remains a feeling among citizens that police are not a part of the communities they serve.  How engaged is candidate Roberson in the city’s various communities?  Beyond recent engagement that came after his announcement to run for mayor, what has he done to forge relationships in any community in Rocky Mount?

5. What training does candidate Roberson have to be effective in evaluating police training models?  Currently, the police department has a number of ways it gathers community input: citizen’s police academy, community-policing initiatives (Coffee With A Cop), officers attending community meetings, etc.

6. The City is currently in the process of assessing the salaries and job descriptions of the Police Department and the entire city.

7. Creating jobs is more than a novel idea, it’s needed; but what is the role of the Mayor in that process? Besides, I thought that candidate Roberson’s first priority was jobs.  Now, he is saying his first priority is crime.  Which is it?  We need a mayor who is clear what the priorities are; but, we can only have that from a person who knows the City. In order to do that, one must know the citizens. Additionally, the Mayor has to have Council support to move on the office’s priorities.

8. What candidate Roberson suggests here can be done; but, ultimately, these programs face funding and marketing issues.

9. The relationship we have with Sheriffs Atkinson and Stone are solid relationships and they (the Sheriffs) are already doing fantastic jobs in combating gun violence, drugs, and a number of other pressing issues. 

“Healing racial and county-line issues” is a great soundbite; but, we have heard this before from previous candidates who became mayor. And yet, we are still talking about the same problems.  That’s because soundbites have and always will lack sincerity. I will be the Mayor committed to citizens because I have always been committed to the people. I didn’t start when I decided to run for political office. In two weeks I will release our citizen-driven plan.


The Political Agitator’s response: I find the following to be quite hilarious. If I am correct this release is from a consultant’s office out of Raleigh. So it is funny to me how some folk talk about consultants when it comes to the City of Rocky Mount hiring consultants. So since the Special Cs  talk about how Black folk use consultants where the money should be spent, well what about the monies dude is spending in consultant fees. Well the Special Cs will respond saying that is his money. Well the City Council votes on a budget how to spend money so it is their money. Oh somebody missed that part.

See my comments/questions in red throughout the release. Let’s go!

Monday, July 15, 2019

For Additional Information Contact:
Madeline Crone (919) 946-5791


ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. – Sandy Roberson, candidate for Mayor of Rocky Mount, released today his campaign’s plan to fight crime, gang violence and illegal drugs in the city. Roberson said if he is elected the next Mayor he will make public safety his top priority.

Funny how the Special Cs have a problem when the the city began to make public safety a top priority and took some steps to make sure folk at the city hall are safe after the Tales of An Educated Debutante went into the City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney’s office acting like a bully. Hell she is not a resident of Rocky Mount but it is okay for certain folk to bully the folk at city hall. But what is funny is that during the last council meeting the Special Cs called the council members EVIL and Voo Doo Spirits. There were no words for the Tale of an Ignant Ass though.

“Almost every voter I talk with tells me they want the next Mayor of Rocky Mount to focus on public safety. Citizens are worried about incidents of violent crime involving guns and gangs,” said Mr. Roberson. “Too often we have negative news coverage related to the ongoing drug and gang violence in our city.”

This goes to show that the folk you talked to do not know the role of a Mayor and the City Council members. The council members are the ones who have the votes. Now I agree you can bring to the table about public safety but they are the council members and they will have to entertain it. Hell show me a city that do not have negative news coverage bout drugs and gang activity.

“I am the only candidate for Mayor to offer voters a thorough plan to focus on safer neighborhoods across our city,” said Mr. Roberson.

So you have the other candidates plan. Hell the campaign forums have not even began, damn the campaign filing period has not ended so you don’t even know if others will file for mayor.


1. I will work with the new Chief of Police George Robinson to put more officers on the street, working patrols and expanding community policing.

So have you talked to Chief George Robinson because how can you help him when a mayor only get to vote when there is a tie. So how many times have the current mayor voted?

2. We will make sure we have increased patrols where the incident rates of crime are higher, improving response times and deterring criminal activity.

That sounds good but how do you plan on making that happen if it is a problem now per you?

3. I will work with Chief Robinson and the City Council to look at any equipment needs the police department may have in order to improve their jobs and help curb violent crime.

So again you are correct you will look at what the council members vote on and sign off on it like previous mayors. That is what the mayor does sign off on things.

4. I will work to build strong bonds of trust between our citizens and our police department

I am glad you said you will do this because that is an insult to think that the Chief can’t do that on his own by meeting with the citizens. He don’t need you nor the city council to do that.

5. I will work with Chief Robinson and the City Council to review our current training models and work develop programs that integrate citizen involvement and input.

When in the hell did the mayor and the city council begin to get into training models and programs? Hell again that is an insult to the Chief.

6. I will work with the Chief and City Council to review salary schedules for our first responders to make sure we are competitive in the marketplace when it comes to pay.

This sir is not a mayor or city council role. This is something that the city manager and the chief will work on. Then it would be brought before the council and voted on if need to and again you have no vote unless it is a tie. If voted on you will sign off on it.

7. I will focus on new job creation because if we really want to cut crime, you do it by creating new jobs and economic growth. We can cut crime when we reduce poverty.

So when has a mayor created a job? This is what Allen Matthews Economic Development, The Chamber and The Carolina Gateways role. The city council create jobs when they do things like the Event Center and the proposed Hotel/Parking Lot. These are the type of things that the City Council can sign off on to create jobs but Allen Matthews work to bring in businesses.

8. I will work with community mental health advocates to look at improving our mental healthcare delivery system; we also need to look at alternative sentencing programs, and prison re-entry programs to provide support for those who need it.

So when did the city begin to deal with mental health that is a county program.

9. Finally, I will work in a positive manner with our elected Sheriffs in Nash & Edgecombe Counties to have a united front when it comes to fighting gun violence, gangs and illegal drugs in our city.

So now you want to work with the Sheriffs when both counties could use financial resources so here we go that consultant money you could have donated half of the total to each county Sheriff Offices. But what in the hell is work in a positive manner?

“As a businessman, I have always focused on executing a plan and getting results. If you elect me as your next Mayor, I will work full-time to tackle this issue. I will work to make sure we improve public safety and allow every resident to feel safe and secure in their neighborhood,” said Mr. Roberson.

I will dare to question how you run your business but as an Edgecombe County resident I question the political pieces. You say you will work full-time to tackle this issue. Really just what will you do? Damn you may as well run for Sheriff but please do it on the Nash side however I like Sheriff Keith Stone and I would definitely support him.

You will allow every resident to feel safe and secure in their neighborhood. Now that is hilarious as hell.

“Finally, I will be a Mayor who works to unify our city; who will cross partisan, racial and county lines to pull us together so we can work for progress and prosperity. That is the type of leadership I will provide Rocky Mount,” Mr. Roberson added.

There goes that code words again unify our city. How do you plan to unify the city? Unify who? Who are divided? The only folk talking about being divided are the Special Cs on WHIG-TV, Community Council, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, LoveRockyMount and Tales of An Educated Debutante.

So connecting with your classmates in the Black Community since you are seeking the Mayor seat now you all about crossing partisan, racial and county lines. REALLY!

I am not a Political Consultant but I am The Watch Dog of the East and The Political Agitator.  

Breaking News: The DCN News Blog Online TV Will Not Just Promote You, I Will Decide If I Want To Promote You

As of Monday July 15, 2019 somewhere around 20:20 The DCN News Blog Online TV will not just promote you. I will decide if I want to promote you.

Over the years I have promoted folk who have never promoted me be it vocally and/or financially but that’s okay. But from this day forward I am going to look at who you are and if what you do will affect me directly and/or indirectly.

In the past I have reached out to folk and/or they have shared things on my Social Media pages. Some folk have asked me to share their stuff because they know some folk read my pages faithfully.

I have always told folk if you run for an office in Edgecombe/Nash Counties or on the State/National levels that affect me, you need to contact me before you file. Oh you don’t have to because I am just a nobody. However I can either work with you or against you.

I control my pages so if you have a problem with that then that is your problem not mines.

So there you have it plain and simple.