Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson What An Interesting Conversation And He Thinks I Am Going To Send Him A Friend Request, The Devil Is A Liar!

This Special C right here has been trolling my page and reporting me. Ain’t that something! I just can’t!
6:01 PM

Steve Stevenson

You sir, must have blocked or unfriended me in the past. FB says you have to send me a friend request and will not send one from me to you.

10:58 PM

You are not on my Blocked List. I can see your page and you should be able to see mines. I don’t know why you can’t send me a request.

Steve Stevenson

I see yours but cant comment….send me a friend request or change your settings

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.


No you can’t comment because we are not Friends. I don’t understand why you can’t send me a request. Trying to figure out what is going on.

Steve Stevenson

Steve Stevenson

I figured it out…. I reported a post you made a while back…. FB blocked me as part of the block.


I knew it was nothing that I had done!

Steve Stevenson

So send me a friend request and let’s see if it goes thru….


So what was the post about that you reported me?

Steve Stevenson

A NOI post you shared that was antisemitic. It was removed.



Seen by Steve Stevenson at 11:36 PM

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