Critics pan downtown hotel plans – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK)

The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you my guy Lindell John Kay for your reporting about the critics concerns. However I strongly believe that your reporting is only half-trues. I don’t understand why all of the emphasis is being put on the parking piece and nothing, absolutely nothing is highlighted about the hotel, the retail stores and condominiums. If I am correct with all of that will come revenue. It is just sad that it appears, I repeat it appears that the critics are just mad because the city is growing in many ways positively under the leadership of Blacks and some Caucasians are just showing how racism is still alive and well. Follow the names of the critics and try to put a name with the mess the unidentified folk have to say then ask yourself what these folk with money have done on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. But these Caucasians continue to talk about what needs to be done but what have they done? Have they invested in Edgecombe County? “There are alternative uses for $18 million that could benefit downtown and the city far more,” said council candidate Lige Daughtridge, who have been a vocal critic of the hotel and parking deck proposal.” Tickles the hell out of me that he has been the spokesperson for the the critics who have been consistently attending the council meetings bringing up their issues for quite some time telling the council how they should spend money and where. So this shows that they have no problem with the council spending the money as long as Lige and his critics can tell them how and where to spend the money. I would love to hear more about the Jesse Gerstl project why it is on hold. Wow, a local real estate investor who do not want to be identified because has pending contracts has the audacity to speak out because they want to help Lige and critics build their case. Really but they have been and continue to be in the process of receiving monies from the city. Since the Caucasian critics are trying to paint a picture of the city, I sure hope Black folk and Caucasians that want what is best foll the entire Rocky Mount weigh what is going on and not allow certain folk to tell them what is best for Rocky Mount. There are competent, intelligent, capable and willing Black leaders who are making history by doing things to finally give the folk of Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount the HOPE that has been long due. I ask that all folk do their homework and attempt to get all sides of the story. So the critics voice is spelled out here, so where are the voices support the city? Maybe I missed their voices in the series of articles. I want to thank the Caucasians on the council who have been supported of what is good for Rocky Mount as well. I am putting emphasis on the Black Leaders because they are the targets when it comes to the Lige and the critics.

What started out as a simple non-binding letter of intent presented six months ago during a hectic Rocky Mount City Council meeting is poised to become an $18 million downtown parking deck.

Proponents of the hotel — city officials and consultants — have said the project’s economic impact is projected to be around $100 million.

The downtown hotel project will mean 700 local jobs during its construction phase and $1 million in tax revenue, according to information provided by Alan O’Connell of Novogradac Consulting.

If approved, the city will provide $18 million and Hunt Services will put up $30 million for a hotel, parking deck, retail stores and condominiums. (Read more)

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