Warren Daughtridge & LoveRockyMount Facebook Group Is A Joke!

Check this dude out. It is okay for them to go to Rocky Mount City Council meetings and act on what the newspaper printed but when I challenge him on what he says he can’t handle it.
Warren Daughtridge

Admin · 10 hrs

Curmilus Butch Dancy II you called out this group on your blog (and Warren Daughtridge specifically). I challenge you to find anything in this group that is anything but good for our city. Caren and I have diligently managed posts in our group to maintain an environment of positivity. We are exclusively about creating dialogue and helping others. If you, or any other members, find any content that you feel is contrary to this purpose, please report it. We will evaluate and take immediate action.

Here you go Mr Dancy:Thanks for sending me an invite in Messenger from your personal page however I would have thought the invite would have come from the Group Page since it is a place to invite folk.
• I tried but couldn’t figure out a way to do it. 

Me: So you didn’t see this on your page?


I know I received the invite because I mentioned LoveRockyMount on my page about the group being quiet but you and some others would say not so. But if you were not quiet in regards to what I mean by being quiet folk would have forwarded me what was going on.
• I am not sure I understand the question. We are constantly working to bring people together. Current members of this group are supporting a summer camp and discussing ways we can disperse much needed clothing and household goods when needs arise. 

Me: That was not a Question. But this makes no sense. Summer camp really? Ways to disperse much needed clothing and household goods when needs arise? Really? I didn’t see that in your mission.

I find this post, I assume stating why and how the group was formed to be quite interesting. You say “Caren and I created LoveRockyMount during a troubled time in our city’s history.”

What time and what are you speaking of?

• Just a few months ago. We began to read about issues (perceived or otherwise) with our City Manager and her administration, along with other things. We decided to go to the next City Council meeting to listen for ourselves. 

Me: Really so what are your findings on the City Manager and her administration along with other things? You came and joined in so what have you accomplished?

You say, Citizen’s are bitter and seething anger is lurking just below the surface everywhere. I heard a gentleman (Samuel Battle) speak at a council meeting and was instantly convicted that there must be a solution. 

So what did Samuel Battle say that sparked you, you got to remember?
• I remember like it was yesterday. He passionately described life on the street for kids in his neighborhood and throughout his city. He presented a plea to the council to put focus on ending the violence and helping the kids. I did not grow up with that around me. I can’t relate to it personally but I can sympathize/empathize. I can try to make a difference.

Me: How can the council end violence? They are not police however they have a Police Department so the thing to do would have been to met with the Police Department to see how he could help them. The council have things in place to help kids. So how do you plan to make a difference?

So who are the other citizens?
• I think “other citizens” are people of all walks, throughout the community. I sense anger throughout our city and on both sides of the tracks. Listen to conversations around you. Read on a multitude of facebook pages. Listen in City Council meetings. There is heated debate and seething anger. Don’t get me wrong, we should foster civil debate and open dialogue. Taking pot shots and delivering thinly veiled messages on Facebook or in Council speeches aren’t going to help at all. They tear down and not build up. 

Me: What I have seen is a bunch of ANGRY Caucasians come to the meetings talking about things and they have not validated anything they have said. Name me one thing that they have accomplished. These conversations ain’t new the fight began in 2003 and has been ongoing because of the Black Majority Council and now that the Department Heads, Police and Fire Chiefs are Black the ANGER has reached an all-time high. Civil debate? The council meetings is not a place for debate but open dialogue is and has been allowed during Public Comments but when the Caucasians began the attack game, when Andre and Reuben responded to them the Caucasians then wanted to become the VICTIM. They took a lot of mess before they began responding to the attackers. I am glad they have said they ain’t taking anymore. What tickles the heck out of me is you say you stand for this and that but I have not seen you call out any of the Caucasians when they were in the attack mode.

Reaching out and creating dialogue with others that aren’t “in your normal group” and starting projects to help others throughout the city are what we hope this group of people will be about and rally behind.

Me: Now this is too funny. You sent me a Friend Request for you personal page several months ago but then after I questioned you you Unfriended me. Dude please!

So what are the projects?
• Read the recent recap on FB. They are there. Today we helped someone is dire need. Within minutes we privately collected enough money to help feed a family following a tragedy. Details are private and not for publishing. I will tell you in person if you would like more.

Me: Oh no we don’t need to talk in person you say this is what this page was for can’t you talk about the good things you say you are doing?

Me: I want to hear more about the BEACH TRIP that you have not mentioned. I want to hear what you have to say because I have talked to some Blacks and Whites and I find it interesting no photos and no talk about the trip.

Calling people names, living in the past, blaming others for their current situation, none of these are going to help us move forward.”

Me: Your Special C friends are the ones who began the name calling. We ain’t living in the past and that is what is wrong. Those living in the past would not be having this type of discussion with a Caucasian because they would be scared for the job, retaliation against their children in the school system and for their life. You see we ain’t scared because we will stand for our respective place in this society. Tell me how calling you and the others Special C is name calling and what is negative and racial about that?

I agree but what tickles me is when certain folk begin the name calling and myself and some others respond to them they become the victim.

You say, “Understanding that God created each and every one of us in his own image is an amazing concept to me. Knowing that we are commanded to love one another, no matter the situation is too. I know that most of the members of this group are Christians and share these ideals and charges. I want to make sure every knows that LoveRockyMount is not affiliated with any religious organization. We intend to keep LoveRockyMount omniracial, omnicultural, omnigender, omniwhatever… The idea is to bring people of all walks together and find common ground.”

Me: If you were truly about bringing folk together why did you Unfriend me? Oh because you didn’t want to hear them trues because I didn’t do anything to you but challenge you. Matter of fact tell me why you Unfriended me.

But what tickles me is some of these same folk are on other pages showing their true colors but they are suppose to be different on this page. Really!

• I can’t help what other people do on other pages or in their life in general. All I can do is try to reflect the perfect image of Christ, knowing I will fall short but going to bed at night knowing I gave it my best.

Me: So that is what we do as Black folk too!

You say, “Don’t get me wrong, Caren and I are devout Christians, Baptist to boot. We put our faith in Christ many years ago and have attempted to walk the Christian walk since. We hope and pray that many Christian organizations will get involved in some of the projects that are developed by members of this group and will use it as an opportunity to witness to those who are in need, but, this group isn’t our second Sunday School Class.”

But why would someone like myself want to work with these folk are on the other pages talking about certain folk but when other folk do the same and call them out, they like myself get blocked. I ain’t mad because they blocked me but it tickles me when these same Christians on this page participate in the discussion there and do not call their Christian friends out when they are attacking certain folk.

• If I took that same approach, I would never leave the house.

Me: I don’t have to bow down to you and this group, I have been doing what I do since the late 80’s being a voice for the young and the elderly.

Every group of people will have some that are in it for themselves or to be distractions or disruptions. Again, all I can do is the try as hard as I can to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. 

Me: And that is what we do as Black folk when the Special Cs come after us. Dude really?

You say this page is not, 

A political forum

Really but that is where it began per this post. I am totally confused but not totally ignant!

It appears there is more going on than meets the eye such as maybe more communication going on behind the scenes. From what I have read on the page, I am trying to figure out how I fit in. 

• You will fit in if you want to begin a dialogue with people that don’t look the way you do or think the way you do. I truly believe this is healthy for you, the other person and society in general.

Me: Really! I have started out with Caucasians, Black Folk and others in the late 80’s with a group by the Name of Black Workers for Justice that was housed right across from the Most Talked About White Church located right there at the Event Center. I laugh every time a Special C say the church was recently moved there when it was moved there from Spring Hope given to a Black Pastor from a Caucasian Ministry. I joined the NAACP in 1992 it was Black, Caucasians and others. I know where I fit in and that is not with this group since it has a mission statement of one thing but the real dialogue is in your offline meetings. I will decide if I want to stay in. I had no intentions of ever joining but since you sent me an invite I said I think I will join.

The second way to fit in is to jump in when we uncover a need. There are all kinds of communications going on behind the scenes from individual groups that have either formed from LRM or come to us for help. 

Me: This is hilarious to think that there are not groups that I am affiliated with that take cover of needs that is what I do. You are ab so damn lute ly right about communications going on behind the scenes and that is where I would fit in but that is where I will not get invited.

But I will stick around for a little while since I was invited to see what pops up. 

I seen one post if I am correct that was political where a candidate posted and I liked to have made my post political but maybe I was just seeing things.
• No idea on this one. If you see a post that you believe is not in keeping with our purpose, please notify me and I’ll have a look. 

Me: It is there and more have been added since I commented here. Again the purpose is confusing because you say it began for one reason came out of a political meeting but then to say this group is not about politics when you have talked about Politics throughout your response to me which validated my point.  Oh you want me to be your Watch Dog for the group? Nope I am going to fit in with their discussion and say what I want to.

Warren Daughtridge thanks for the invite.

Again thanks for the invite!

Remember This Article “Business owner seeks Ward 1 seat” – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK) Article From Sunday March 10, 2019

The Political Agitator’s response: This is what Tarrick Pittman said in March, “I have thought about the idea of running for a few years now,” Pittman said. “I have lived on Woodland Avenue over the last year and have experienced first-hand the hardships that plaque Ward 1.” Tarrick voted in Nash County on November 6, 2018 it is documented. So he voted in Nash County while living in Edgecombe County. That is what he said. Tarrick registered with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections on May 6, 2019 address 2009 Rosewood Ave. Rocky Mount NC it is documented. Tarrick filed as a candidate of Ward 1 on July 9, 2019 address 2009 Rosewood Avenue Rocky Mount NC it is documented. Okay I have no problem with folk moving to run for office because I may just do that one day. But that is nothing new folk have been doing it for years. That is a political strategy. Tarrick is in a lawsuit with the city because he has not paid his rent on his place of business saying that the place has mold. But is he not still working there? He said he has a lawyer and an escrow account sitting in it to pay his rent from back when. But what I am having a problem with is something just don’t add up. It appears some Special Cs may have put Tarrick up to running. If that be true then this is bout to get ugly because the addresses don’t add up. Just saying!

A downtown small business owner is determined to be the next city councilman to represent Ward 1.

Tarrick Pittman, 45, is challenging longtime incumbent Councilman Andre Knight.

“My opponent is a good man,” Pittman said. “We have our differences. Some may not like him, but you cannot take away from his years of service to our city and the black community.”

Pittman said he and Knight both want the best for the community and share some of the same beliefs.

“I think it’s time for a change and it’s time to get some fresh legs in the game,” Pittman said. “I think my opponent will still have a valuable role in the community working with the NAACP.”

But community activism hasn’t gotten much done in Ward 1 over the past 17 years, Pittman said.

“Just ride through Ward 1 and take a look for yourself,” Pittman said. “If your quality of life and your neighborhood is safer now than it was 17 years ago, vote for my opponent. However, if you live in the real world and are looking to improve your community with better schools for your kids, safer streets and job creation through a focus on entrepreneurship and developing small businesses — then I’m your guy and would love your vote to make those things happen.”

Pittman said he’s running for City Council because he wants to make a difference in his community.

“I have thought about the idea of running for a few years now,” Pittman said. “I have lived on Woodland Avenue over the last year and have experienced first-hand the hardships that plaque Ward 1.”

Pittman said he’s lived across the street from the redevelopment Knight mentioned in last Sunday’s Telegram.

“I had a neighbor last year move in one of those beautiful properties — a hard-working single mother,” Pittman said. “A week after she moved in, her home was broken into. While I commend the council for their efforts, without getting a stranglehold on crime all that will go to waste.”

Drugs, crime, prostitution and gang activity plague Ward 1, Pittman said.

“Where we have made some tremendous gains in downtown development over the years, which I support, we cannot forget our neighborhoods are in dire need of help,” Pittman said.

Ward 1 is predominantly black.

“It is important that we invest in ourselves and our communities,” Pittman said. “This is why black entrepreneurship is important. I have been talking with developers and investors over the last year about ways we can promote and develop a greater presence of black-owned businesses in Ward 1. Not just downtown, but all along the Raleigh Boulevard corridor. These are black neighborhoods and the goods and services should be controlled by people that look like them. I shouldn’t have to by my hair care products from someone that doesn’t have hair like me. We should be selling the products.”

Such a set-up would keep revenue in Ward 1 and help with the high unemployment rate, Pittman said.

“It will also give the people of Ward 1 a sense of pride to be able to control the goods flowing through their community,” Pittman said. “This will give young people an opportunity to see someone like them running a business, which will hopefully inspire them to do the same.”

Pittman said he wants his entrepreneurial endeavor to be a blueprint for young black business owners. Pittman has ran his computer repair shop on the Douglas Block for six years. He’s president of the Downtown Merchants Association and also serves on the city’s Central City Revitalization Panel.

“We need more shopping centers, stores and restaurants in Ward 1,” Pittman said, “in all of Edgecombe County Rocky Mount.”

For far too long, Ward 1 residents have seen businesses leave the community — never to return.

“You can’t expect a community activist to recruit small businesses in your community,” Pittman said. “If they won’t come to us, we must create our own.”

Pittman said that for far too long, city residents have given the county line — and people who choose to use it — too much power in defining the community.

“I choose to see it as what binds as together,” Pittman said. “We are one Rocky Mount.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Press Release: Friday, July 12, Andre’ Knight, Rocky Mount City Council Representative for Ward One, will file for re-election at 1 pm in Edgecombe County

This was forwarded to the Rocky Mount Telegram but it was not released

Rocky Mount, NC– On Friday, July 12, Andre’ Knight, Rocky Mount City Council Representative for Ward One, will file for re-election at 1 pm in Edgecombe County. Knight said that “I have served the residents of Ward 1 since 2003 with honor, integrity, vision and strength. Benign neglect, disinvestment and general unbelief in the power and potential of inner-city residents have hampered our growth as a County and as a City. Since the day of my first election, I pledged to speak truth to power to fight for a better life for our Ward residents and to make all of Rocky Mount better. I have lived up to my commitment and I am ready to continue the progress that has been hard fought and that is finally beginning to come to reality.”

Robert Davis, Ward 1 resident and the Knight Campaign Manager stated, “Councilman Knight has been vilified and viciously attacked. When the dots are connected, it’s easy to see that there is a concern that progress is actually occurring in places that no one ever dreamed possible. I support Andre’ because he is not just about talking about change and progress, but he is leading the change and taking the hits for us all.”

Knight continued “since I have been on this Council, I have consistently advocated for more and better housing in inner city neighborhoods, workforce training for residents who are ready to work, business development in east Rocky Mount and entrepreneurial development and support for our residents who have dreams, ideas and willing to work hard to have a better way of life.” Knight is a small business owner and entrepreneur and has operated family owned businesses in Rocky Mount since 1996.

“I support downtown development for everyone, not just rich and privileged business owners. We need them too and I’m willing to support projects that make sense for all citizens. I am a vocal and passionate advocate for downtown housing for all income groups, especially those who work every day, pay their bills and still cannot afford decent and contemporary housing. I support the current downtown hotel and parking lot proposal before us now. That project will lift Rocky Mount and strengthen Edgecombe County. We need it to move us to become a more robust and competitive small city” Knight contended.

Robert Davis concluded that “Knight is unbossed and unbought. Big money and pressure from people who have a problem with seeing everyone succeed and have a voice has not and will not influence Andre’s voice and mindset. He is a man of the people and is moved to make things happen for the least of these. That is why I support him.”

A kick off event will occur at the Knight Re-Election Headquarters at 109 Tarboro Street at 6 pm on Friday the 12th. Campaign supporters and volunteers are welcome to attend.


For More Information, Contact Robert Davis: 252-908-3517

Developers tout downtown project – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I agree with Garland Jones that I like public forums where people are talking. I also like social media where people are talking because I can research what they are saying and not take what they are saying as whole trues. Sometimes lots of good information comes out of the grapevine but one must validate the information. It appears that the consultant did a great job and covered some good points. I love the following: Rocky Mount’s once-bustling central business district is on both sides of the railroad line, with Nash County on the west side and Edgecombe County on the east side. The central business district does not have a hotel. Chisholm said while a lot of the economic development locally has gone to the Nash County side, the project now provides the opportunity for some of the balance to go to the Edgecombe County side. Later in her presentation, she said, “You can’t on one hand only want people in Nash County to benefit and not want people in Edgecombe County to benefit.” She asked, if people in Nash County needed a parking garage, does one think Nash County’s elected officials would have an issue voting for them to have one? I found Tarrick Pittman who filed to run against Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knights comments to be hilarious when he questioned the consultant whether she is from Rocky Mount? Really! A consultant does their homework and get information from all over to do their presentation how ignant of him. Me: When folk look at Rocky Mount businesses coming to town and whomever, they know more about Rocky Mount by reading the papers and social media than many folk who live there. I found the following to be very interesting as well, “Panel member and city Councilwoman Chris Miller said she believes it is a red herring to say that people do not want development downtown or on the Edgecombe County side. “It’s not a matter of where it goes. It’s how it’s funded,” Miller said. “Right,” panel member Jean Almand Kitchin said.” This is some b.s. right here because they would not have a problem with this if it was another location. What about the funding? Mad because a Black man is the developer? Why didn’t some local developers invest on the Edgecombe County side over the years? Because they didn’t plan to invest and that is why they moved their asses to the Nash side. But the strange thing is they moved but they still have that Klan mentality and want to control what goes on on the Edgecombe County side. Over the years Andre and Councilman Reuben Blackwell been going to recruit businesses with Allen Matthews Economic Development for the City to bring businesses to Rocky Mount.

The Central City Revitalization Panel heard from a consultant to the city about details of the proposed hotel, residential complex and parking garage adjacent to the Rocky Mount Event Center.

On Thursday morning at City Hall, Bridget Chisholm, managing partner of BWC Consulting, spent about 15 minutes giving an update, which was followed by about 40 minutes of questions and discussion.

Panel Chairman Garland Jones said he suggested BWC Consulting representatives come in because he does not take his information from newspapers and likes to have public forums where people are talking.

Developer David Hunt of Jackson, Tenn., wants to build a mixed-use development, comprised of a 109-room SpringHill Suites by Marriott with a 700-space parking garage, 20,000 square feet of retail space and 60 mixed-income but quality residential units.

During Thursday’s meeting, Chisholm showed that the Douglas Block census tract, where the project would be located, is a distressed area with a poverty rate of 24.1 percent and an unemployment rate of 11.1 percent. (Read more)

Political Climate Of Rocky Mount NC

Folk say I have been out here trying to make a name for myself. I do what I do out of pocket so what a hell of a price to pay sacrificing my finances, family and etc. because I committed to being a voice for the young folk and the elderly back in the late 80’s.

I have videoed and took photos of many folk from the state to the national. You don’t see me in the videos or photos because I don’t get in the spotlight. Folk be trying to take my camera and get me to take photos.

I receive calls and/or emails from across the state when folk trying to find folk because they see me on Social Media. I receive calls from media all across the nation and several years ago interviewed with the UK Newspaper Media when Rocky Mount Dr. Martin King Statue was being created and the drama that came with that. But look at the statue in the Dr. Martin L. King Park today.

I receive calls and/or receive emails from media all the time but I decline and turn them on to others.

Over the years and just recently a TV station reached out to me and asked me to sit down with them to talk about the climate of Rocky Mount because they follow me on Social Media. I declined because I wanted someone who live in Rocky Mount to do the interview. I have even had offers from a National TV station about Rocky Mount on another issue but again I turned them down and gave them a contact person from Rocky Mount.

Now to the political climate of Rocky Mount. I have been engaged in Rocky Mount Politics longer than the current council members. I have seen where the council has come from and where they are today. The problem is since 2003 the council has been a majority Black. Some Special Caucasians especially the Powers that Be, the Good Ole Boys with the old money said during the time of the election that if the council became a Black majority they were going to move out of Rocky Mount. 

Over the years the the Special Cs have been mad because of Black leadership be it the council and department heads within the city. It is sad that there are a couple of groups who are fueling the climate in Rocky Mount. WHIG-TV, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, 252 Hoodnewz, Community Council Lige Daughtridge candidate for Ward 5, LoveRockyMount Warren Daughtridge, Keith Harris former Fire Chief, Attorney Steve Stevenson to name a few. These folk are trying to get Black folk to buy into their mess.

The political climate in Rocky Mount is being driven negatively publicly by the haters and they are not the majority. The haters know they need Black folk to accomplish their mission so they have been trying to reach Black folk by using scare tactics and trying to get to the children which they hope will get the parents support.

The current council has been more transparent than the previous councils. The current council has put the city of Rocky Mount on the map.

The haters are just mad because they are not running things and have no control to keep the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount down. Listen to what they are saying. Councilwoman Chris Miller said it best a couple of days ago, “It’s not a matter of where it goes. It’s how it’s funded.” B.S. because she and some others have said over and over again that the Event Center could have been in another location and now they are saying the same about why you can’t put parking somewhere else vs the proposed parking deck funding that was just voted on this week.

Knight files for re-election to council – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK)

The Political Agitator’s response: I owe Lindell John Kay an apology. I got confused with reading where Tarrick Pittman had filed on his personal page. LJK had not done an article on Pittman. I have contacted LJK and apologized to him. However I stand behind the other information included. Again my guy LJK I apologize.

You know I try to deal with my guy Lindell John Kay but damn this was the filing day for Andre Knight but look at all of this b.s. talking about Tarrick Pittman. There is no mention of the court case pending with Pittman because he has not paid the city for space on Douglas Block and claim he has money in an escrow account but sources say he told them that he does not and he does not have a lawyer. Look at the Community Council page and see how Lige Daughtridge founder of the page highlighted Pittman comments because it is his desire to get Andre out. Lige just told me on Tuesday that I was giving him a hard time and not being fair to him on social media. I said why and he couldn’t really respond. I said you post and allow b.s. on your page as fact and don’t make corrections. He said he miss some things he can’t monitor his page all the time. What a lie because he should get notifications every damn time someone post on his page. However he should check it daily and if he miss it when they 1st comment then he should get it later in the day. But look at the page today how he highlighted Tarrick in the link to Andre’s filing. Black Folk y’all better be woke and see who the Evil doers are that several Special Cs called the Black Leaders during the Public Comments at the Council meeting on Monday night. These Special Cs also mentioned voo doo as well as they spoke about the Black council members.

TARBORO — Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight filed to run for re-election on Friday while surrounded by supporters at the Edgecombe County Board of Elections.

Knight and nearly 30 Twin Counties municipal candidates filed this week, joining the two dozen candidates who filed on July 5. The candidate filing period lasts until noon on July 19.

The Nash County Board of Elections is considering extending the deadline. The board will discuss the matter at its Wednesday meeting.

Knight thanked his supporters who showed up for his filing, including Rocky Mount mayoral candidate Bronson Williams and Ward 3 candidate Nellene Richardson.

“We don’t want to go backwards, we want to go forward,” Knight said.

After filling out the required paperwork and paying the filing fee, Knight said, “It’s official,” to applause from the crowd packed into the elections office.

Knight’s campaign manager Robert Davis said they have their work cut out for them, but it is necessary work.

“Andre sees the same vision we see,” Davis said. “We know he will work for us.” (Read more)

Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight File For Re-Election Ward 1

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