Lottery Folk Talk To Your Children About Cashing In Lottery Tickets For Others It Comes With A Price

Last week when my son’s car transmission went out I found a lottery shirt that was too big for him the paperwork with the amount of money won and how much taxes were taken out.

The amount was $2500 dollars and $125.00 deducted in taxes.

I asked my son so you won the lottery? He said know he went with Larry Newkirk the barber to Greenville to cash it in for him. I said really? I said you have to file it on your taxes. I said I know you didn’t know but don’t you eve do that again.

I called Newkirk and asked him about it and he had a damn attitude as if I should not have had one. My son is 20 years old and live in my house. I said man what you doing don’t you know that ain’t right and then on top of that you didn’t give him but $200.00. I said you could have given him atleast $500.00. He said he didn’t get the whole thing that he got around $2200. I said so what. Hell I was thinking he out to have given him atleast a $1000.

Newkirk said let him talk. He said my son called him after he had sent a call out to his boys. He acted like I should not be mad and tried to put it on my son. After hearing enough of his b.s. I hung up.

I asked my son how did it go down and he said his friend Josh Speight called him and asked him did he want to make $200. Well it was legal money so who would not think that was a good thing especially at age 20 and not working.

I told Newkirk in the text that either he could not cash the lottery ticket in himself due to he owing the state money ie: hospital bills, child support and/or etc. or he just didn’t want to pay the taxes. Hell he may have won more and got someone else to cash in another ticket. But later it came to me maybe tried to hide it from his wife if he is married.

Well what happened was legal but it is a damn shame this dude took advantage of my son and possibly some others. Dude would have been mad as hell too if someone did his son like that I would think.

Folk you better talk to your children that goes to barbershops and other places where some men, not all will take advantage of your sons.

Larry Newkirk was attending Edgecombe Community College and my son Pitt Community College at the time.

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