Letter to the Editor: Action against Faulcon overdue – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: So who have she attempted to convince that she actually lives in the city? Who knew she spent a great deal of time in Halifax County? Who knew she rented a house in the city but said the lights were seldom on? So her monthly utility bills is the way to justify her residence being Rocky Mount? So what would be the true definition of her residency per Rocky Mount City Government? I hope that the main concern is job performance because I don’t believe that making residency the issue because job performance do not go hand in hand as I have read someone saying she couldn’t do her job and living in Va. The reason I say that is because hell I could live out of state and come in and stay Monday – Friday and do my job. Hell some folk have been working in a place but go back to where they live like down on the coast and spend their weekends at home. Oh but I am more concerned about Dr. Faulcon’s job performance so I will just wait on the findings from the outcome of the suspension.

It now appears that Dr. Landis Faulcon may be on her way out as the non-resident head of the Community and Business Development Authority of the City of Rocky Mount as she has been suspended with pay.

This woman has attempted to convince folks that she actually lives in the city while reportedly residing in Virginia Beach and also spending a great deal of time in Halifax County, all in violation of city regulations. She has apparently rented a house in the city but the lights are seldom on, according to an observer, and so one wonders what her monthly utility bills might actually amount to. In addition, it seems that all of her department’s employees have resigned, with one suing the city successfully, and the permitting process for downtown businesses has declined precipitously. She has also reportedly failed to do other things of an important nature, creating other adverse consequences for the city. (Read more)

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